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Carports & More offers the finest carport Kits, Metal Carports & Garage Kits For Sale Across the USA

Prefabricated Garage Kits – The perfect answer to saving you money! These kits are easy to assemble and cost effective, allowing you the peace of mind to know your vehicles are being protected from the damaging rays of the sun.

Portable Garages – Having the option to move this structure at any given time allows greater flexibility. There’s no need to pour a concrete pad and have the garage in one permanent place. Not only are they easy to move, but they are cost effective.

Metal Garages – These garages are built with durability in mind to protect your valuable contents. A steel metal frame supports a metal roof and can withstand all types of weather.

Garage Kits – Protecting your valuable cars, boats, motorcycles, or other recreational vehicles is easy and much less expensive than other options. With a range of sizes, you can easily find one to fit your needs.

Garage Building Kits – Even those people who think they aren’t good with tools will see how easy one of these kits can be to build. Not only are they easy on the pocketbook, but they are made with sturdy components.

Garage Kit Prices – When comparing prices of structures to protect your vehicles, this is the best product for the price. Structurally sound due to the materials they are made from, the benefits well outweigh the cost.

Metal Garage Buildings – Whether you’re looking for a one or two car garage, we’ve got the perfect size for you. Our buildings can accommodate small vehicles to large RVs, depending on your needs.

Metal Garage for Sale – If you’re looking for a less expensive alternative to a traditional garage, look no further! Our garages are constructed with the finest steel frame and metal roofs.

Barn Garages – Building a traditional barn can be expensive, so why not take a look at a much less expensive, just as functional one? We have a variety of sizes to choose from so you can get just what you need.

22’ to 30’ Wide Garages – If you’re looking for a wide garage, look no further. Our sturdy metal built garages are the perfect answer for your need to protect your valuable investments.

12’ Wide Garages – For anyone who is looking for a smaller structure to protect a single car or several motorcycles, we have just what you’re looking for. Made with a steel frame, we have the perfect one for your vehicle.

14’ Wide Garages – Protecting your valuable cars or recreational vehicles is now easier and less expensive than ever. Our sturdy garages offer the best in protection from the many elements and can help to keep your prized possessions safe and looking great.