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Car port Quiz: Is Your Car port Meeting Your Needs?

Carport building structures are used to give partial shelter to vehicles, mainly cars, from the elements. When renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright built the first of his Usonian homes, the home of Herbert Jacobs in Madison, Wisconsin in 1936, he coined the term for the structure he built to house Mr. Jacobs’ car. Carport buildings have evolved greatly since then. Is your carport meeting your needs? Lets find out:

1. Is your carport built of metal?
Aluminum and steel are two of the best materials for carport building. Most metal carports are also durable and affordable. If you’re worried about how a metal car port building will look next to your home, fear not: aluminum carports can simulate the look and feel of wood. You can choose from more than a dozen colors, and there are even more options for the roof and trim.

2. Can your carport be closed off from the elements?
Car ports should come with the option to enclose one or more sides, so your vehicles will be protected from snow, direct sunlight, and even bird poop. For example, Northern and Southern California dealer and builder Carports and More let you choose how many sides you want enclosed and how high you want the enclosures to be, we also build engineered garage kits. We will even install it for you anywhere in the US.

3. Does your carport building add to the value of your home?
Carports add curb appeal to your home, because future buyers don’t want to think about getting wet from the car to the house and vice versa. building a car port is easier and cheaper to put up than a garage. Plus, you don’t have to sell the house with the carport kits if you don’t want to: Carports and More and sells DIY kits that are as easy to dismantle as they are to put up.

The elements and UV rays from the sun can wreak havoc on a vehicle’s exterior. It will get dirtier, lose color, and show the signs of aging much faster than if it was sheltered. Get a metal carport for your vehicle, especially if your home does not come with a garage. It will extend the life of your car or rv, there even great as livestock animal shelter and dog pens.