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Frequently Asked Questions

Although this can be done with one person, we recommend having at least two people on hand to ensure safety. Obviously you can enlist the help of as many people as you’d like however.

Carports and More Inc. has manufactures that install in 48 states. Parts of some states are not covered by the manufacture used for pricing with the Carport Builder. If an order is placed and you are not in a covered area we will call with the correct pricing for your area.

Absolutely you can install the building yourself. In most states but not all  there is a 5% discount for a self installed buildings. The materials can be delivered to your location or picked up at the nearest factory.

The manufactures try to install the units within a 4 week period from the time an approved order is received. In some cases it is done sooner however it can take longer depending on the time of year and location. Some areas will close for the winter in areas with extreme weather and low temperatures. Some locations are in out of the way areas and do talk longer to put a run together for those areas. Buildings over 24′ wide require special construction and can take longer to manufacture. The manufactures do their best to contact every customer within 60 days of ordering.

Most units are constructed in just hours. It may take up to two days depending on the size and type of building.

The key to successful installation of any of our products is to make sure that our product is installed on a flat, level surface. In order to provide you with affordable products with quick installation, site preparation as well as building permits are the responsibility of the customer.

You have about 2 to 3 inches to work with. If lot is not level materials to level must be available. If materials are not available installers will use what ever they can to level the bottom rails. The bottom rails have risers that are approximately 6 inches tall and are welded at 90 degrees to the rail. The legs are placed over the risers and can not be raised up on the risers without weakening the structure.

Every manufacture has slightly different recommendations. Please contact us before pouring your slab.

12′ legs are available on all units. Longer legs may be available for special uses, contact us if longer legs are required.

Re-bar/Pin Anchors (temporary)- common steel reinforcing bar 1/2 in diameter x 36 in’s long with a 5/8 in nut welded onto the end are included with ground and asphalt installation.

Concrete Anchor Bolts are used on concrete slabs at no extra charge. Additional concrete anchors can be added at the customers expense.

Mobile Home Anchors-helical in design are available for ground installation at an extra charge.

Note: In several states units enclosed on three sides that will be installed on ground, gravel, grass or asphalt a min of 4 mobile home augers will be required.

Yes you have 12 colors to choose from. Color does not effect the price.

You will need to contact your local county or city to find out their requirements. All requirements such as Set Backs, etc. should be resolved before ordering because once plans are sent your deposit is non refundable.if your permit is denied for reasons other than the plans. The units on the carport builder are non certified prices. For certified buildings you will need to verify pricing. If plans are required a generic set of engineered plans are available in most states. In some areas local codes may override footing requirements shown on generic plans. If building specific plans and or calculations are required they will have to be purchased. Plans and calculations are extra at all times for the following states: CO, ID, MT, ND, NE, NJ, OR, SD, UT, WA, WY, other states may apply please contact us if you have any questions.

No, in most cases our prices are less than the manufacture.

Yes. There may be an extra service charge. If you plan to enclose a carport and add walk-in or roll up doors the leg height must be 6′ or taller.

The vertical roof lets water, snow, etc. run off quickly and does not let it pond up on the roof. The vertical roof is especially recommended in high snow load areas.

Sizes are shown by width x length x leg height. (18′ x 21′ x 5′)

Width is measured from outside to outside of each base rail. Length is measured by the roof metal which includes a 6 in overhang on each end. Therefore the base rail is 1 ft shorter than the roof. Height is measured by the actual leg on the outer wall. Standard Style Roof units will be 1 ft taller at the side wall then selected height. A-Frame Roof units will have the same side wall height as selected height. Keep in mind in some states the A-Frame Vertical roof building will have no overhang on the roof. Therefore, your actual length would be the length of the base rail.

The frames are available in either 14 gauge or 12 gauge galvanized steel. The roof, side and end panels is 29 gauge.

14 gauge frame unit have a 30 day workmanship warranty. 12 gauge frame include the 30 day workmanship warranty along with an additional 20 year limited warranty of rust through of framing assuming normal user care and maintenance.

Yes, however your deposit may not be refundable.

Deposits are for the purpose of processing, preparation and fabrication of your order. You have 3 days from date of this email to cancel order and receive a full refund of deposit. Your cancelation must be in writing. After 3 days the deposit on said unit may be applied towards the deposit portion of any metal building purchased through Carports and More Inc. for the period of three years from the date of buyer’s written cancelation. Installation times are not guaranteed so delayed installation alone is not a valid reason for cancelation because of the many factors that can cause delays. If you have been contacted for installation and were not able accept installation the time period for installation starts from the date contacted.

Deposits on custom size units are non refundable.

The balance due is to be paid to the manufacture. The manufacture takes several forms of payments and will cover them when you are called for delivery and installation.

The manufacture does not take PayPal at this time. If you want to us PayPal we can invoice you. The invoice will need to be paid prior to scheduling installation and you will be responsible for the additional finance charges charged by PayPal. PayPal charges are approximate 2.9%.