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Our Wide Variety of Carport Design Options Ensure Your Needs Are Always Met

If you have vehicles and are short of space, then you can try some cool carports that not only offer shelter but mobility as well.

A designer carport is not just a shelter for your vehicles but carries an essence of personalities and belongings of its owners. Whether you are in countryside or city, you cannot ignore nature’s fury. It can be in the form of gushing winds, scorching sun, continous snow, long spells of rain or even the droppings of the birds.

It makes sense to decide on simple solutions like drawing up carport designs based on our three styles. You can either assemble it yourself or have your car port built. Carport designs require steel framing, metal roofing and other materials for just a roof and frame carport.

How To Decide For Carport Designs

You can have a free standing structure.

If you want a long lasting carport then you can opt for metal carport designs with metal sidings. You can choose to cover the three sides of a carport to make it sturdier or even enclose the carport and add a roll up or overhead door and have a garage.

If you are located in a windy area it is a good idea to consider the sides that you would like to cover. Choose the anchoring for the carport designed that would hold the structure securely to the ground.

You can choose from a ready to assemble kit or a custom cover carport design. Whatever you decide carport designer will help you choose in protecting your vehicle from hazardous elements.

When carport designing you need to take the size of the area available for parking in consideration as well as the number of vehicles you own, making sure your car port plans will work.

Designing Your Cover

The basic carport design is with a roof and frame only. Depending on what you want, you can add sides, ends and doors. Windows are available as well. All our carports for sale have many options for adding on.

The Standard Style: The standard carport designed has the roof that wraps down to the top of the leg and the roof trusses are curved, adding about another foot in side height in addition to the height of the leg.

The Box Eave Style: These design styles can be generally compared to a conventional home design. This metal carport design has eves at the side of the structure.

Carport designs are limited only by your imagination. Keep your needs in mind when speaking with your sales rep.