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The options are endless on our custom carports

A Carport is the ideal option for covering a parking area. They provide shelter to your vehicles, be it cars, motorbikes, trucks, vans, boats, trailers and recreational vehicles. With a carport, be rest assured of shelter for your vehicle in inclement weather they have been designed to handle. Carport options can provide shelter from rain, snow, heat, wind and UV rays.

Carport options come in various styles, designs, shapes, prices and materials. There are a number of customizable carport covers and options available.

Types of Carport Options

Our car ports come in three types and with two different roof styles, the Standard style carport with horizontal roof, the A-Frame or Boxed Eve carport with horizontal roof and the A-Frame or Boxed Eve with vertical roof. All carports are built strong and customizable to most most weather conditions. The vertical roof carport option however is the best at shedding snow.

To give different utility and durability, long lasting carports are generally made of metal. They are stronger, last longer, are priced lower and are easily customized to your particular needs and conditions. We also want to make sure each customer will like their particluar carport design upon ordering.

Top Ten Opinions on buying a Metal Cover

Protection: The prime reason to build or buy a carport is for protecting your vehicles from extreme weather and grime.

Absence of a garage: Lack of garage is another reason to build a carport as it not only protects your vehicles but can also be used for multiple things.

Added space: Portable car ports offer added space for times when you need a little more shelter. It could be parties or when you got extra guests for a night stay.

Multi Utility: Carports use is not limited to just cars. You can use it to store lawn equipments, unused materials tools and kits and much more.

Business Promotion: Every company wants to have its presence in trade exhibitions. This is the time when you can give your presence a creative touch by using a cover rather than conventional pop up canopies.

Mobility Options: The carport is your mobile parking lot and can be used as a work area at different and changing job sites.

More economical: You don’t need a calculator to realize the economy of covering a parking space with a carport cover rather than build a wooden garage and if you plan correctly from the beginning, you can start with a carport and finish it into a garage over time.

Shelter for Pets and Animals: We have people all over the country use our structures for agricultural and livestock uses.

Greenhouse kits: With the correct configuration the metal carport can even be used as a greenhouse and
many of the soft side units we carry can be purchased with a clear cover.

Place for experiments: Many businesses grew in car ports and under canopies. A carport could be your source of inspiration for innovation as well as a test store for a new idea.

The uses for a car port or canopy are limited only by human creativity. The fact remains that carports offer shelter for vehicles; however you can always play around with its uses and think of the best application for yourself.