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Carports For Sale in New York – Custom Built RV Cover Kits in NY

Metal Carports and Garages in New York State

New York is so much more than just the big city. It is a large state and diverse, from the finger lakes to the capital district to the north country.

As such, getting around by car or truck is a vital part of daily life and commerce. Most vehicles put in a hard day’s work in all kinds of weather. An automobile more than earns a little pampering in the Empire State.

A metal carport in NY is a good way to protect and prolong the life of your transportation. Snow, hail, rain, sun, leaves, birds, etc. all take their toll on your vehicles, but the covered protection offered by a steel building keeps your car snug and safe even in the worst conditions when not in use. In addition, a metal carport or garage offers extra storage for your home or business.

Whether you need steel buildings or carports in New York, residents can confidently buy from Carports and More. We are the nation’s largest independent dealer and have obtained an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau.  We can provide the new metal carport NY vehicle owners need at a great price.

In addition, we provide a slew of options for our customers to make it easy for you to design your new metal building in NY with our Carport and Garage Builder. This online tool allows you to design and customize your own steel building.  You get a structure personalized for your needs, and can even save your plans to return to them later as you fine-tune the details or change your mind.

Below, detailed information is presented for Carports and More steel buildings. But if you would like to speak with someone, call us and one of our knowledgeable representatives is happy to answer all your questions.

Contact us today to find out how easy and affordable it is to install a metal car port or garage that can provide security, protection, and storage for your NY home or business.

Benefits of Buying a New York Carport from Carports and More

Customizable for Rural and Urban Areas

From grabbing some pizza in NYC to working on a farm or in wine country, the people who live and work in NY state drive a variety of vehicles that range in size. The car, truck, RV, tractor, motorcycle, etc. you need to garage is requires a certain amount of space to house it. Plus, your business or home may have extra stuff that needs storage space.

Getting the size of your new steel building right depends on a number of other variables in addition to your vehicle size. Some towns have size limitations and the available space on your lot or site may impact the largest carport or garage you can install.

No matter your requirements, Carports and More can provide the footprint and height that works for your situation.

Using our Carport and Garage Builder, your new metal building is easy to size and you can go up to 30 feet wide and 61 feet long. However, please call us if you need larger as we can provide up to a 100 foot clear span for those who need it.

Whether you want to store an apple harvest, install a new bottling line, or just store your lawn gear, we can provide the properly sized steel car port or garage to meet your NY business or residential needs.

It is self-evident that a carport provides a roof which protects against weather and the sun. But the sides and ends also need to be considered when planning your new metal building. You have full control over how you would like to customize the side and end enclosures.

In some cases, your new steel carport may not need any sides or ends. The openness provides air flow and easy access to the space. This can be handy if you plan on using the space for multiple purposes, like parking your car and for occasional barbecuing under cover.

But if you are storing valuables, or intend to use the space as a workshop, you will probably want to fully enclose all the sides and ends. Carports and More can completely close in your metal building if that is what you require.

Only need one side or end? Or a partial wall? We can do that, too. Enclosing your new metal carport or garage can be done just the way you want and need. Plus, you can use the Carport and Garage Builder to visualize different configurations while you plan.

Installing enclosures brings functionality and security to your new metal building. But it also keeps you and natural light out if you do not install some doors and windows.

So, you need access to your enclosed steel building, and that includes getting your car in and out, too. That means doors to allow for easy access and we offer a selection of roll-up and entry doors that can be placed to meet your needs.

For those intending on using the space for storage or as a workshop, natural light may be important. You can place the needed windows where you want and Carports and More offers a standard 30 in. by 30 in. window.

Need a custom door or window? No problem. We will provide a rough opening with the dimensions for the doors and windows you wish to install on your own. The Carport and Garage Builder allows you to specify the size of your required frame out, making the use of any door or window possible.

One of the advantages of a steel building from Carports and More is the flexibility to place your new structure over a number of different bases including dirt, grass, asphalt, gravel, and concrete. But a metal carport or garage must be securely anchored in place and you do have some choices on how to hold your structure to its base.

On a concrete slab, we install concrete anchors which are time proven and strong. The concrete must be flat and properly cured prior to installation of the carport or garage.

Over all other flat, stable surfaces, we install rebar pin anchors. But you can also opt to use mobile home anchors, which are stronger. In the Carport and Garage Builder you simply select how many you would like for added pullout resistance.

Also, in some locals, a minimum number of mobile home anchors are required (a minimum of four is common). So, if you are in a high wind or flood prone area, check with your local building official for the anchoring requirements.

Perfect for Residential Use

Hail can dent a car and cause thousands of dollars in damage in minutes. Snow and freezing rain are hard on your vehicles, too.

A simple way to prolong the life of your car or truck, and keep it looking great, is a carport or garage. Carports and More has the steel building to shelter your vehicle. No matter the size of what you drive, we can build a garage or carport sized just right for you.

This is especially true if you have a project car or an antique that spends most of its time in storage. Keeping it under cover in NY will keep the snow, hail, ice, rain, and whatever else mother nature cooks up off of your prized possession.

A metal building from us is an affordable way to provide the pampering your vehicle has earned. We even ship, deliver, and install you new carport or garage, all included in the quoted price.

Tired of tripping over boxes of stuff that you no longer even know what is inside? You are not alone and most homeowners could use a little more storage space.

A metal carport or garage is an affordable, easy way to get plenty of storage. Holiday decorations, lawn and garden supplies, automobile detailing products and accessories, tools, etc. all need covered storage. It is surprising to many when they realize how much storage is actually necessary for their belongings/supplies.

But you can create a custom steel building using our Carport and Garage Builder that is configured just right to house all your possessions, and even have spare space for those future items. Imagine that junk room in your home emptied and turned into a home office, craft room, or spare bedroom once you have proper storage for all that clutter.

Woodworking, painting, crafting, home brewing, and a number of other hobbies, side interests, or home based businesses require a place to work. A new metal building can provide the room needed to set up a dedicated home shop or studio.

No more setting up and breaking down every time you work. With a permanent setup, you can work more often and enjoy your hobby or home business. It is always there, waiting for your next session.

The metal building will need to be insulated, heated, and cooled to occupy the space comfortably (more details on this below).  But a metal building is more affordable than other forms of construction and can make the dream of having a permanent home workshop or studio a reality.

Perfect for Commercial Use

Every business knows about financial management. And unfortunately, they also know the way construction of a new building can blow up the best of budgets.

But it is a fact of doing business, as you grow you will need more space. A metal building from Carports and More is a way for you to create that usable space at a price less than other forms of construction.

Don’t let your business suffer due to a lack of space. A metal building can be outfitted for manufacturing, office, storage, or even as a utility/pump house at a price that your budget will appreciate. Give us a call to discuss your options and find out how affordable a new metal building for your business can be.

Who likes when their business runs inefficiently? No one does, that’s who.

But to be organized, it does take space to properly order and store inventory, replacement parts, office supplies, etc. You also need room to make, process, test, bottle, etc. if you are a manufacturer, farmer, baker, or anyone else that produces some sort of goods.

Space keeps your business organized and humming along smoothly. But getting more room when you are growing and cramped into your existing facility can be an involved, expensive process.

However, it is an easy, affordable experience with a metal building from Carports and More. The price for our metal buildings includes the shipping and installation. So, once you have decided on the layout of your new space and obtained the permits, we take care of the rest. Fast, easy, and budget friendly.

New York is a diverse marketplace, and that can create unique problems for those doing business in the state. One method used by many businesses is flex space, which allows them to change and grow to meet customer demands.

A metal building can be outfitted as a manufacturing facility, a utility building, a warehouse, or even additional office space. The “shell” created by the metal structure makes it possible to change the interior whenever needed to comply with the needs placed on your business as they change.

To occupy the space, you will need to insulate and add HVAC (see below for more details on what is required). If you want a manufacturing or warehouse space, this is as simple as installing studs and insulation on the interior. If required, you can also run utilities inside the stud cavities.

To create office space, drywall can be installed over the studs after your insulation is in place. You can then finish the office area as desired. Drop ceilings can also be used to finish the overhead space and provide light from above.

In a fast paced market like New York, the ability to transform your interior space as the business needs change gives you a competitive edge. A metal building from Carports and More is an affordable way to put flex space to work for you.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Carport in New York

Snow is Heavy

New York is large and depending on where you live, the amount of snow you may get varies. The towns on the Great Lakes are famous for the amount of lake effect snow, but those near the ocean will get less.

If you live in snow prone area, you need to consider snow loads when planning your new steel building. The roof of a metal carport or garage may need to support a significant amount of weight when the snow accumulates.

There are a few things you can do in anticipation of the snow. First, you should use a roof pitch between 3:12 and 6:12 (e.g. a 3:12 roof has 3 inches of vertical rise for every 12 inches of horizontal span). This may require you to increase the height of your ridgeline if you have a wide building to prevent a roof that is too flat.

If your pitch is too low, water may back up under the ice and snow and cause leaks. It also allows snow to easily accumulate. Over 6:12, the snow can let go all at once, causing dangerous avalanches that can injure those below.

The roof style is also important when considering snow. Carports and More offers a few roof designs, and the option you should use is the A-frame vertical. The metal seams of the A-frame vertical roof run from the ridge down to the drip edge, which more easily allow water to drain and snow to slide off.

Also, you should consider the option to upgrade to the 12 gauge framing we offer. The thicker walls of the 12 gauge tubes is stronger than the standard 14 gauge framing and can carry more load.

The Need for Insulation, Heating, and Cooling

New York experiences all four seasons and the temperature gets both cold and hot throughout the year. If you intend on occupying your new metal building for extended periods, you will need to insulate and provide climate control.

It is a simple process. First, install studs on the interior of the steel building exterior walls, then install insulation between the studs. Utilities can also be run within these walls prior to installing the insulation.

If you require a finished space, then you can install drywall over the studs and insulation. You can even install drop ceilings and overhead lighting if you want, if you are using the space for things like more office space.

Once the area is insulated and/or finished, install your heating and cooling system. The HVAC you choose is up to you, and there are a number of options on the market that will work in your new metal building.

Go Green with Solar Panels

Alternative energy is a priority in New York. Upstate, many have seen those giant wind turbines spinning away. But solar is also becoming quite popular in NY.

In 2019, New York had a total capacity of 1893 megawatts of solar installed, ranking the Empire State ninth nationally (it was sixth in 2018). The state saw an increase of more than 300 percent from 2011 to 2014, twice the rate of U.S. solar growth overall.

State and federal tax incentives combined with the ability to sell excess electricity back to the grid helped grow the number of solar installations, as did the falling cost of solar systems which fell 36% over the last five years.

For many homes or businesses, the roof of a carport or garage is a valuable, usable place to install solar panels. When installing your steel building, NY home and business owners create the perfect spot to add those solar panels you have been considering as part of your plans to live a greener life.

If you do choose to install solar panels on your carport roof, there is one thing to keep in mind. The state’s focus on solar energy, combined with the increasing popularity, have led to a separate permitting process when installing solar panels in New York. So, remember to get the separate permits for the solar system.


Carports and More covers the entire state of New York with the ability to ship, deliver and assemble metal carports in any town or county.

We are your go-to source for affordable metal and soft-sided sheds, carports, and steel buildings. It is a simple, easy process when you buy from us. After ordering your new structure, we will arrange an agreed upon delivery date. All you need to do is meet us on site at the planned time. We do the rest with no fuss or hassle to you.

All of the metal car port and building prices quoted below include shipping, delivery, and installation.

Permitting and Land Usage

All fifty states have permit and land use regulations. Depending on where you live and the design of your metal carport, you may be required to obtain permits before you can install your new steel building.

Keep in mind that construction requirements vary by city and county, so be sure to check with local building and planning authorities before installing a steel building.

As a resident, you are expected to comply with all the requirements in your particular town and county and it is imperative that you obtain the proper permits in advance. If you fail to do so, you could be fined, or worse, ordered to renovate or demolish the building.

New York’s permitting process can be a bit confusing, but some general information can be found on the New York Department of State website.

The New York state building code is the template for most city and town building requirements. It is not an easy read, but does contain a wealth of useful information for those who are curious.

New York City does publish “code notes” for detached garages, and it is another informative piece on what to expect when installing a carport or garage, even if you do not live in NYC.

One last note on permits, if you do install solar panels on your new metal building roof, there is an application process for the solar permit in NYC, as well as in some other towns. So, be sure to check with your local building officials.