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Garage kits are increasing in popularity. They are also widely available on the Internet. Of course, if you’re thinking of going with the prefabricated garage option, you may need to get a building permit from your local building/planning agency. You will probably also need a site plan. Carports and More is the number one retailer of garage kits online, and they can tell you just about everything you’d need to know before you purchase. Read on to find out more:

Prefabricated Garage Kits Secrets Straight From The Building Source

1. Using garage kits will save you a lot of time. All of the bits and pieces needed to construct the garage building kit, as well as materials required for the foundation and equipment for framing, roofing and even finishing the structure can be found inside these garage kits. Whether you choose to build an attached or detached garage structure, prefabrication is often the best bet for beginners who want to make this addition to their home.

2. Using garage kits will save you a lot of money. You save the cost of hiring an architect to draw up a plan for you. If you planned to do-it-yourself, you’ll still need to purchase materials and tools, all of which are included in our garage kits for one low price. We can customize them to suit your needs, or you can buy a standard one. Their frames are made of high-grade steel, and they are covered with triple-layer, polyethylene, rip-stop weave fabric that’s 100% waterproof.

3. Custom Garage kits can be used for more than just storing vehicles. You can use your garage kit as a warehouse or workshop, a home office or even a home gym. Make sure you choose the correct size and structure for your needs. You should also choose the right model based on the shape of your garage kit budget.

Remember, when you purchase from us you are buying a tested and proved product. The custom metal garages are beautifully designed, and are already in use all over the country. Carports and More also gives you the option of having your garage kits professionally installed at no additional cost, anywhere in the US.