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Garage Prices

We Offer Some of the Best Garage Prices in the Industry

Our garage prices allow you to buy a cost-effective, high-quality garage and get it delivered and installed at no additional cost. On top of that, we offer a nearly endless number of customization options so you can design a garage that will meet your needs for the foreseeable future.

Purchasing a garage from us is as simple as designing your customized layout, placing your order, and then coordinating with our support team to make sure your garage gets installed on time and without any issues.

If you use our carport and garage builder, you’ll notice we offer metal garage prices for every budget. That’s because we give you complete control over which features you add to your garage.

In addition, we’ll walk you through all the customization options we offer to make sure you’re able to make the most out of your garage budget.

Below, you’ll find details about the other factors we use to determine our steel garage prices and you’ll find a price sheet and information about our different purchasing options.

Garage Prices Vary Based on How They’re Designed

The size is the primary factor used to determine garage prices, but adding other features, such as doors, roll-up doors and windows, will also impact the price.

Although some features are necessary, depending on how you plan to use your enclosed garage, we understand requirements vary from person to person. That’s why we offer options for every feature at multiple rates in order to accommodate all metal garage budgets.

Potential uses for steel garages include car covers, recreation rooms and detached apartments. Each of those uses will require different layouts and features, which is why you need to know how you plan to use your garage before placing an order.

However, in order to help you stay within your initial budget, we allow you to add features after your building has been installed. That way, the upfront cost to build your garage is less upfront, but you still have the opportunity to add on to it and expand it later.

We Sell Garages for Cars, Trucks, RVs and Boats

A garage purchase is the perfect solution for covering all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, recreational vehicles and boats.

Most people who buy a metal garage for their cars and trucks opt for one of three size ranges:

  • A 1-car garage, which is a minimum of 12 feet wide.
  • A 2-car garage, which is a minimum of 18 feet wide, but can be up to 26 feet wide.
  • A 3-car garage, which is a minimum of 26 feet wide, but can be up to 40 feet wide.

If you’re planning to purchase a garage primarily for overnight vehicle storage, one must-have feature is roll-up doors. If you’re looking to cover multiple vehicles, you can choose to add one large roll-up door or two separate doors.

Although garage prices vary based on how many roll-up doors you add, you can also purchase frameouts instead, which will reduce the initial cost of your garage. You can always contact us about adding roll-up doors at a later date.

If you plan on buying a garage to store an RV or a boat, you’ll need to carefully measure the height of the vehicle you’re looking to cover. Anything taller than 12 feet – the maximum leg height that can be designed on our website – will require accommodations.

Purchase a Garage for Recreation Rooms and Backyard Gym Sheds

Now, if you’re looking to build a detached recreation room or backyard gym shed, you’ll likely want to add windows to your outdoor garage. You’ll also need to add a walk-in door.

But, just like roll-up doors, if you have a specific budget, you could buy a garage with frameouts for the walk-in doors and windows, and then go back and add them later.

A detached recreation room can be great for hosting gatherings and events. All you need to add is a TV and some other amenities, such as a refrigerator and a bathroom, to your garage purchase.

You also can buy a garage and use it as a game room – add a pool table or a ping-pong table and you’ll be all set.

Purchasing a Garage for Detached Apartments

Using the area directly under the roof of the garage is the most efficient way to incorporate an apartment into your design. And, by confining the apartment to the upstairs area, you can give tenants complete privacy, and even their own personal entrance.

A detached apartment can also be useful if you regularly host family or friends. For example, if your house is the gathering place during the holidays and you have relatives who fly in from out of town, they’ll have a place to stay while they’re visiting.

Obviously, garage prices increase significantly if you choose to build a detached apartment, but over time, the apartment will pay for itself and then generate additional income if you rent it out.

Converting a garage into a detached apartment is an investment. It may cost more up front, but it will generate income if you can rent it out, and you can use that to make the garage payments.

Steel Garage Prices Sheet

Keep in mind the prices listed on this page are baseline rates; the roof style, frame gauge thickness and all other add-on features will affect the price of the garage you purchase.

And, if you’re interested in buying an attached building, we have those available in the form of lean-to and loafing sheds.In addition to our customized metal garages, we also sell heavy-duty prefabricated garage kits and soft-sided portable shelters in a few select sizes. In terms of structure, garage kits are made with steel frames and fabric covers. But the average cost is lower than fully customized garages.

Our Most Frequently Purchased Garage Sizes

There are two garage sizes in particular that a lot of people ask about buying: 30×30 and 30×40.

Just to give you an idea of how big those dimensions are, both 30×30 and 30×40 garages can be used as three-car garages. And – with enough height – both could easily cover an RV or a boat and another vehicle or two.

In addition, if you buy a garage that measures 30×30 or 30×40 garages you’ll have more freedom to add roll-up doors and walk-in doors. You could add individual doors for each of your vehicles or you could add doors large enough to pull multiple vehicles through the same door.

Our 30×30 garage prices vary based on where in the US you’re located because there are different development standards in every state, and within each state’s cities and counties.

To avoid any issues, make sure you select the correct state in the Carport and Garage builder, and contact your local planning department to make sure your design follows local development standards before you buy a garage. For example, most areas have a minimum street frontage.

If you’re required to get a permit for your garage, please let us know and we can provide certified plans for your design.

Garage Prices With and Without Installation

If you would prefer to assemble your own garage, we offer that as an option too in the form of garage kits, which include all the necessary construction materials.

We provide discounts of up to 10 percent on our metal garage kit prices to customers who want to handle the installation themselves.

A garage kit is perfect if you want to have complete control over building a garage.

Whether you have contractors you’ve worked with before or you simply want to enjoy the experience of assembling your own garage, we allow you to choose whichever route best fits your needs.

Even if you choose to build your garage yourself, the delivery cost is still included in the total garage purchase price.

If you choose to let our experienced team assemble your garage, we do all the heavy lifting, including all related construction and anchoring it to a pre-poured concrete or asphalt slab. All you have to do is meet the crew the day of delivery to ensure it’s set up in the right location.

Rent-to-own and Financing Garage Payments

If you’re looking to pay off a metal garage over time, we offer two different ways to do it: financing and rent-to-own.

If you finance your steel garage, you’ll be able to make installment payment toward the cost of your garage until it’s paid for, saving you from having to cover the total cost upfront.

Our rent-to-own option works similarly to financing; you make scheduled garage payments until it’s fully paid off, at which point, you own it.

If you have any questions that were not answered on this page about our garage prices, please contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives.