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Metal Barn Prices

Metal Barn Prices Tailored to Your Custom Layout

The barn prices we offer are cost effective and include additional services, like free delivery and installation, for free. Not only that, but our custom carport and garage builder makes it easy to design a barn that includes all the features you need.

But, before you start designing your metal barn, you need to ask yourself how you plan on using it, as that will determine which features you need to include and which ones you can do without.

Our Barn Prices Are Based on Your Design Requirements

A lot of the time, our customers purchase steel barns for outdoor storage spaces. They’re great for storing vehicles, farm equipment and supplies, and even livestock.

Depending on where in the US you’re located and what you plan to store inside your metal barn, you may want to enclose your metal barn structure or keep it open.

It may also be important for your barn to have a certain aesthetic. In general, there’s a greater emphasis on the aesthetic of horse barns compared with barns used to store tractors and hay.

Use this page to learn about all the design options we offer, and how those options affect price of steel barns.

Purchase a Barn That’s Completely Customized to Your Needs

We offer advanced customization options for all our metal barns, which means the floor plan possibilities are endless. You can enclose or partially enclose it; you can pick specific roof styles and you can add doors and windows.

The biggest benefit of offering so many different features is that it provides flexibility in regards to your barn budget. So no matter what you’re looking to spend, we provide with with several ways to reduce costs, or spend more on advanced features.

Buy Barns With Side Walls and End Walls, or No Walls at All

There are several ways to design the walls of your barn; you can leave it completely open, you can add half sides or gable ends and you can completely close it in. You can even design it so that only part of the barn is entirely enclosed.

Any walls you add to your barn purchase are made of galvanized 29-gauge steel, which is strong enough to withstand the harshest weather conditions, including heavy snow and high-speed winds.

If you decide to completely close your barn in, you’ll have to add doors and windows, or at least frameouts, in order to get in and out of the barn.

Barn Rates Vary Based on Which Entryways You Add

You can add both roll up doors and walk-in doors to your steel barn. We offer roll up doors ranging from 6×6 feet up to 10×10 feet. You can add windows to your metal barn as well.

As far as frameouts go, those start at 3-feet wide and go all the way up to 20-feet wide. The barn windows we install are 30×30 inches.

A barn purchased with frameouts instead of doors will cost less, making this a great option if you have a specific barn budget. The best part is, you can easily add doors and windows later.

Barns Purchased From CAM Can be Designed With Three Styles of Metal Roofing

Another factor that impacts our metal barn prices is the roof style. We have three styles available, and each one has its own benefits.

Although our standard roofing does not include all the bells and whistles of the other two, it’s made of the same 29-gauge steel, which is capable of withstanding most weather conditions.

The primary benefit of buying a barn with an A-frame horizontal, or boxed eave, and an A-frame vertical roof is the additional visual appeal it adds to the structure.

The A-frame horizontal roof style has trim on all four eaves, and the A-frame vertical style is flush on both ends and it has a ridge cap.

The A-frame horizontal, as well as the standard, roof styles also have 6-inch overhangs.

The importance of how a metal barn looks varies from person to person, but if you have a more flexible budget, investing in a barn that has a specific style would add more value to it.

However, because the A-frame vertical roof style is the strongest, we strongly recommend it if you live in an area that receives a lot of snow. In addition, we recommend an A-frame vertical style on all barns that are more than 31-feet long.

If there are specific roof pitch requirements in your area, please contact us directly and we can make sure your metal barn meets those requirements.

Opt for Buying a Barn With a More Durable Steel Frame

Another way to increase the durability of your metal barn is to add a stronger frame, which includes the legs and the roof trusses.

All our steel barns are constructed using 14-gauge galvanized steel, but you can easily upgrade to a 12-gauge steel frame, which is about 20 percent stronger.

Stronger steel framing will not only increase the lifespan of your barn; it can be useful if you plan on adding storage shelves and racks to the inside of the barn.

In fact, installing shelves and racks in your barn will help you maximize your barn purchase by saving your some square footage.

Steel Barn Prices List

Although our barn pricing varies considerably based on how each individual barn is designed, the chart below provides starting prices for our barns based on size.

But note the prices listed below are not final, and change depending on where you’re located, because development standards are different in every state and in every city and county.

So, before you buy a pre-engineered steel barn, contact your local planning authorities to find out what the building requirements are and find out whether or not you’ll need any permits. If you need a permit, we can provide plans for your barn design that comply with all regulations.

Common Dimensions of Purchased Barns

A lot of customers design a 30×40 barn, a 40×60 barn or a 30×30 barn. All three of those sizes provide a ton of storage space and provide a lot of options for customizing entryways.

For example, the following are all possible door plans for a 30×40 barn:

Three 8×7 roll-up doors on the front or back

  • Four 8×7 roll-up doors on either side
  • Three 8×7 roll-up doors, one 6×6 roll-up door and one 72-inch walk-in door on either side
  • Two 10×10 roll-up doors and a 72-inch walk-in door on the front or back
  • Three 10×10 roll-up doors and a 72-inch walk-in door on either side

It’s important you have accurate measurements of all the vehicles you plan to store inside your steel barn.

An 8×7 door is essentially the smallest garage door that standard vehicles will fit through. Some larger vehicles, such as tractors, will require larger doors, such as our 10×10 doors.

The same goes for horses and livestock; you need to know how many animals you’re going to be keeping in the barn. You also need to aware of any specific building regulations pertaining to animals if you’re going to use your metal barn as a livestock shelter.

If you require doors wider than 10 feet, you’ll have to design your barn structure with frameouts and then install your own garage doors. And, if you’re looking to buy a barn with a leg height greater than 12 feet, contact us.

Note, however, the height of the barn walls are 1 foot taller than the leg height.

Barn Prices Including and Not Including Assembly

Although we waive the shipping cost and include delivery and installation in all our metal barn prices, we have separate steel barn kits prices that are discounted up to 10 percent without installation.

In order to receive a discount on barn prices, just let us know in advance you plan to assemble it yourself. We’ll even include detailed instructions for your purchased barn that walk you through the entire process.

If you let our crews handle the construction process, we’ll meet you on site the day of delivery and make sure we’re anchoring it in the right place and that it’s up to your standards.

This is especially important if you’ve poured a concrete or asphalt slab as a base because it requires precise placement.

But, whether you’re planning to anchor your metal barn to a concrete or asphalt slab or straight into the ground, you’ll need to make sure you select the correct anchoring materials in the builder when designing your barn.

The anchors are the equivalent of wooden poles used in pole barn construction.

Check out our steel barn and pole barn comparison page to learn more about the difference between the two types of structures.

Setting Up Metal Barn Payments: Rent-to-own and Financing

You can pay for your pre-engineered steel barn upfront, or we can set you up with a financing or rent-to-own payment plan.

When you finance your barn, you’ll make scheduled payments based on your budget for the duration of the finance period until the barn is paid for.

Rent-to-own works similarly; the only difference is that you don’t officially own the barn until you’ve paid off the balance. If at the end of the rental period, your barn has been unable to meet or exceed your expectations, you’re no longer obligated to keep it.

If you have any questions about our metal barn prices or our barn kits prices, please contact our sales team today.