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Metal Carport Prices

Our Metal Carport Prices Include Delivery and Installation

Our metal carport price rates are based on a variety of factors, including size, roof style, frame thickness and add-ons, such as side panels extra trusses and enclosing walls.

What we charge for the carports we sell also varies based on geographical location. Depending on where you live, there may be specific requirements – withstanding wind speeds and handling snow loads – that must be met. Those requirements can increase car port pricing based on the amount of extra material used to build your structure.

But, regardless of how big your carport is, how it’s designed, or what it’s made of, all our steel carport prices include delivery and installation at no additional cost. In fact, our rates are more competitive than most manufacturers’ prices.

And when you buy a carport from us, you’ll get access to our knowledgeable sales and customer service teams to help you throughout the entire purchasing process.

All Our Carport Pricing Is Based On Your Custom Design

How you design your metal carport depends largely on how you’re planning to use it.

For example, a carport that’s built solely to protect your car overnight will be designed differently than a long-term storage solution for other vehicles, like RVs and boats. It will likely be smaller, but it also won’t require some of the advanced features that storing vehicles for long periods of time does.

But where you plan on installing your carport may also affect which features you opt for. If you plan to set up your carport close to your house, you may want to choose a more stylish design, like our A-frame vertical roof option.

Visa versa, if you plan on setting up your carport in a more secluded location, you may choose a more conservative design in order to keep your car port pricing at a more cost-effective rate.

And, although the size of your carport and the features you choose to include are used to determine our metal carport prices, it ultimately comes down to your carport budget.

Steel Carport Cover Rates for Cars and Trucks

When it comes to metal carports for cars and trucks, there are a few sizes we recommend.

Ranging from one to three vehicles, those sizes are as follows:

  • 1-car carports should be a minimum of 12 feet wide.
  • 2-car carports should be a minimum of 18 feet wide, but can be up to 26 feet wide.
  • 3-car carports should be a minimum of 26 feet wide, but can be up to 40 feet wide.

In general, larger carports are priced at higher rates, but there are several ways to reduce carport costs. Ultimately, it comes down to which features you value most.

One of the most important features people consider when designing a carport for their cars is roof style. We offer three styles of roofs: standard, horizontal, A-frame horizontal and A-frame vertical.

The A-frame horizontal, or boxed eave, and A-frame vertical roof styles are designed to more closely resemble a house; both include trim on all four sides of the car port, but the A-frame vertical also includes a ridge cap and – unlike the A-frame horizontal – it’s completely flush on both ends.

Carports made with A-frame horizontal and A-frame vertical roofs are priced higher than carports designed with regular style, standard roofs, due to their emphasis on aesthetics and durability. But, they also offer a greater value.

An A-frame vertical roof, in particular, is the best option if you need to maximize your snow load capacity. The ribs run from the ridge cap to the eaves, which allows snow to easily slide off the roof.

If you’re looking to spend only a certain amount, you can keep down the total cost by purchasing a steel carport with a standard roof.

Not only that, but you always can add on to your carport once it’s been built. For example, once it’s installed, you may decide to enclose part of it and add a walk-in door or a garage door.

Determining RV and Boat Carport Costs

The biggest factor to consider when you’re comparing prices for metal carports for recreational vehicles and boats is height and roof style.

Many RVs, particularly class-A recreational vehicles, require a much higher roof than carports designed for cars and trucks. The tallest legs available using our online carport and garage builder is 12 feet, but we can build them as tall as you need them to be.

Boats sometimes also require more height – especially fishing and wake boats that have towers, antennas, and center consoles. Adding height to your metal carport will only marginally increase the cost. Be sure to figure out what the tallest center point is on your boat.

You’ll also need to consider the length of your recreational vehicle or boat. Most offshore fishing boats are – at a minimum – 20-feet long, but many are greater than 25 feet in length.

Not only that, but if you require storage for an RV or a boat for long periods of time, you may want to add side panels or gable ends to protect it from the sun. Those items will impact how your carport’s priced, but it’s more budget-friendly than purchasing a fully enclosed structure.

Purchasing Steel Carports for Outdoor Shelters

If you’re planning to use a steel car port as an outdoor storage shelter, you should know in advance what you plan to store under it to make sure you purchase the correct size.

If you plan on storing outdoor vehicles, such as tractors and other agricultural equipment, you need to make sure you design a carport with enough height clearance to drive the vehicles in and out.

And if you plan on eventually buying more vehicles, you may want to go ahead and build a carport with more space than you initially need. This applies to smaller equipment, such as lawn mowers and yard trailers, as well.

Buying a larger carport means more costs upfront, but it will provide a better long-term value.

Metal Carport Price Sheet Breaks Down Costs Based on Size

Our carport price list contains the most common sizes we sell. But note that these rates vary based on how you design your car port. The roof style, frame gauge thickness and any side panels and gable ends you add will all affect the base figures listed below:


Best Selling Carport Sizes and Pricing Cost Variables

Some of the most common metal carport sizes we sell include the following:

  • 12×20 carport
  • 12×30 carport
  • 20×24 carport
  • 20×30 carport
  • 30×40 carport

These dimensions range a variety of uses, including 1-, 2- and 3-car garages, but each carport’s price varies significantly based on which specific features are added.

Our online builder allows you to build carports up to 30-feet wide and 61-feet long, but we can accommodate dimensions larger than those as well. Just let us know what size you require, and we’ll help you design a steel carport within your budget.

How to Maximize Your Car port Buying Budget

Whether you’re using our online builder, or you’re placing a custom order by phone, we’ll help you get the most out of your carport budget.

For example, it can be difficult to know exactly what size carport to purchase, especially if you need to cover a lot of equipment. But our team of experienced professionals can tell you everything you need to know to determine the length, width and height of your metal carport.

Not only that, but you can often increase the length of your steel carport without increasing the price, allowing you to get the most square footage possible while staying within your original carport budget.

There are several ways to minimize your overall carport spending and get the most value out of your budget, but it all starts with knowing what options are available and which ones your require. We’re here to help you figure that out, and stretch your carport budget to its limits.

How Steel Carport Rates Change With and Without Installation

Although all our steel carport prices include delivery and installation costs, we also sell carport kits that give you the freedom to assemble your own. All metal carport kits include a discount of up to 10 percent, as you’ll be responsible for installing it.

But, regardless of whether or not you construct your own , the delivery is still included in a carport’s cost. Please contact us for specific carport kit prices that do not include installation.

If you choose to let our team of qualified experts assemble your carport, you must be on site the day it’s delivered in order to provide clear instructions on where to anchor it. For example, if you have poured a concrete slab, you may have a specific way you want to position your carport on it.

Allowing our teams to take care of the installation will not impact what you are charged for your metal carport.

Financing and Rent-to-own Metal Carport Payment Plans

You can cover the total cost of your carport up front, but we also give you the options to set up finance payments, or to go the rent-to-own route.

Our custom financing plans offer easy budget conscious payment plans in a range of options that can be spread out over several years making the cost a lot easier to handle upfront for our customers.

The main difference between financing and paying for  your carport on a rent-to-own plan is the fact that you don’t officially own it until the amount of the original steel carport price has been covered in rental fees.

With the rent-to-own carport payment option, you still make installment payments as well.

FAQs About Our Metal Carport Prices

Q: What payment options do you offer?
A: We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard and American Express, as well as PayPal.

Q: Does the price of the carports include a warranty?
A: 14-gauge frame units made of galvanized steel have a 30-day workmanship warranty. 12-gauge frame units, which are also galvanized, include the 30-day workmanship warranty along with an additional 20-year limited warranty of rust through of framing – assuming normal user care and maintenance.

Q: What’s your return policy?
A: Orders may be canceled prior to shipping. Once an Item is shipped the buyer will be responsible for the return shipping and a restocking charge. A RMA must be obtained prior to returning or no credit will be made.

Q: Does the price of the carports include shipping?
A: Yes. It also includes delivery and installation.

Q: How can I get a quote for a carport?
A: Head to our Carport and Garage Builder page to design your own custom carport. As you build it, you’ll be able to see how each element affects the price, and easily make adjustments so it aligns with your budget. If you require design accommodations, such as a leg height greater than 12 feet, please contact us directly.

Q: Do I need a permit for a metal carport?
A: Whether or not you need any building permits is based solely on your local development standards. We can, however, provide engineered plans to ensure your carport complies with all building codes.