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Metal garage building kits are a smart solution, but you need to plan carefully before you get started. You should get in touch with a city or county zoning office to find out if the structure will fit the local requirements prior to ordering. You also need to determine what kind of storage space you need and how it will fulfill that need. Here are some common mistakes homeowners make when purchasing:

1. Not checking with your local building department to see what you’ll need. Once you find out what plans and permits you’re required to get, check with your metal garage buildings e-tailer (US!) to ensure we can provide you with the proper plans and calculations. CPM uses factory builders who will assemble it for you anywhere in the US, so you don’t need to be an architect to have a portable garage in your yard.

2. Not considering how you will use it. Large cars and trucks and even boats can be stored in your garage shops once they’re set up, or some people use them as warehouses or workshops. However, it must be the correct size and structure for the items placed within it. Most people buy standard sizes, but metal garage buildings can be customized to fit your exact needs.

3. Not letting your insurance company know you’ve invested in one. This is an addition to your home that’s non-combustible, and will not warp, twist, crack or shrink. You will have no problems related to termites or insects after being built. The vehicles within them will last longer as well, since they will be well protected from the elements.

Garage Buildings are exceptionally versatile in terms of aesthetics. Gone are the days when they were boxy looking, ugly structures. Now you can get almost any design you could desire. Make your build fun while extending your home and storage space, but beware of the mistakes mentioned above.