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Metal garages from carports & more can solve anyone’s shelter need, from residential to commercial. Prefabricated metal garage kits work well to fill all sorts of residential needs, from giving you a new home for your cars, trucks or toys to just providing extra garage storage organization. These days many households spend large amounts of their income on tiny metal storage spaces. With extra garage storage, families can stretch their budget by ridding themselves of hefty storage fees.

Our metal garage kits come in options that will work for the differing needs of our customers. Pre built metal garages are made with high quality material; soft sided storage solutions come in easy to install kits. Both of these options serve as a portable garage kit that can be re-assembled should they need to be moved to a more convenient location. Our soft-sided metal garages for sale are shipped out daily to worldwide destinations, meeting the needs of individuals needing storage solutions. Whether our garage kits are used in residential or commercial applications, they fill the needs of our customers 100%. These garage building kits can come with certified engineered garage plans that are customized to any states building requirements. This will save you time and hassle when dealing with building codes.

Our Steel garage kits are customized for your property, exactly to your specs!

The metal garages for sale that can be found on carports and More come in several sizes, making it easier to find just what you need for your storage kit problems. These products come with a sturdy cover that will resist the effects of sun, wind and rain. What’s great about them is not just the fact that they are portable, but also that they are durable. Putting a prefabricated detached metal garage on your property covers the cars and toys you’ve got now; but also promises you room to grow as you acquire more. Our metal garages can grow as your needs grow.

Steel garage kits are an ideal storage solution for any city in any state. They are quick and easy to construct. Enlist the help of some friends(if we dont install)or family and spend a few hours constructing your DIY kit; then spend the rest of the afternoon around the barbeque, admiring your good work. What a better way to spend a Saturday than to give your family much needed garage organization! If being knee deep in elbow grease doesn’t sound like something you’d enjoy, we’ve got a solution for you. Our pre built garages can be professionally installed for you! No matter where you live, Carports and More can arrange for your new garage storage solution to be done by a professional installation service.