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Carport Homeowners – Options to Consider When Building Your Carports in Michigan

Metal Carports MI for Michigan Residents

No matter whether you’re in the Upper Peninsula, Up North, or in the Southern cities and suburbs, we have no doubt that you could benefit from a metal carport or Steel Building from Carports and More for your home or business needs. Our products are dynamic in nature, and lend themselves to a whole host of applications. You can use our steel buildings in Michigan for keeping your vehicles safe from the elements and secure from theft, or if you’re planning to it up for industrial applications, our products have been successfully used for both startups and business expansions. Our steel carports and metal buildings represent some of the best value you’ll find anywhere in America.

The first car port appeared around 1909, but the term “carport” is credited to architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1936 when he used it in a house he built in 1936. This early type of carport canopy was attached, part of the house, and it did not offer the type of flexibility we have today.

Although we are available to install any steel or aluminum carports in Michigan you order from us, they are a snap to set up yourself. You’ll need to measure the area where you want to place your carport and be sure of where the posts will be and how they will be attached. Our carport garages can go up to 100 feet wide clear span (call us if you need it wider). We can make any length possible.

Purchasing one of our RV carports in Michigan is crucial if you own a motor home and you want to keep it clean and safe from harsh outdoor weather. All of our carport canopy options are durable and dependable. We are the nation’s largest independent dealers, and we have an “A +” rating from the Better Business Bureau. You can find many affordable permanent and portable cover suppliers on the market, but CPM truly stands out as offering the customer maximum dependability and value for money.

Our staff has over fifty years combined experience supplying and installing car port options across the USA. The headquarters for this premier carport manufacturer is located in northern CA. The driving force behind our success in the metal carport industry is our commitment to product quality and excellence in customer service.

Metal carports are rapidly growing in popularity, and because of this, you’ll notice a lot of websites claiming to offer comparable products – but always do your research. Carports and More have been industry leaders in this business for over a decade and have thousands of satisfied customers to prove it!

The aim of this post is to walk you through all the steps to the design and purchasing process of a new steel carport in Michigan. We will tell you all about the potential uses for our metal buildings, and we will provide you with some guidance on seeking and applying for the permits you will need to begin construction.

Another area upon which we’ll focus today, is the 3D garage and carport builder tool. This unique website feature allows our customers to design their perfect metal building right from their computers, or even from their smartphones.

We hope that all of this information will be enough for you to make your decision on your carport purchase, but, in the event that you still have questions, we invite you to call our customer service team, who will gladly answer your queries.

Benefits of Buying a Michigan Carport From Carports and More

Michigan, the Great Lake State, is made up of two peninsulas, surrounded by the pristine waters of Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, and Lake Superior. For some context of the sheer size of these lakes, it’s worth knowing that they contain a massive 21% of all of the surface fresh water on Earth! Because of MI’s association with the water, boating and fishing are hugely popular pastimes here, for both rural and urban residents – so, it doesn’t matter if you’re up in Traverse City, Mackinac Island, Grand Rapids, or Detroit, a metal carport or steel building from Carports and More could definitely be of use to you.

Our steel and aluminum carport kits in Michigan offer a low cost solution to your exterior storage and coverage requirements. As the nation’s largest independent dealer of metal buildings, we have strong reputation to uphold – fortunately we manage this through quality products and the finest customer serv ice in the industry – don’t believe us? I’m sure our A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau should convince you!

If you’re located anywhere along Michigan’s beautiful coastline, you may be concerned about rust affecting your metal building. Rest assured, CPM use only the best quality steel, treated in a special galvanization process to resist the damaging effects of corrosion. Some companies will sell you a mild steel or wooden building that requires regular maintenance. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with giving your carport some TLC, but when it becomes a requirement to stop it from rotting or rusting, then it can become burdensome. With a metal carport from carports and more, you can expect an almost maintenance free ownership experience, saving you significant time (and money!).

On top of their resistance to rust, our steel buildings and metal carports in Michigan are also impervious to things like mold, rot and fungal infestation. There’s also no need to worry about damage caused by insects and rodents, either. On non-metal buildings, these afflictions can cause significant and costly damage to your property. You should also bear in mind that a steel and aluminum carports are non-combustible, a significant advantage over their wooden counterparts.

Carports and More offer metal buildings as basic non certified DIY kits, or as certified metal buildings. If you’d prefer to build yours yourself, then you absolutely have that option, we’ll still deliver it to you for free. While our carports are very easy to erect, we understand that not everyone wants to spend the time to put theirs together. If this sounds like your situation, you’ll be pleased to know that, not only do we deliver our metal buildings and steel carports in Michigan for free, we will also construct it for you at no extra cost!

Many CPM customers in Michigan have adapted their carports to become sources of clean, renewable energy. Our carports can accommodate solar panels and wind turbines, which over time can actually generate money as well as saving electricity.

At Carports and More, we understand our customers, and we know that Michiganders demand the very best quality, and it doesn’t get better than our metal carports. We are proud of the fact that our carports are made right here in the USA. We don’t outsource our manufacturing, so you’re guaranteed an American made metal building from and American company that stands behind its products.

We’ve been in the metal carport business for well over a decade now, making us one of the most established names in the industry. This experience has given us great insight into what it takes to keep customers satisfied. We already have hundreds of happy carport owning customers across Michigan, and we’re truly hoping you’ll join their ranks.

Customizable Carports for Rural and Urban Areas

Because Carports and More are the largest independent dealer of metal buildings and carports in America, we have first hand experience in supplying our products to customers in all regions; rural, suburban and urban. At CPM we specialize in fully customized carports, garages, sheds and metal buildings. We offer a unique 3D garage builder tool that allows our customers to fully customize every aspect of their order, giving you a chance to get a tailor made product at an off the shelf price.

It’s quite understandable that the needs of our customers living in Michigan’s large cities like Detroit, Flint, and Grand Rapids vary drastically from those living in countryside towns like Howell, Lapeer and Houghton Lake. One of the biggest variables we notice between orders from rural and urban customers is the building size. Those living in the country are generally less restricted when it comes to space, meaning they can order some of our largest carports. We are able to provide varying sizes in all dimensions; length, width, and even height. If you’re using our 3D garage builder tool online, you’ll max out at 61’ length, but don’t worry – we can build them larger than that! Simply give our customer service team a call to discuss your options. Our custom buildings can be ordered in virtually any size, so, no matter whether you’re looking for a carport for your residence, or a metal building for your business, you can rely on CPM to deliver exactly what you need.

If you call the city home, and you’re looking for a smaller storage solution, you might be interested in one of our sheds. We sell our carports and buildings in sizes as small as 10’ by 10’. If you don’t need much overhead space, you can order your building with legs as short as 5’.

Whether you’re out in the country and ordering a large metal building, or in the city and buying a small carport, you’ll be pleased to know that we offer our full range of door and window options on all purchases.

As well as footprint and height options being available, we also offer various steel gauges for our products. Each metal carport comes in a 14-gauge or 12-gauge frame (14g = 2-1/2” x 2-1/2″ galvanized steel) (12g = 2-1/4″ x 2-1/4″ galvanized steel). The 12-gauge is 20 percent stronger than the 14-gauge.

Another area of customization that we offer in Michigan is the ability to select from open, partial, or fully enclosed sides. Something that our countryside, suburban and city customers have in common is the desire to secure valuable vehicles, tools, stock, and equipment amongst other things, against theft and damage. As we have already pointed out, we offer our products with fully enclosed sides. When paired with walk in or rolling doors you’ll be able to ensure that access is restricted only to authorized persons.

If security isn’t a big concern for you, and you’re perhaps just looking to provide some shade or shelter, our open and partially sided buildings are the perfect choice for you. Our open sided carports provide unencumbered access, so if you need to take gear in and out regularly, but don’t necessarily want to leave it exposed to sun, rain or snow, this could be the ideal option. Bear in mind, that if you’re using a fully enclosed building for large, movable equipment that needs to come in and out, consider ordering it with a frameout or two, as rolling doors are limited in size.

Ground surfaces are another variable that changes between our rural and urban customers. In the countryside, grass and dirt surfaces are abundant, and they’re perfectly find for setting up a carport or metal building on. On the contrary, in the city, most of our customers build directly on to concrete, this is especially true when it comes to buildings being set up for businesses. Regardless of which surface you plan to build on, we can accommodate as long as it’s flat and level. What will differ depending on the surface, is the anchoring system, or augers that you need. Each surface type has its own specific requirements, so, if you’re unsure as to what you need, just give us a call and we will gladly assist.

Perfect for Residential Use

Life on the water is part of the very fabric of the people of MI. The state is surrounded by water almost entirely, and there are over 11,000 inland lakes for Michiganders to enjoy. It therefore goes without saying that boating and fishing are extremely popular in the Great Lake State. If you’re one of the State’s many boat owners, and you’ve been keeping your boat exposed to the elements, why not invest in a carport to keep your watercraft in peak condition? Keeping it in shade will protect your gelcoat, it will prevent UV damage and weather damage to your electronics, and even help to prevent colors from fading. If summer boating isn’t your thing, and you’re more into snowmobiling, an enclosed metal building from CPM makes the perfect place to keep your skidoo, too.

Michigan being a four season state does boast beautiful spring and summer seasons, but fall can be extremely wet, and the winter snow can be extreme at times. If you don’t currently have a garage on your property, or perhaps your garage is full, a metal carport can help. By keeping your vehicle covered you’ll avoid having to clear snow, or perhaps even worse, wet leaves from your car or truck.

For those living in communities and subdivisions with strict HOA policies that govern every aspect of the exterior appearance of their home, we have you covered. Our metal buildings in Michigan are not only tasteful and attractive, but they are also available in 12 different colors, so if your community does require you to maintain a certain look, you should be in good shape with Carports and More.

Because of Michigan’s close ties to the auto industry, many residents keep classic cars at their homes. Finding the workshop space to upgrade and modify isn’t always easy, but with a metal carport or steel building, you can have all the covered space you need to keep everything ticking over smoothly.

Perfect for Commercial Use

Michigan business owners have long known that metal buildings can be very easily converted to industrial applications. Carports and More have supplied our products to thousands of industrial customers across the country, and we’d love to help more Michigan businesses reach their full potential.

The major industries powering Michigan’s economy are manufacturing, tourism and agriculture, although there are many more micro-industries that can benefit from our products. Keep reading to find out more about how Carports and More can supply your business’ needs.

Without a doubt, manufacturing is Michigan’s primary industry, with the auto industry reigning supreme. The ‘Big Three’, Ford, GM and Chrysler all call Michigan home, and Detroit isn’t called ‘The Motor City’ for nothing. Because of the prevalence of these major brands, many small businesses have become involved in the auto manufacturing business, whether it’s parts and supplies, transport, component manufacturing, or anything else associated with cars. If you are looking for a new location for your auto industry business, one of our fully enclosed metal buildings can be easily adapted to house everything from a warehousing operation to a full assembly line.

Michigan’s outstanding natural beauty attracts huge numbers of visitors each year, providing over $3 billion in state and local taxes. With such significant contribution to the State’s economy, tourism is continuing to grow – if you’re looking to break in to this industry, or you’re planning to expand your existing operation, do it with one of our steel buildings in Michigan. Hunting is one of the biggest tourism draws, and a metal building is perfect for your guided hunt operations. You can use them for cleaning stations, storing ATVs, even as a lodge or office. Detroit’s ties to the music industry have also provided significant opportunities for tourism businesses. Motown lovers flock to the state in droves to catch a glimpse of where their favorite tunes came to life, and a metal building can provide you with the perfect location for a specialist museum that showcases the rich history of the area.

Like many other States in America, Michigan relies heavily on its agriculture. Michigan’s crop farming is extremely diverse, in fact, they lead the nation in the production of asparagus and cucumbers amongst others. Do you, like so many others, work in this industry? Our metal carports and buildings can help! A great example of industries colliding (in a good way) when using our products is the traditional cider mill – Cider mills bring tens of thousands of tourists to Michigan to taste produce made with the State’s biggest crop, apples! An enclosed building from CPM can house food processing equipment, they can be used to set up stores and gift shops on your farm, and they can also be built large enough to accommodate all of your farm machinery and equipment.

Craft beer is another industry that has seen huge growth in MI. If you’re looking to take your beer and turn from an amateur into a pro, there’s no better way to set up a larger scale brewery than in one of our metal buildings. Our enclosed steel buildings in Michigan are ideal for all stages of the process, from brewing, to bottling and shipping.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Carport in Michigan

A big part of our success has always been our commitment to providing the easiest buying experience in the industry for our customers. The metal buildings and steel carports we sell, while relatively low-cost compared to alternative building solutions you may encounter, but you should still take into account a few factors before moving ahead with your purchase. Next, we’ll go through some of the considerations that any Michigan carport buyer should take into account.

Climate Controlling your Steel Building for Year Round Use

We’ve already mentioned that Michigan is a four season state, and Michiganders will tell you that it’s not all that uncommon to get all four in one day! Summer temperatures often soar up into the 90s, and winter temperatures can sink well below negative 20 degrees. If you’re planning to spend any length of time in your metal building, or even to have employees regularly working inside, it’s vital that you insulate it, and install an HVAC system. In fact, industrial safety regulations may even require that you take this step for employee comfort if you’re using your metal building for your business.

Properly installed spray foam or fiberglass insulation will make your enclosed steel carport energy efficient, so there’s no need to worry about astronomical electricity bills. Once it’s insulated, an HVAC system can be easily integrated to keep things cool in the summer and warm in the winter months.

Fortunately, Carports and More have made it incredibly easy to install climate control solutions on our fully enclosed metal carports. If you’re unsure as to what you would need to do, or you’d just like more information on how you too can do this, call our customer service team for more assistance.

Metal Carport Roofs Made for Heavy Snow Loads

In the State’s northernmost reaches, specifically up in the UP, snowfall hits an average of over 207 inches! With such massive volumes of snow falling, anybody looking to build any kind of structure, metal buildings included, must be prepared for, and take measures against dangerous buildup of snow on the roof.

We’ve thought this through on your behalf at Carports and More. We do offer our products with different roof styles (standard horizontal, A-frame horizontal and A-frame vertical), but some are naturally better equipped to deal with large snow loads. When it comes to an inherent ability to resist snow loading, the A frame vertical roof type is our recommendation for any customer living in an area in which this could be a concern.

The A Frame Vertical roof is constructed with flush ends, a ridge cap and trim on all four of its eaves. The ridges run side to side on this roof, meaning the bulk of any snowfall will be able to slide off the roof under its own weight. This helps to reduce the weight that the roof must bear, making it the ideal choice for this application.

Drainage is a Key Consideration for Metal Building Longevity

Michigan roads are infamous for potholes, generally caused by extremes of temperature. While you’re unlikely to experience potholes on your carport’s floor, if you allow standing water to remain in place it can freeze over should there be an overnight temperature drop. This can cause extreme damage to concrete slabs, which in turn can result in structural damage to your carport.

When planning your drainage, the location in which you intend to install the steel carport is critical. We understand that not everybody has the option to pick and choose where their carport goes, especially if you have land restrictions, but, if you’re able to locate yours on a plot that has a downward slope on at least one side, this will be very helpful for moving water away.

Fixed gutters and drainpipes are the next step. This will allow precision runoff of any water direct to a storm drain or sewer to prevent pooling around the building itself. If drains aren’t available, just ensure that any gutters point downhill and away from the structure.

MI Carports Pricing

Carports and More have been supplying the best metal buildings in Michigan for over 10 years now, and we’re just getting started. We’ve provided our steel carports across the country to thousands of happy customers, all of whom are enjoying many years of faithful service from their purchases. We stand behind our products, and we have a dedicated customer service team standing by to answer questions from both existing and potential customers.

From Florida to California, to Washington to Maine. You still get the same top quality service, no matter where you want your carport kits delivered or installed. The best part – delivery and construction are completely free, no matter where you live!

If you’re feeling ready to get started with your design, we suggest that you head right on over to the 3D carport designer on our website. From there you can choose your building size, roof type, color, doors, and window setup. Once you’ve made your selections, the tool will show you exactly how your building will look before you commit to buying it. No expensive rendering fees or blueprints necessary!

If you like how it all looks, all that’s left to do is check out. At this point, we only require a small deposit (approximately 10 percent). Once you’ve made the down payment, we will be in touch to work with you to set up a date and time for our contractors to come and install your steel carport in Michigan. The remaining balance for your carport is due upon delivery, so, once that’s paid, all that’s left to do is to show the delivery team where you’d like it to be built.

Permitting and Land Usage of Metal Buildings in Michigan

Michiganders are flocking toward the use of metal buildings in droves for both business and residential needs. The reason why? Superb quality, combined with unbeatable prices, that’s why! Carports and More’s products are fast and easy to install, too.

We always like to give our customers a head’s up, though. Before going through the purchasing process, ensure you’ve applied for and obtained the relevant permit. To help make the process a little easier for you, we’ve provided a link to Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs website. From there, you should find the specific information that you need to research the requirements to install a metal building on your land.

To recap, always be sure you have the room and required permits before purchasing any Michigan carport kits. Then browse our site: you’re sure to find what you’re looking for: we have thousands of satisfied customers every year.

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