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Metal Buildings in Oklahoma

In a large, diverse state with over four hundred miles of Route 66 and arguably more roadside attractions than any other state, automobiles are an integral part of Oklahoma’s daily life. So is the ever changing, and sometimes harsh, weather.

Your vehicle is a large investment and it deserves some protection when not in use, like that provided by  carports in Oklahoma. A metal carport or garage is affordable and it can do more than just put a roof over your car.  A steel carport can also provide more space for your business, or storage for gardening equipment or seasonal items at home.

Carports and More is the nation’s largest independent dealer and we have earned an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau. So, whether you need a metal carport in OKC, or a steel garage Tulsa, we can provide that new metal building at a great price.

In addition, we provide numerous options for our customers and make it easy to design new metal buildings in Oklahoma with our Carport and Garage Builder. This online tool allows you to plan and customize your own steel building.  You get precisely what you want, personalized for your needs, and you can even save your design to come back to it later as you fine-tune the details or change your mind.

Detailed information for carports in Oklahoma are presented below. Should you need to speak with someone, contact us and one of our knowledgeable representatives is ready to help. Call today to find out how easy and affordable it is to install a metal car port or garage that can provide security, protection, and storage for your property or business.

Benefits of Buying an Oklahoma Carport from Carports and More

Customizable for Rural and Urban Areas

Oklahoma metal carports are a smart way to protect and prolong the life of your ride, but it must be sized to fit your property and meet your needs. The size needs to be in that Goldilocks zone, and we can install a metal building as big or small as you need.

We can provide a custom square footage and height to fit all of your vehicles, plus any other items you may need to store or house. Using our Carport and Garage Builder, sizing your new metal building is easy and you can go up to 30 feet wide and 61 feet long. However, please call us if you need larger as we can provide up to a 100 foot clear span.

Whether you want to store a saddle collection and tack, house inventory, or install a new workshop, we can provide the properly sized steel building to meet your needs.

Depending on the intended use of the new steel building, you may want open sides and/or ends. Easy access to the covered space is not hindered by walls and fresh air circulates freely in an open carport. This is desirable, for example, if you plan on using your carport to multitask for things like entertaining guests and barbequing undercover.

However, some may want to keep valuables securely stored. In this case, you need a fully enclosed carport or garage that you can lock. A fully enclosed steel building is also weathertight for those items that are moisture sensitive.

If you want to occupy the space, you will want to fully enclose and heat/cool the space. This allows the space to function as work or office space, or storage for temperature sensitive items.

Only need partial enclosures? Carports and More offers that, too. Install just a single side or end, or just a half wall, end, or gable.

Partial enclosures are useful and provide overhead protection while maintaining ventilation. They can also  provide a windscreen for livestock while not impeding the animal’s access to shade and rain protection. We make it easy to customize your metal building with the enclosures no matter the intended use of the structure.

When you do enclose the sides and ends, you will need doors and windows. Carports and More makes it a breeze to install precisely what you require for entry points and light control.

Carports and More offers various sizes of walk-in and roll up doors for you to choose from. We also provide 30 in. by 30 in. windows you can place where needed.

If you need doors and windows different from what we sell, we still can accommodate your needs. We can provide a frame out option where you specify the rough-opening size for the windows or doors you wish to install on your own. The Carport and Garage Builder allows you to specify the size your required frame out.

A metal building in Oklahoma is versatile and can be installed over various surfaces. This flexibility makes it easy to find a location for a new steel carport or garage. But your new structure must also be securely anchored to the base.

When installing over asphalt, dirt, grass, or gravel, Carports and More uses rebar pins as the standard anchor. However, you have the option to strengthen the ground attachment by using mobile home anchors. In some locations, this type of ground anchor may be required by code for better wind resistance (often a minimum of four mobile home anchors), so be sure to consider the anchors when the installation is not done over concrete.

Over concrete, we install using concrete anchors, and these are a time proven, strong, and durable anchoring method. (The concrete pad needs to be poured and cured prior to delivery and installation of your new steel carport or garage.)

Perfect for Residential Use

What do things like sports gear, gardening supplies, seasonal decorations, and tools all have in common? There is never enough space to store them all properly.

With a new steel carport or garage from Carports and More, you have the room you need to keep all of your belongings protected while not being used. Including those bulky foam fingers for whatever side of the stadium you sit on during Bedlam.

When it comes to those smelly, expensive chemicals for the lawn and garden, you want a covered place to keep them ready for use. Same goes for oil, detailing products, and accessories for you car and truck.

We offer a number of options to help you keep it all protected and as secure as you need. You can even add a utility carport shed, which is a carport with shed tucked into the back. We make it easy for you to store all of your belongings to keep your home clutter free and organized.

It goes without saying, a carport or garage is a great way to protect your vehicle and prolong its useful life. But often we focus on just the car or truck and forget about the ride-on lawnmower, motorcycle, or maybe even a farm tractor. Some are even lucky enough to have to worry about how to protect a motor coach while parked at home.

Everyone has different vehicles, and often more than one. But we can size and customize a steel carport or garage to shield your vehicles from the sun, wind, hail, falling debris, rain, snow, or whatever else Mother Nature conjures up.

Whether a carport with open ends and sides, or a fully enclosed garage, we can install the metal building sized and fully customized to protect your vehicles, all of them.

Oklahoma is often underrated and that includes its wide open beautiful spaces. If you are one of the many who likes to be outdoors, you may consider a steel carport to augment that love of fresh air, natural light, and barbeque.

If you do enjoy being outside, a metal carport from Carports and More can double as a lounging or recreational space. Enclose just a portion of the sides and ends, or leave it fully open, and you have fresh air with a roof over your head. That means shade on a hot summer day and rain protection from that pop up shower so you can be outside more and entertain like a pro.

We make it easy to tailor your steel carport or garage for your residential lounging and recreational needs. Our product line even includes some portable options if you need to take your shade and rain protection on the road with you.

Perfect for Commercial Use

If you need more workspace, a steel building may be the answer. The cost per square foot is lower than other types of construction, and the structure goes up faster.  Simply install a new steel carport or garage and don’t let lack of floor space limit your business’s growth.

If you plan on occupying your new steel building, you will need to insulate and provide an HVAC system. To insulate, you will need to install studs and insulation, followed by drywall or other interior finish. Your new building is then ready for climate control and you can outfit the new space for manufacturing operations, inventory storage, or even office space.

A new metal building from Carports and More is cost effective way to provide the space needed to grow your business. Our prices include installation and delivery and a steel carport or garage can be installed quicker than alternative construction methods.

Energy employs about one quarter of all working Oklahomans, directly and indirectly, and that involves equipment, truck fleets, and supplies. That also means there is a need for pump houses, relay stations, maintenance sheds, and other secondary or utility buildings.

The same is true for communication companies and other utilities with equipment distributed around the state. A secure, remote metal building is an easy way to solve your utility and secondary structure needs.

A metal building from Carports and More can be customized as a garage for a fleet of trucks or a local warehouse to hold supplies and inventory. The cost to install one of our steel buildings is significantly less than other forms of conventional construction and the construction time is shorter, which makes it easy to add those additional structures for your operation.

If you run a restaurant, roadside attraction, or other entertainment oriented business, covered outdoor space is often needed for customers to dine or lounge. Or maybe you just want a spot for employees to take a relaxing break.

A steel carport can provide shelter in these cases that does not break the bank. Protection from the hot sun, rain, hail, snow, etc. is always there when you need it. Plus, it sends a message to potential patrons and employees you are serious about them.

Carports and More can provide a customized carport to meet your business needs and enhance your public image. Plus, we install it for you, too, at a fair price.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Carport in Oklahoma

Plan for Temperamental Weather

Oklahoma is windy place. It’s just the way it is. But it also means that you might want to consider increasing the wind resistance of your new metal building by opting for a few choices when planning your new steel carport or garage.

As mentioned earlier, anchoring over grass, dirt, gravel, asphalt, or similar surfaces can be beefed up by choosing to install some mobile home anchors, which we offer as an option. The mobile home anchors can withstand higher pull-out forces than the standard rebar pin anchors.

Another consideration is the building frame. We offer a 14 gauge frame standard, but you can opt for a 12 gauge frame which is approximately 20% stronger. (Please note, the wall thickness of the tubular framing is thicker with the 12 gauge frame even the width of the tube is sligher less than the 14 gauge framing.)

Oklahoma Does Have Flood Prone Areas

When you mention the word flooding, The Sooner State is not necessarily the first place that comes to mind. But there are places where flooding is an issue, for example  towns along the Arkansas River. In locales with a risk of inundation, it may impact what you need to do when installing a steel carport or garage.

Some towns have requirements that your carport or garage floor must be higher than the road and drainage must be away from the building. But you also may have to install flood vents (the description of what they are and how they work can be found here).

In short, these vents allow the free passage of flood water to and from the interior of the building. This equalizes the pressure between the exterior and interior, which eliminates and/or minimizes flood damage. In some cases, proper use of flood vents also lowers your insurance rates.

So, be sure to check if you are in a flood prone area and comply with all of your local building code flood mitigation requirements. If your town requires flood vents, be sure to install them.

Oklahoma Town Construction Requirements Vary Appreciably

Because of the size and varying terrain in Oklahoma, the individual town requirements vary quite a bit, from flooding concerns to size limitations. A visit to your town offices or website is a good idea to help you understand what the town expects of anyone installing a metal carport or garage.

In Oklahoma, you are required to comply with town and county requirements when installing a steel shed, carport, or garage. For example in some towns, only buildings over 200 square feet require a permit. Or the the width allowed for a carport may be limited (e.g. 30 feet wide maximum). And some places only allow one carport per residence.

It is very important to apply for a permit, if required, and that you  consult with your local building officials to ensure you know and comply with the town’s requirements. Failure to do so can result in fines, town ordered repairs or modifications, or condemnation and demolition of the structure.


Carports and More covers Oklahoma with the ability to ship, deliver and assemble metal carports all over the state. All of the metal car port and building prices quoted below include delivery and installation.

We are your go-to source for affordable metal and soft-sided sheds, carports, and steel buildings and make it a simple, easy process for you to obtain yours. After ordering your new structure, we determine a delivery date, agreeable with you. All you need to do is meet us on site at the arranged time. We do the rest, fast and easy.

Permitting and Land Usage

All fifty states have permit and land use regulations. Depending on where you live and the design of your metal carport, you may be required to obtain permits before you can install your new steel building.

Keep in mind that development standards vary by city and county, so be sure to check with local building and planning authorities before installing a steel building.

You must comply with all the requirements in your particular town and county and it is imperative that you obtain the proper permits in advance. If you fail to do so, you could be fined, or worse, ordered to renovate or demolish the building.

General information on the building code and city/county permit requirements can be found on the Oklahoma Uniform Building Code Commission.