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Portable Canopies Sold in Several Sizes and Styles

Portable Canopies Sold in Several Sizes and Styles

Portable canopies are some of the most versatile products we sell. They can be used for all kinds of outdoor applications, and the wide variety of sizes and styles we offer ensures you’ll be able to find a mobile tent that fits your needs.

But we also understand that most of our customers have a portable shade canopy budget, which is why we offer the best prices on transportable outdoor tents.

In addition, every portable canopy purchase includes free delivery and installation.

Be sure to browse our entire selection of moveable canopies, and contact us directly if you have specific questions about the sun shelters we stock. We’ll help you figure out exactly what size you require for what you’re looking to cover, and which material you should select.

Affordable Sun Shelters With Valuable Add-on Features

Compared with other structures, moveable canopies are extremely cost-effective, mainly due to their lightweight construction.

However, that doesn’t mean that our compact tents aren’t durable shelters. In fact, the frames, which make up the legs, on our portable canopies are made entirely of galvanized steel.

As for the roof covers, most are made of a polyester-based fabric that’s water repellant and uv resistant, and some are completely waterproof. This makes our selection of steel sun shelters suitable for all types of weather conditions, including rain, snow and extreme heat.

In addition, a large canopy has more frame ribs, adding stability and durability.

But, no matter what your portable canopy budget is, you can depend on us to supply you with a high-quality, durable sun shelter at a price you can afford.

Portable Canopies Are Easy and Fast to Set Up

Perhaps the biggest advantage of purchasing portable canopies is that you can easily assemble, disassemble and store them. It doesn’t require any contractors or experienced construction workers. All you have to do is take apart the frame and fold up the roof cover.

This makes transportable tents ideal if you’re looking for a temporary canopy solution.

Whether you need something for your vacation home or you require a seasonal shelter for your permanent residence, compact canopies are the most convenient to build, tear down and put away in storage.

Choose Between Two Outdoor Sun Shelter Frames

You’re not limited to only one type of portable canopy either; most of our mobile sun shelters are available in two distinct steel frame styles: Max AP (all-purpose) and Super Max.

The difference between the two frame styles is the width of the steel they’re made of; the Max AP poles are 1⅜ inches thick while the Super Max poles are right at 2 inches thick.

Portable canopies made with super max poles increase your sun shelter’s ability to withstand inclement weather. However, if where you live experiences extremely bad weather conditions, such as heavy amounts of snow, you should consider buying a metal carport or building a metal garage.

In addition, a more heavy duty steel frame will increase your compact tent’s lifespan.

Our largest sun shelter tents, which are all 30-feet wide and range between 30- and 50-feet long, are made with Ultra Max frames that are 2⅜ inches thick.

Pick an Outdoor Portable Canopy Tent Cover Designed for Your Needs

But the frames aren’t the only thing we allow you to customize; we allow you to pick from several cover variations, based on what you require.

The portable canopy covers we offer can be boiled down to three variations:

  1. Extension kits
  2. Enclosure kits
  3. Screen kits

Adding an extension kit to your sun shelter allows you to not only increase how many square feet it is; it gives you the ability to transform the layout of your outdoor portable canopy tent.

This is especially handy if you want to set up different areas within your compact sun shelter. For events, that could mean different styles of tables in each space, for example.

Enclosure kits, on the other hand, do exactly what you would expect: they allow you to enclose your portable shade canopy. They basically provide sidewalls for your compact tent.

This provides additional protection from the elements, whether you’re using your sun shelter for an event or simply using it to cover one of your vehicles.

The final add-on feature for portable canopy covers is screen kits, which are see-through vents that create walls around the outside of your mobile tent, but without obstructing the view.

A screen kit is perfect if you’re planning an outdoor event in an area that’s heavily bug-infested. Your guests will thank you for keeping flies, gnats and mosquitos out of the tent.

Our Extensive Supply of Sun Shelters Makes It Easy for You to Find the Right One for Your Needs

Despite the fact portable canopies are some of our most affordable temporary shelter solutions, they’re extremely adaptable and can be fit to meet the needs of just about any situation.

That includes both residential and commercial applications. In fact, if you require multiple portable canopies, you can even purchase them from us in bulk.

Temporary Sun Shelters for Events and Gatherings

One of the most common ways to use lightweight portable canopies is for events.

These are perfect for companies who rent out mobile portable tents; stock up on moveable outdoor tents in a wide variety of sizes in order to attract more customers.

If you end up hosting your family reunion every year, it would be well worth investing in a portable canopy tent for the annual gathering in order to keep everyone cool and dry outside.

The same goes for organizations that host events regularly, whether it’s annually, quarterly or monthly. A mobile sun shelter is easy to put up, take down, and stow away until the next event.

Outdoor Portable Car Canopies for All Vehicle Types

Customers also buy mobile sun shelters to use as portable car canopies.

But don’t mistake these covers for simple, one-car portable carport canopies; with the wide range of sizes we stock, you’ll be able to find a sun shelter for all types of vehicles, including boats, motorcycles, ATVs and tractors.

Forget buying tarps for different types of vehicles; our canopies are the perfect solution if you own more than one. Do you need to cover boat and a couple ATVs? Not a problem; we stock compact garage canopies in several different dimensions. Just make sure you know how much area you need to cover and what clearance height you’ll require before placing your order.

In addition, a portable, lightweight car canopy can be tremendously useful for car lots and dealerships. They’ll protect your vehicles from the elements, and provide cover for customers.

And, if your business is seasonal, you won’t find a better deal than a portable sun shelter.

Boat lots, for example, are only open a few months out of the year in some regions. But with a portable outdoor canopy, you’ll be able to provide shelter for your boats during peak season.
This will not only keep your boats from being damaged; it will help them retain their value.

Portable Pop up Canopies Made for Accessibility and Convenience

Another function of mobile sun shelters is pop up canopies. Although these are still portable canopy tents, they have some different design features.

First off, pop-up canopies are, generally, smaller than many other sun shelters — in terms of both square feet and the frame. This makes them extremely mobile.

In general, customers who buy a portable pop-up canopy are looking for a sun shelter to take with them to the beach or to summer sporting events to provide shade.

But a pop up canopy is also an excellent addition to a back porch or backyard. And they’re so easy to assemble and disassemble that you can often use them on a day-to-day basis.

Our Portable Canopy Payment Options

The transportable sun shelters we sell can be paid for three ways: upfront, a finance plan or rent-to-own payment plan.

If you pay for your portable canopy upfront, you’ll only need to put down 10 percent of the total value the day you place your order. The remaining balance is not due until it arrives.

But, if you’re trying to stay within a specific sun shelter budget and would prefer a more conservative payment approach, we’re happy to help you set up a finance plan that satisfies your portable canopy spending, while also ensuring you get the compact tent you need.

The third and final payment plan is rent to own. It works like this: you pay a monthly rental fee until you’ve covered the total cost of the portable sun shade canopy you purchased, at which point you’re the owner.

It’s very similar to financing a mobile sun shelter, but with the added benefit of being able to opt out of the portable outdoor canopy you’re renting.

That means if at any point you decide you’re not happy with your purchase, or you simply want to switch your portable canopy tent with another one, it’s not an issue.

If you’re looking to buy a moveable sun shelter, or if you have specific questions about the compact canopy tents we sell, please contact us today.