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3 Problems All Owners Face with Portable Carports for Sale and How to Solve Them

A portable carport is a structure that is designed to give some degree of shelter to motor vehicles. This structure usually consists of a frame across which a cover is placed to provide shade for the trailers, boats, vans, cars, and other means of transportation that may be parked under it. We are the experts, and vehicle owners all over the world have come to rely on our advice on how to cope with these 3 major problems:

1. Can Termites eat my portable carport?
Steel portable carports are the most popular and generally the most prudent, although you can also find wood, vinyl and sometimes aluminum portable carports. Steel is the cheapest and longest-lasting option. It’s termite-proof and is unappealing to all pests. Steel portable carports are also fire resistant and need almost no maintenance.

2. My portable carport is hard to set up and take down!
One of the nice features of our portable carports is the ease with which they can be constructed. You can set it up on bare ground or a concrete base. No special tools are needed. Best of all, your purchase price includes free installation: we will put it up for you anywhere in the US once you order from us.

3. Portable carports take away from the value of my home.
Portable Carports should add curb appeal to your home, because future buyers don’t want to think about getting wet from the car to the house and vice versa. Our portable carports are visually appealing, plus they are easier and cheaper to put up than a garage. Also, you don’t have to sell the house with it if you don’t want to: we offer softsided DIY kits that are as easy to dismantle as they are to put up.

Portable carports protect from elements and UV rays from the sun can wreak havoc on a vehicle’s exterior. It will get dirtier, lose color, and show the signs of aging much faster than if it was sheltered. Get a portable carport for your vehicle, especially if your home does not come with a garage. It will extend the life of your car, since it will be protected from the forces of nature. A portable carport might even save you money on your insurance.