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Portable Carports

Buy a High-quality Portable Carport for Your Home or Business at a Great Price

We offer the best prices on portable shelters of all sizes. No matter what your compact carport budget is, we’ll help you design a structure with all the features you require.

Our temporary carports can be customized for a wide variety of uses, including covers for vehicles and outdoor lawn and gardening equipment, as well as transportable shelters for outdoor spaces.

We also bundle into all our portable carport prices free delivery and installation for all our steel options at no additional charge; the price you’re quoted in our Carport and Garage Builder is the price you pay.

And, if you have any questions about our compact shelter options, or if you’re looking to design a lightweight car port that includes features not available in our builder, our experienced sales team is available to assist you every step of the way.

Benefits of Buying Portable Metal Carports

First and foremost, because portable carports are built as moveable shelters, they’re typically more cost effective.

Portable carports are also ideal for temporary use because they’re easier to disassemble and reassemble than permanent shelters, which are typically made with bulkier and heavier materials.

In addition, permanent carports are often secured to concrete or asphalt slabs or directly to the ground using mobile home anchors, making them especially difficult to disassemble.

So, if you require a moveable shelter – or you want to keep that option available – a  transportable carport makes the most sense.

Another key advantage of our portable shelters is that they’re extremely customizable. We allow you to select the size, color, roof design, frame gauge thickness and add sides and gables ends.

Easily Customize a Temporary Carport for Residential and Commercial Applications

There are all kinds of ways to utilize a portable shelter, but three stand out due to practicality and popularity: compact car covers, mobile lawn and gardening equipment covers and lightweight outdoor shelters.

Generally, temporary car ports designed for commercial use, such as farm equipment storage, are larger than short-term shelters made for residential uses. Our online builder allows you to design portable carports up to 30 feet wide and up to 61 feet long.

If your transportable shelter requires larger dimensions, please contact our sales team directly.

If you are buying a portable shelter for your commercial property, we offer 12 colors to choose from, allowing you to select the color that most closely aligns with your brand standards.

You’re also able to customize the style of roof for your portable carport.

There are some instances that may require you to purchase a more durable roof for your compact shelter. For example, if you’re in an area that receives a lot of snow, or if where you’re located regularly experiences windy conditions.

An A-frame vertical roof offers the best value because it’s more resistant to extreme weather conditions.

Our standard roof design is our most cost-effective option for our compact carports, and an A-frame horizontal falls in between the standard and A-frame vertical roof style in terms of both durability and cost. All three roof styles are made of the same 29-gauge steel.

If where you’re located doesn’t require your carport to withstand specific wind speeds or snow loads, you should be able to design a high-quality, mobile shelter with a standard roof.

Another way to reduce the cost of your compact car port is to opt for a 14-gauge galvanized steel frame for your portable carport instead of a 12-gauge frame. When steel is galvanized, it’s coated with zinc in order to help prevent rusting.

However, if you want maximize the lifespan of your lightweight shelter, you should choose the 12-gauge steel frame, as it’s about 20 percent stronger and is better equipped to withstand rust and corrosion.

Ultimately, the features you decide to include and not include on your transportable shelter is based on where you’re located and how you plan to use your portable metal carport.

Also, keep in mind that you can always repurpose your portable shelter. For example, if you initially use your portable carport to cover a boat, you could eventually repurpose it for lawn and gardening equipment storage space and move it if you ever sold the boat.

Portable Car Covers and Compact Shelters

One of the most common uses for metal carports is a portable car or truck cover, or a mobile shelter for any other type of vehicle, including recreational vehicles, campers, boats, ATVs and motorcycles.

The number one factor to consider when building a portable shelter is the size, including the width, the length and the height. If you’re looking to only cover cars, the length and width are the most important measurements, and those are based on the number of cars you need to cover.

The standard sizes for portable car covers are as follows:

  • Single-car garages: 12 feet wide
  • Two-car garages: 18 to 24 feet wide
  • Three-car garages: 26 to 30 feet wide

If, however, you’re planning to cover taller vehicles, such as boats, RVs or campers, you’ll need to add taller legs to your portable car port. The tallest legs we offer through our online builder are 12 feet, but we can accommodate heights greater than that.

In addition, we make it easy for you to add on to your portable shelter; sidewalls and gable ends are both simple additions that will provide additional protection from the elements.

In terms of commercial usage, portable car covers are great for car dealerships to keep vehicles sheltered. They also provide shade during the summer for people who are car shopping.

Lawn and Gardening Equipment Covers

Using a portable shelter to cover your lawn and gardening equipment will protect it from severe weather, including rain and snow, as well as protection from harmful uv rays.

The wide range of sizes we offer makes it easy for you to design a portable carport for only a few pieces of small outdoor equipment, such as push and riding lawn mowers, wheelbarrows, dump carts and snow blowers, or larger equipment, like tractors and trailers.

For commercial applications, flower shops with outdoor space can benefit greatly from a temporary shelter. In addition, hardware stores that sell lawn and gardening equipment can also use portable shelters to keep outdoor inventory covered.

Portable Carports Make Excellent Moveable Outdoor Shelters

A lot of people buy portable carports to use as mobile outdoor shelters.

A portable shelter is especially useful for parks and outdoor event spaces. They provide an excellent source of shade during the summer and shelter if it rains. The last thing you want to worry about is bad weather ruining an event.

Not only that, but the fact portable carports are so easy to transport around are especially valuable for larger outdoor areas.

For example, if you purchase a portable shelter for a park, you could easily use it for one event in the morning, and then move it to another location for an event in the afternoon. The same goes for event spaces; you could easily arrange multiple compact carports for different events.

Buy a Portable Carport Kit and Assemble Your Own Mobile Shelter

Although all our portable shelter prices include free delivery and installation, we give you the option to order a portable carport kit, which requires you to handle the assembly. Our portable carport kits include a discount of up to 10 percent, depending on your location.

There are a couple of reasons you may want to install your own portable shelter. Maybe you would prefer to oversee the installation process yourself. Or, perhaps you have a contractor you’ve worked with in the past and you want them to install your carport for you.

Buying a Carports Kit Requires You to Adhere to Permitted Plans

One important thing to note about installing your own portable carport kit: you have to make sure it aligns with your local development standards.

If you’re required to have a permit for your portable shelter, we can send you the plans. But, whereas our experienced team will make sure your compact carport is installed according to the permitted plans, the responsibility falls to you if you assemble it yourself.

Regardless of how you plan to assemble your car port, buying a portable carport kit is the best option if you want complete control over the installation process. And, just like all our temporary shelters, carport kits always include free shipping and delivery.

Portable Shelter Prices and Payment Options

We not only offer great prices on portable carports and mobile shelters, we provide multiple ways for you to pay for your order.

You can use our standard payment method, which requires only a 10 percent deposit the day of your purchase, or you can finance or rent-to-own your moveable carport.

If you choose to go the finance route, we’ll set you up with a budget-friendly installment plan, giving you additional time to cover the total cost of your portable carport.

We also allow customers to set up a rent-to-own plan, which works similarly to financing your temporary carport, but without taking on the responsibility of owning a compact shelter.

If you have any questions about our mobile carports for sale, please contact us today.

How much are portable carports?

All the portable carports we have for sale are at cost-effective prices. In fact, our prices are cheaper than what you would pay the manufacturer directly. On top of that, you’ll have access to our excellent support staff to help sort out any issues related to your order.

How to build a large portable carports?

When you think of a portable carport, you probably think of a small, compact design. But you can build a large portable carport too, as long as it’s designed the right way. For anyone looking to disassemble, reassemble or move their portable carports, we’ll provide detailed instructions that will make it easy for you to do it yourself.

How to secure a portable shelter?

To secure a portable shelter, you attach it to a surface using anchors. These anchors, which vary based on surface type, will keep your metal carport from moving.

How to anchor a portable shelter?

Anchoring a portable shelter varies based on surface type. When you order a portable carport from Carports and More, you’ll have the chance to choose anchors made for a wide range of surfaces, including concrete, dirt, gravel and grass, as well as asphalt.