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Customized Metal Portable Sheds For Sale

Portable Sheds for Sale at Great Rates in Both Metal and Fabric Designs

Portable sheds can be designed for a wide variety of applications, including outdoor storage space, shelters for livestock and detached recreation rooms.

To ensure you’re able to find the portable shed that fits your needs, we sell mobile metal sheds and others made of tough, quality fabric that stretches over a steel frame.

All our portable cabins include delivery and installation at no additional cost. However, we offer discounts of up to 10 percent to any customer who would prefer to assemble their own sheds.

Start designing your own custom portable metal shed using our Carport and Garage Builder, or browse our selection of fabric portable outdoor sheds for sale.

Advantages of Portable Sheds vs Permanent Sheds

There are several advantages of buying a portable shed versus building an immobile structure.

First off, portable sheds are much less cumbersome than permanent structures, making them easier to assemble, disassemble and move. This feature makes them ideal if you need a lightweight outdoor shed for only part of the year, or if you require a mobile shed.

In addition, if you buy one of our portable sheds made of fabric, you’ll be able to easily store it; the fabric cover can be folded up and stowed away until you’re ready to use it again.

Another benefit of purchasing a fabric portable shed is that they’re priced lower than metal portable sheds. However, they do not have the same customization options.

Transportable Metal Sheds Offer Extensive Design Options

If you opt for a portable metal cabin, you’ll have a lot more versatility in designing your structure. We allow you to easily customize the dimensions, roof style, frame gauge thickness, metal siding and end walls, and add any doors and windows you’ll require — most have wall height requirements.

Whether you’re looking to design a fully enclosed outdoor shed or a portable loafing shed, our advanced customization options make it easy to include all the features you need.

Compact Cabins Provide Extra Storage for a Wide Variety of Uses

Storage sheds are one of the most common uses for lightweight outdoor cabins, whether they’re made of metal or fabric. But they can be used in a lot of other ways.

If designed properly, they make great loafing sheds. They also make great detached recreation rooms, which can be used as portable tool sheds.

Reduce the Clutter in Your Home by Using a Portable Storage Shed

Portable outdoor garden sheds are capable of completely covering your outdoor lawn equipment, ranging from riding lawn mowers to simple shovels and rakes.

Or, if you’re simply looking for something to keep your stock of firewood dry, we have small portable storage sheds made of fabric for sale, which are priced at more cost-effective rates.

Another great use for fabric portable storage sheds, which range from 6 to 12 feet wide, is protecting small vehicles, such as ATVs and motorcycles.

Portable outdoor sheds work well for temporary storage as well. If you have a vacation home, for example, you may require some sort of outdoor cabin for a boat or an RV for only part of the year. In that case, a portable storage shed is your best option.

Not only that, but our lightweight metal shed kits span a wide range of sizes capable of covering nearly any vehicle, whether it’s a car, truck, recreational vehicle or a boat. Online, you can create a barn up to 30 feet wide and 61 feet long.

If you require a larger portable shed, please contact us directly and one of our sales representatives will help you design a mobile shed that meets all your requirements

However, depending on the development standards in your area, you may be required to obtain a building permit to install a portable shed. Typically, larger structures must adhere to more regulations, whereas smaller structures may not require any permitting to set up.

But, regardless of how you design your portable shed, we can always supply you with detailed plans to present to your local development authorities to ensure your mobile cabin is compliant with all local development standards.

Provide Shelter for Livestock and More With Portable Loafing Sheds

You’re not limited to fully enclosed portable metal barns; you can easily design a portable loafing shed as well.

This style of portable storage shed is commonly used for horses. Whether you own only a couple horses for personal use, or you’re in the equestrian industry and require portable horse sheds capable of housing several horses, we can supply loafing sheds to fit your needs.

In addition, you can easily use portable loafing sheds to store other livestock, or farming materials and equipment, including hay, tractors and tractor add-ons and accessories.

Design a Detached Compact Shed for Recreation or Work

One of the most attractive features of portable cabins is that they are completely detached, providing you with a space for activities you typically wouldn’t want to do in your home.

For example, they make a great portable tool sheds, providing you with a workshop where you can get away with being noisy and messy. You can also completely enclose lightweight barns, allowing you to regulate the temperature, and easily add walk-in and roll-up doors.

It doesn’t even require a lot of space to set up a great workshop inside a portable tool shed. A 10×10, or 100 square foot shed, the smallest we offer online, provides enough room for all the following:

  • One workbench (96” long x 25” deep)
  • One miter saw table (33” long x 23.75” wide)
  • One set of sawhorses (27.69” long x 17” wide)
  • Four tool chests (28” long x 18” wide)
  • Two stools (15” wide x 15” deep)\
  • Two freestanding shelves (48” wide x 18” deep)
  • Two hanging shelves (40” wide x 12” deep)
  • Two freestanding cabinets (28” wide x 18” deep)
  • One garbage bin (28.5” long x 23” wide)
  • One 14-gallon shop vacuum (20” long x 16.25” wide)
  • One sink (22” wide x 30.5” deep)

You also can set up a backyard gym shed; just fully enclose it so you can keep it cool inside, and install it on a concrete or asphalt slab that will absorb any heavy weights hitting the ground.

For families, a portable shed makes an excellent playhouse, or even a game room with the addition of a pool table, ping pong table, air hockey table, or any other games that require a lot of space to play.

If you opt to install a pool table in your mobile shed, you’ll need to make sure you provide enough space around the table so it does not interfere with your enjoyment of the game. For a standard 8-foot pool table, you’ll want a portable shed that’s at least 13 feet, 4 inches by 17 feet.

Portable Sheds For Sale Made with Heavy-duty Fabric

We also offer fabric portable outdoor sheds for sale in heavy-duty designs. These cabins range from 8- to 12-feet wide, and are available in two metal roof styles: peaked and rounded.

Portable heavy-duty sheds designed with a gable roof are similar to what you would see on most houses; the roof rises from both sides of the barn and peak in the center of the roof.

The rounded roof style is shaped like a tunnel; the walls of the shed rise up at a slight angle and the roof forms a semicircle shape.

Both the peaked and rounded roof-style portable sheds include several features that offer increased durability compared with a shingle roof, such as:

  • A rust- and corrosion-resistant, all-steel Dupont thermoset with a baked on powder-coated finish
  • A patent-pending ShelterLock Stabilizer Block on every rib connection, ensuring the frame is secure and stable
  • A Ratchet Tite Tension System and Easy-glide Sliding Cross Rails that keep the cover tight across the entirety of the metal frame
  • Commercial-grade, advanced engineered polyethylene fabric that’s been UV treated on the outside and inside, and an ultra heavy-duty PVC cover
  • Steel foot plates that provide easy and secure anchoring to all types of surfaces, including a cement pad, a concrete slab, gravel and even pony walls

Although our heavy-duty portable sheds offer better protection from extreme weather, if you live in an area that receives a significant amount of snow, you may be required to install a portable metal shed that meets specific snow load standards.

Contact your local development officials to find out what the specific requirements are in your area, and we’ll help make sure your moveable shed is up to par.

Portable Shed Prices and Payment Options

There are three ways you can pay for your portable shed: up front, financing or rent to own.
When you pay up front for your cabin, you only pay 10 percent the day you place your order.

If you choose to finance your portable shed, we’ll set you up with an installation plan that will allow you to make payments based on your budget toward the total cost of your shed.

The final payment method, rent to own, works very similarly to financing a portable shed; you’ll make regular payments toward the total purchase cost of the barn until it’s paid for.

One of the primary benefits of renting to own is that you can opt out of buying your shed at any point during the rental process. So, if there’s something you don’t like about your rental shed, you can easily adjust its design and start a new rent-to-own payment plan.

If you have any questions about the portable sheds we sell, or you have specific design requirements that are not available on our website, please contact us to speak with one of our customer service reps.