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Steel Building Prices

Flexible Steel Building Prices Based on Customized Designs

We offer cost-effective prices on prefabricated steel buildings that can easily be adjusted during the design phase to ensure you get the most out of your budget. Not only that, but we make sure you get the best deal possible by covering the shipping cost, as well as offering free installation.

With our extensive customization options, you have complete control over which features are included in your steel building price. And with the right design, you can add to your building in the future.

Keep reading to find out all our customization options, how those options impact our steel building prices and see starting rates for all our best-selling sizes.

We Help You Maximize Your Steel Building’s Value

How you design your building comes down to how you plan to use it. If, for example, you need to fit several vehicles inside, it needs to be big enough to fit them all and have enough doors.

But there are other factors you’ll need to consider as well, such as where you’re located. We recommend specific materials and designs to customers who live in areas with harsh winters.

Ultimately, pre-engineered steel building rates are based on the features you choose to include. And, while some cost more than others, those materials will add to your steel building’s value.

In the end, a building cost less when it’s made of steel than when it’s made of other materials, such as wood, and the overall construction cost is significantly lower.

However, the flexibility of these features satisfies steel buildings budgets on both ends of the spectrum. Not only that, but there are some features you can opt out of initially and add on later.

We Make Steel Building Purchases Simple and Easy

Our prefabricated steel building prices are based on several factors, including size, roof style, frame type, and other add-on components, such as doors and windows.

The first step is to determine your steel building’s dimensions; you can design sizes ranging from 10×10 feet to 30×61 feet using our carport and garage builder. We are, however, able to accommodate dimensions outside of that range.

Buildings made of prefab steel on the smaller end of the spectrum work great for storing lawn and gardening tools, or even recreation equipment, like bicycles and athletic gear.

Larger structures make great farm buildings for storing large-scale vehicles, such as tractors and commercial-grade mowers.

For steel building pricing information for other sizes, contact our sales team.

The next step in purchasing a pre-engineered building made of steel is figuring out which roof style you need.

The Roof Style is a Key Part of Buying a Steel Building

There are a couple of things to consider when you’re deciding which roof style to go with. The most important is where you live; for areas that receive heavy amounts of snow every year, we recommend an A-frame vertical roof. We also allow you to adjust the roof pitch, if necessary.

If you live in an area with more moderate weather, a steel building with one of our other two roof styles, standard and A-frame horizontal, should be durable enough.

The other aspect of the roof you should consider is its aesthetics. An A-frame vertical roof is not only the most durable roof style; it’s also the most stylish. It includes trim on all four eaves, it’s flush on both ends and includes a ridge cap.

An A-frame horizontal roof shares some features with the A-frame vertical roof style, but it does not have a ridge cap and there’s a six-inch overhang on both ends. The standard roof has trim on the front and back and it has a six-inch overhang on both ends.

The standard and A-frame horizontal roof styles are ideal if you have a specific steel building budget you’re trying to stay within, as they are more cost-effective than the A-frame vertical. But, all three roofs are made of the same durable 29-gauge steel.

Steel Building Costs Vary Based on Which Frame You Choose

The frame – like the roof – also determines the durability of your pre-engineered steel building.

You can choose between a 12-gauge and a 14-gauge frame, both of which are made of galvanized steel. When steel is galvanized, it receives a protective zinc coating that helps prevent it from rusting.

The 12-gauge steel is approximately 20 percent stronger than the 14-gauge. The 12-gauge frame also includes a 20-year rust through warranty, making it ideal for customers in coastal areas where steel is more susceptible to rust.

Add Roll-up Doors, Walk-in Doors and Windows

The final components that affect steel building prices are doors and windows – or frameouts.

We can install roll-up doors starting at 6×6 feet, all the way up to 10×10 feet. In terms of walk-in doors, we offer 72-inch and 80-inch options. All our windows measure 30×30 inches.

In place of doors and windows, we can also create frameouts, or cutouts, for where your doors will go. This is especially useful if you’re looking to install a garage door wider than 10 feet.

It’s also a good option if there’s not room in your steel building budget for the doors. With frameouts, you can add doors and windows after it’s already been completed. However, if you go this route, there are certain requirements your original design must meet.

In general, if you want to make a frameout and install a roll-up door, your structure’s height must be at least a foot taller than the door you plan on installing.

Steel Building Price List

In the table below you’ll find prefabricated steel building prices for our most popular sizes. Keep in mind that these are starting rates; certain features and specifications will impact the price.

In addition, where you’re located will impact the price. Development standards, such as the required wind load, vary from state to state, and even between cities and counties.

For this reason, it’s important to reach out to your local planning department and find out if you require a building permit before finalizing your steel building purchase.

We can supply detailed plans for every steel building we sell in order to verify it complies with all local building standards. Just let us know if you need plans for your design.

Common Steel Building Sizes

The steel structures we sell cover a wide range of sizes, but some are more popular than others. Of the sizes we sell, some of the most common dimensions are:

  • 40×60 steel buildings
  • 30×40 steel buildings
  • 40×40 steel buildings

You can easily fit three vehicles in each of those steel building sizes. In terms of entryways, you can fit three 8×7 overhead doors on any side of a 30×40 and 40×40 square foot building, and six 8×7 overhead doors on the longer sides of a 40×60 square foot building.

Our Installation Options Can Reduce Steel Building Expenses

Although all our steel building prices include delivery and installation at no additional cost, we also sell steel building kits, which do not include assembly. Steel building kit prices are discounted up to 10 percent.

For building kits assembled by our team of experienced professionals, all we require is that you be on site the day of delivery to ensure all components are included and that it’s anchored properly. This is especially important if you’ve poured a concrete slab for your building.

Steel Building Payment Plans and Purchasing Options

You can pay for your steel building purchase up front, but we also have financing and rent-to-own payment options available. If you pay up front, you’ll pay only a 10 percent deposit the day you place your order.

If you choose to finance your steel building or go the rent-to-own route, you’ll be able to make installment payments based on your budget until you’ve covered the total steel building cost.