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Storage Shed Prices

Cost-effective Metal Storage Shed Prices Suitable for All Types of Outdoor Uses

Our storage shed pricing makes it easy for you to buy a high-quality storage solution with helpful add-on features at an affordable price.

The real value of a steel storage shed is that it offers the best durability compared with structures made of other materials, such as wood or vinyl, ensuring everything inside is protected from harsh weather.

And, with all the customization options we offer, you can easily add a variety of other features that will help you organize everything you store in your shed while also providing easy access.

Keep reading to find out all the ways you can customize your building and learn more about how those options affect our storage shed pricing.

Ways to Use Detached Steel Storage Sheds

The average homeowner will eventually run out of storage space in their homes. If not, you likely own other items you would prefer to store outside. In either case, a metal shed is the perfect way to create extra space.

Features to consider for outdoor sheds include roll-up doors – especially if you’re planning to store large equipment, such as a lawnmower – and walk-in doors for easy access. Doors will not only add functionality, it also will increase the value of your storage shed.

Steel Storage Shed Rates Are Based on Their Design

The dimensions, the type of roof and frame you choose and adding doors and windows all affect storage shed purchase prices. Fortunately, we offer options for carport budgets of all ranges.

In order to get the most value out of your storage shed purchase, you need to think about all the different ways you plan to use it, which features you’ll require, and what your budget is.

Roofs for Any Storage Shed Budget

One of the most important factors to consider for a shed is the roof. A high-quality roof improves the overall value of a storage shed, and ensures whatever is stored inside remains in good condition.

We offer three different roof styles:

  • Standard: trim on the front and back eaves and a six-inch overhang on each end.
  • A-frame horizontal: trim on all four eaves and a six-inch overhang on each end.
  • A-frame vertical: trim on all four eaves, flush on each end, and includes a ridge cap.

We recommend the A-frame vertical roof style if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, but it’s also the most visually appealing roof style. Due to its aesthetic appeal and durability, an A-frame vertical roof style adds the most value to your storage shed.

However, if you’re not worried about how your storage shed looks, or if you live in an area that rarely receives snow, our standard and A-frame horizontal roof styles are both high-quality alternatives for just about any storage shed budget.

Storage Shed Rates Vary Based on Which Frame You Require

The biggest factor that determines the structure of your metal storage shed is the frame.

We offer two options: a 12-gauge steel frame made of and a 14-gauge steel frame. The 12-gauge frame is approximately 20 percent stronger than the 14-gauge frame.

For that reason, steel storage shed prices are higher if the frame is upgraded to 12-gauge steel, but both 14-gauge and 12-gauge frames are made of galvanized steel.

But a stronger steel frame offers better durability and makes a more valuable storage shed. And if you live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions, such as snow or strong winds, a more durable frame may be the way to go.

A stronger frame may also be useful if you’re wanting to build additional shelves inside your storage shed or mount a storage rack. Garden sheds, especially, benefit from installing shelves and racks; they help you use your storage space efficiently and keep your equipment organized.

But that’s just one of many types of sheds you can design. You can also design a metal storage shed for all kinds of recreation equipment, such as bicycles and camping gear, and even athletic gear.

A sturdier frame will help you make the most of your storage shed budget because you’re investing in a stronger shed that’s capable of supporting those components instead of more square footage.

Purchase a Storage Shed That Offers Convenience and Accessibility

Adding doors and windows to the metal side panels is one of the more difficult parts of designing a storage shed because you need to have an idea of how everything will be arranged inside.

For example, if you’re going to store a lawn mower in your metal storage shed, you’ll need a roll-up door in order to pull it in and out. In order to add a roll-up door, your structure must be at least seven feet tall.

And if you’re planning to store other items in the shed, you’ll need to make sure they’re also accessible – either by another roll-up door or a walk-in door.

You likely don’t want a windowless building either, and adding windows has two benefits: it makes the building more attractive and it increases the value of a storage shed.

Another option, which reduces storage shed prices, is to request frameouts — or cutouts — in place of doors and windows. You always can come back and add doors and windows later, or install them yourself.

Frameouts are your best option if you want to add special custom doors or double doors.

Our Metal Storage Shed Pricing Sheet

Storage shed prices fluctuate based on all the factors already mentioned on this page. But there’s one thing to note: adding length to the building does not always increase the price.

This is key if you have a specific storage shed budget, as it will help you maximize your purchase and help you get the most square footage for what you’re able to spend.

For example, a 10×10 shed essentially cost the same as a 10×20, as long as the width stays at 10 feet and all other features, including the roof, frame, doors and windows, remain the same.


Not only do carport prices vary based on their size and features; they also vary by location because there are different development standards in every state and even within individual municipalities and counties.

Make sure you select the correct state in the Carport and Garage Builder and contact your local planning department if you have specific questions about the garage you’re looking to buy. If you need us to certify your purchased garage for permitting purposes, we can provide plans.

Commonly Purchased Storage Shed Sizes

You can design a metal storage shed to be as large as you want, but a lot of the time, people try to limit the size to less than 200 square feet.

When you purchase a shed that’s 200 square feet, you’re buying a storage shed that’s nearly the size of a standard, one-car garage.

More specifically, most people buy storage sheds in the following sizes:

  • A 10×10 storage shed
  • A 10×12 storage shed
  • A 10×14 storage shed

Those buildings are 100, 120 and 140 square feet, respectively.

If designed properly, purchasing a storage shed that’s 100 square feet is large enough to store a wide variety of gardening and lawn equipment, including lawn mowers, push mowers, dump carts and general gardening tools.

In fact, in a 10×10 garage, you should have no problem fitting all of the following items, based on the dimensions in parentheses:

  • Riding lawn mower (72.75” long x 45” wide)
  • Snow blower (48” long x 21” wide)
  • Wheelbarrow (58.75” long x 25.5” wide)
  • Propane grill (52.65” wide x 23.3” deep)
  • Gardening tools (20” wide x 24” deep)
  • Ladder (80” long x 7” deep)
  • Free-standing storage cabinet (28” wide x 18” deep)
  • Garbage bin (28.5” long x 23” wide)
  • Tool box on wheels (28” long x 18” wide)
  • Bicycle (63” long x 23” wide)
  • Work bench (42” long x 20.5” wide)

If you own a riding lawn mower, you’ll need to buy a metal storage shed with a roll-up door or a frameout. And – if you anchor your shed to an asphalt slab – you may want to build a ramp to make it easier to drive your lawn mower in and out of the shed.

How Installation Affects Steel Storage Shed Prices

We also offer great prices on metal storage shed kits for customers who would prefer to handle the construction process on their own or hire their own contractor. And if you choose to go the do-it-yourself route, you’ll receive up to 10 percent off your order.

If you would prefer to have our experienced team members assemble your kit for you, we require someone to be on site the day of delivery and remain on site for the installation of all storage shed kits.

Whether or not you handle the installation, delivery is always included in the final price.

Storage Shed Payment Options

There are three ways to pay for your storage shed: upfront, financing and rent-to-own.

If you pay up front, we require you to put down only a 10 percent deposit the day of your purchase. The rest you can pay once it’s been delivered and installed.

If you would prefer to make storage shed payments over time, we will help you set up an affordable installment plan that will allow you to cover the cost of it over time, instead of paying the total amount all at once.

We also offer you the option to rent a shed and avoid paying potential interest. When the total cost of the storage shed is paid off, you become the owner.

Head to our carport and garage builder page to start your design today. For specific questions about our storage shed prices, please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives.