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Metal Carports in Utah For Residential And Commercial Establishments

Steel Buildings in Utah Made for the Mountains and the Desert

In a mining state rich in copper, gold, silver, zinc and lead, it’s fitting that steel also plays a key role for Utahns — although in a more practical way. Steel buildings in Utah protect vehicles and other belongings and provide usable space for workshops and warehouses.

Carports for sale in Utah from Carports and More have a wide range of different carports you can choose from. Your budget, the décor of your house, any restrictions that might be operative regarding carport installation in your place, and most importantly, your requirements, will define the Utah carport kit you eventually choose.

You might choose to house one car or a fleet of trucks under the carport, it’s your choice. All you need to let us know is the height, width and length of the carport you want and we’ll deliver it to you. Not only do we deliver Utah steel carports; we also install them — for free.

You may even want to think more long term when you design your carport. How do you fancy a solar panel on top of your Utah metal carport? Car ports are now being put to this ingenious use and can now benefit your residential and commercial establishments in more ways than one.

As the largest independent dealers of car ports in the nation, you can be sure that you are dealing with those who are trusted by many other satisfied carport customers around the U.S.

Besides, in recognition of the kind of service we offer and the quality of carports and car port products we deliver, the BBB, has awarded us an “A” rating — all the more reason to do business with us. You order, we deliver, we install. Your car port, your choice, your convenience.

When buying from us, there is no need to worry about getting the exact building you want and need. We offer an online Carport and Garage Builder, a tool where you design and customize your own steel building. You get precisely the building you need, personalized to fit your needs. You can even save your design and come back to it later as you fine-tune the details.

Detailed product information can be found below. But if you would like to speak with a person, contact us and one of our knowledgeable sales representatives will be happy to help.

Call today to find out how easy and affordable it is to make steel buildings in Utah for your home or business a reality.

Metal Carports in Utah We Sell

Our steel buildings in Utah span just about every possible use, ranging from simple car covers to large enclosed structures with walk-in and roll-up doors and windows.

We sell the following styles of steel carports in Utah:

Metal Carports

Steel carports are most commonly used as car covers, but they can also be used as outdoor storage shelters. We sell carport kits, as well, which are designed for do-it-yourself assembly. In addition, we sell RV carports and portable carports, which are compact and easy to move.

Metal Garages

Our steel garages are fully customizable. No matter what size you need, and no matter what features you require, we can help you design a garage to fit your needs. We also sell garage kits, which are a bit easier to install, and portable garages that can easily be moved.

Portable Canopies

Portable canopies can be used in more ways than just about any other products we sell. Their light-weight construction makes them extremely easy to install, take down and even move. Not only that, the wide variety of sun shelter options we stock makes it easy to pick the right one.

Utility Carports, Sheds and Buildings

The biggest selling point of a utility shed is that they’re often designed to include both open and enclosed space — like a carport with storage. We also sell portable sheds, which are mobile, as well as lean-to and loafing sheds, which are partially enclosed utility buildings.

Solar Carports

Not every metal carport vendor sells solar carports. But we do. It’s one of our stand-out products, and it shows we’re a leader in our industry. Solar carports cost more, but they’ll drastically reduce your electric bills and help you recoup your investment over time.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

ADUs, also known as mother-in-law suites and granny flats, are gaining traction throughout the country. They help control rental rates while giving homeowners the opportunity to supplement their income. Although they can be costly, metal ADUs are a great affordable solution.


One of the biggest trends in home building, barndominiums — a combination of “barn” and “condominium” — are houses often built on large plots of land in rural areas. Barn homes are more affordable than houses made of other more costly materials, like brick or stone.


Another home building trend, shouses, or shop houses, are residential structures with a built-in shop. A shouse is also known as a shop with living quarters attached. These home styles are ideal for homeowners who require a place to work, but don’t want to build a detached workshop.

Cold-formed Steel Framing

In addition to metal carports and steel buildings, we sell all kinds of metal building materials, including cold-formed steel framing. We stock purlins, trusses, studs and track framing. These frames can be used to support roofs, load-bearing walls, interior walls and more.

Benefits of Buying Steel Buildings in Utah From Us

Utah Metal carports are firm and strong and can serve every function that a garage can. In addition to being a convenient storage and parking element in your house, they are also much easier to install and uninstall.

This means that should you relocate from one place to another, you can take your Utah portable carport along, something you can’t do with your garage for sure.

And whether you’re looking at carports in Utah for a large farm or a small plot of land in the city, you’ll be happy to know steel buildings in Utah purchased from Carports and More can easily be designed for rural and urban areas, as well as homeowners and business owners.

Carports in Utah for Rural and Urban Areas

The square footage and height requirements of a new steel carport or garage are important since the building needs to hold its contents and function the way you intend.

Make it too small, things get cramped and unusable. Too big, and it may not fit your property — especially if you’re in the city — or blend with its surroundings.

We make it easy to order the size you need. Inside the Carport and Garage Builder, you can go up to 30 feet wide and 61 feet long. But we can go much bigger than that. We can provide carports in Utah of up to a 100-foot clear span and unlimited length, so call us if you need larger.

But don’t forget about the height. We offer leg heights in our builder of up to 12-feet tall.

Whether you want to shelter motorhomes or motorcycles, or need a new workshop, we have metal buildings sized for your needs and can house your vehicles and other belongings, your  workshop, and more in a secure, protected space.

Making steel buildings in Utah work for your needs also involves deciding how you would like to enclose your carport, if at all. Adding gable ends and sidewalls change the look and function of carports in Utah, so it’s an important detail. Carports and More gives you complete freedom to choose how you enclosure your steel shelter or metal garage.

Some people like the open, fresh air that sidewalls and gable ends block, which also allows a carport to double as an outdoor lounging or barbeque area. An open shelter provides shade and rain protection, but keeps things fresh and airy and allows easy access from all sides.

But, if you’re building a workspace, security and climate control are obvious concerns. To meet those needs, you need sides and ends to fully enclose the steel garage or carport.

Only need one to close off one side? Two sides? Three? We can do that, too. The sidewalls and gable ends on steel buildings in Utah can be customized exactly the way you want them.

When sides and ends are installed, you will also need entry points and lights. You can customize this aspect of your steel carport in Utah, too.

We provide walk-in and roll-up doors in a variety of sizes. Our windows are 30 inches by 30 inches. Both the doors and windows can be placed where you need them, between the framing.

Need a door or window sized differently than our offerings? No problem. We can frame out a custom opening so you can install your own doors or windows and get exactly what you want.

The varied terrain in Utah means you need to be able to secure your metal carport or steel building to a wide range of surfaces. Fortunately, all the carports in Utah we sell can be installed on grass, dirt and gravel, as well as asphalt and concrete slabs.

Carports and More uses specialized anchors for installations on concrete pads, and rebar pin anchors for installations done on asphalt, dirt, grass and gravel.

There’s also the option to install mobile home augers. And if you’re installing your steel carport on, dirt, grass, gravel or asphalt, you can use those to provide an extra level of security.

Steel Buildings in Utah Make Great Home Additions

Utah carports prevent damage to your vehicles and belongings caused by the winter snow and blazing summer sun in the Beehive State. Whether you want to shelter a vintage muscle car or an RV, a steel building from Carports and More is an affordable, easy way to protect and prolong the life of cars, trucks, lawnmowers and any other vehicles you own.

You could choose to use Utah carport covers to cover your car. Though traditionally covered only one side or left bare, you could choose to cover all four sides of the car port if you feel like and convert it to a garage (we do it all the time).

Carports are used not only for keeping your vehicles away from the direct onslaught of nature’s elements; they can also be used to store anything you feel like.

Protection for your vehicles and belongings and some extra storage space with a metal building from Carports and More is as easy as ordering online or making a phone call. Contact us today.

A carport or garage is also a cost-effective choice if you need some extra space year round at home. Most homeowners could use a workshop or recreation room for the family. And an enclosed steel carport makes it easy to use the space for the activities of your choice.

There is another benefit that results from your new workspace or carport: your home becomes more valuable, which means it’s more desirable to prospective buyers.

A garage or carport is often on a homebuyers’ must-have list, and when you add a steel carport or garage to your property, it makes the place more desirable — should you ever need to sell.

Not only is it cost effective to install a steel building from Carports and More; you may even be able to recoup some or all of your investment, should you sell in the future.

Many of our steel buildings are installed as “permanent” structures. Obviously, you won’t be able to take a permanent structure with you if you move.

But not all people want to install a carport or shed that is permanent, and we can provide options for those who want a portable shed, carport, or shade canopy.

Renters typically aren’t allowed to install a permanent carport, and a portable shelter is a good way to provide shade and cover for you and your car or truck if you do rent.

Carports and More also offer canopies, soft-sided sheds, and greenhouses that all provide a shelter you can take with you when you need something that’s portable.

Carports in Utah Provide Extra Space for Your Business

Space is a challenge for virtually all businesses. Maybe you need a place to install a shop to repair and sharpen skis. Or you need more warehouse space to hold the required inventory to satisfy your customers. Utah carport kits can be a profitable addition to your multi-housing complex as it has been found by other owners of similar complexes that installation of a steel carport on their premises increases the number of tenants.

A new metal building may be the answer. Whatever product you produce or service you provide, Carports and More can provide a steel building that meets your needs and helps you grow.

The challenge is to create that space in a cost-effective manner. Traditional forms of construction, like wood-frame and masonry, are far more expensive than buying a steel building.

We offer options to customize your building the building to fit your business needs and can do it for a price that doesn’t bust your budget. Once you insulate and install an HVAC system, you can use your new space to help grow your business.

And while every business needs at least some space to operate out of, something that may not be obvious of a need is a lack of organization.

The reason for the unorganized state is often lack of space. But with the proper amount of space, you can organize your products, parts, materials and files for workers so they have fast, easy access to them. Workers in an organized space are also happier at work

Organization is key to a smooth operation, and if you need more space to get organized, consider a metal building from Carports and More.

Considerations for Utahns Buying Steel Buildings

Utah is — for the most part — a four-season state. It’s hot in the Summer, cold and snowy in the Winter, and milder in the Spring and Fall.

On top of that, the state has a lot of mountains and a lot of desert. The combination of diverse weather and geography means there’s a lot to consider when buying steel buildings in Utah.

Be Prepared for Snow if You’re in the Mountains

Utah is a big state and annual snowfall varies throughout. But, in general, a lot of areas get a lot of snow. This is something you need to consider when designing and buying a metal building.

The pitch of the roof is one of the most important aspects of designing a carport for snow. And, although our online builder doesn’t have a field for the pitch, we can help you customize it based on your needs. Most metal building roofs made for snow have a pitch between 3:12, which means the roof rises 3 inches for every 12 inches of horizontal span, and 6:12. This keeps the snow from accumulating in excess and allows the roof to shed snow in a safe manner.

While the pitch is important, it’s also key that you select the right style of roof for snow. We strongly recommend our A-frame vertical roof. It has ridges that run from the drip edge up to the peak, which allows snow to be shed better. Other roof configurations have ridges that run gable to gable, and ridges parallel to the roof ridge actually hold snow on the roof.

One other thing you can do to ensure carports in Utah are prepared for snow is to upgrade to a 12-gauge frame, which is 2 ¼ inches thick. Our 12-gauge frames are about 20 percent stronger than our 14-gauge frames, which are 2 ½ inches thick.

Make Sure Your Carport Can Withstand Winter Storm Winds

Winter storms produce high winds, on top of snow, and depending on where you’re located, wind resistance may be an issue. If that’s the case, you should do everything you can to make sure your metal building is securely attached, or anchored, to the ground.

We’ve already mentioned the types of anchors we offer, but the importance of selecting the right anchors for wind-prone areas cannot be overstated. If you install over dirt, grass, gravel, or asphalt, consider installing a few mobile home anchors, which help keep your metal building fastened to the ground. We often install at least four mobile home anchors on carports in Utah.

Wind speed resistance is often regulated by local planning and development departments. Even if you don’t require building permits, make sure you check and see how many mobile home anchors are required to ensure you’re compliant with local building codes.

Diverse Geography Means a Wide Range of Surfaces

Utah is one of the most geographically diverse states in the country. While the eastern half of the state is made up of large mountain ranges and forest, the western half of the state is mostly desert. Obviously, anchoring a carport on rock is a lot different than securing it to loose sand.

Regardless of what kind of surface you’re dealing with, it has to be flat. In some cases, this will require planning and extra work. Grading and placing gravel or infill may be required.

Pouring a concrete pad is another option, and it’s especially appealing if you’re thinking about installing your carport directly on top of sand. When installing our steel building on concrete, we use concrete anchors, which provide strong attachment over an inherently flat, durable floor.

If you’re looking to install your carport on grass, gravel, dirt or asphalt, we use standard rebar pin anchors. However, just like with pouring a concrete pad, in some cases, you’ll need to add infill or do some grading work to flatten an area big enough for your new building.

Pricing for Steel Buildings in Utah

We are your go-to source for affordable metal and soft-sided sheds, carports and steel buildings  in Utah and we make installation a simple and easy process. After ordering your new structure, we determine a delivery date based on what day works for you. All you need to do is meet us on site at the arranged time, then we do the rest, fast and easy.

Building Permits for Steel Carports in Utah

All fifty states have permitting and land use regulations. And depending on which county or city you live in and how your metal carport for steel building is designed, you may be required to obtain building permits before you can assemble your new steel building. This is why it’s important to check with local building and planning authorities before installing a steel building.

You must comply with all the requirements in your particular locale and it is imperative that you obtain the proper permits in advance. If you fail to do so, you could be fined, or worse, ordered to renovate or demolish the building.

For general information on the building code and city/county permit requirements in Utah, visit your local city or county’s website. You can also refer to the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing website.

Utah Counties Where We Deliver and Install Metal Buildings

Beaver, Box Elder, Cache, Carbon, Daggett, Davis, Duchesne, Emery, Garfield, Grand, Iron, Juab, Kane, Millard, Morgan, Piute, Rich, Salt Lake, San Juan, Sanpete, Sevier, Summit, Tooele, Uintah, Utah, Wasatch, Washington, Wayne, Weber