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Metal Carports Parking And Storage Under One Roof in Virginia

Metal Buildings in VA for Virginia Residents

If you’re a Virginia resident, and you’re not already familiar with the benefits of owning metal buildings in VA, you’re missing out. On this page, we’ll explain exactly how the addition of one of our carports or steel buildings can be used, whether you’re a homeowner or business owner.

We offer the highest quality products at some of the best prices you’ll find anywhere. We also offer a level of variety and flexibility that’s hard to come by in the steel building industry.

Why choose Carports and More in Virginia?

  1. We deliver quality Virginia carports — any of our several thousand satisfied customers will bear witness to that.
  2. We have an “A” rating with the BBB.
  3. We are the largest independent dealers of car ports in the nation.

Carports for sale in Virginia are of different carport designs, one (possibly more) of which will surely be suited to your home décor. Also, if you live in a sandy area, or if you travel through different terrains, you might wonder whether you can get a carport that can possibly be installed at those ground surfaces, you needn’t worry.

On top of the information and advice about the products, we will help guide you in the right direction for permits and regulatory requirements — a vital step you must take before purchasing a steel building. We’re confident that by the time you’re done reading this page, you’ll be ready to place your metal carport order. But, if you’re still having doubts or have any questions, we have a customer service team standing by. Give us a call today.

Steel Carports and Metal Buildings in VA We Sell

Our metal buildings in VA span just about every possible use, ranging from simple car covers to large enclosed structures with walk-in and roll-up doors and windows.

The carports in VA we sell include the following styles:

Metal Carports

Steel carports are most commonly used as car covers, but they can also be used as outdoor storage shelters. We sell carport kits, as well, which are designed for do-it-yourself assembly. In addition, we sell RV carports and portable carports, which are compact and easy to move.

Metal Garages

Our steel garages are fully customizable. No matter what size you need, and no matter what features you require, we can help you design a garage to fit your needs. We also sell garage kits, which are a bit easier to install, and portable garages that can easily be moved.

Portable Canopies

Portable canopies can be used in more ways than just about any other products we sell. Their light-weight construction makes them extremely easy to install, take down and even move. Not only that, the wide variety of sun shelter options we stock makes it easy to pick the right one.

Utility Carports, Sheds and Buildings

The biggest selling point of a utility shed is that they’re often designed to include both open and enclosed space — like a carport with storage. We also sell portable sheds, which are mobile, as well as lean-to and loafing sheds, which are partially enclosed utility buildings.

Solar Carports

Not every metal carport vendor sells solar carports. But we do. It’s one of our stand-out products, and it shows we’re a leader in our industry. Solar carports cost more, but they’ll drastically reduce your electric bills and help you recoup your investment over time.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

ADUs, also known as mother-in-law suites and granny flats, are gaining traction throughout the country. They help control rental rates while giving homeowners the opportunity to supplement their income. Although they can be costly, metal ADUs are a great affordable solution.


One of the biggest trends in home building, barndominiums — a combination of “barn” and “condominium” — are houses often built on large plots of land in rural areas. Barn homes are more affordable than houses made of other more costly materials, like brick or stone.


Another home building trend, shouses, or shop houses, are residential structures with a built-in shop. A shouse is also known as a shop with living quarters attached. These home styles are ideal for homeowners who require a place to work, but don’t want to build a detached workshop.

Cold-formed Steel Framing

In addition to metal carports and steel buildings, we sell all kinds of metal building materials, including cold-formed steel framing. We stock purlins, trusses, studs and track framing. These frames can be used to support roofs, load-bearing walls, interior walls and more.

Why Buy Metal Buildings in VA From Carports and More?

Virginia is a state with a wide range of environments, from the peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. In addition to the coast and the mountains, Virginia is also home to large urban areas, like Norfolk, Newport News and Virginia Beach.

Those living in the coastal areas of Virginia can surely attest to the awesome power of nature, especially during hurricane season. Strong winds and flooding are simply a part of life, and as such there is a definite need to provide shelter and protection for your vehicles.

Our metal car ports are of course ideal for home and residential use, but many Virginia businesses are starting to take advantage of metal buildings to grow their operations as well.

Steel buildings are so versatile, they can be used as:

  •  Warehouses
  •  Assembly plants
  • Site offices
  • Work shops

These are just a few of the uses for our products, but there are countless more.

Virginia Carports are better than garages on other counts as well. If you decide to relocate to another place, it’s nigh impossible to take your garage with you. You’ll have to construct another one when you reach your new residence. Not so with portable carports. You uninstall Virginia carport kits, repack them and you are off.

Carports in VA Designed for Rural and Urban Areas

As one of the most established names in carports and metal buildings in VA, Carports and More has unrivaled experience in providing carports for those living in both rural and urban areas. One of the most helpful features we offer is our online Carport and Garage Builder, which allows you to design a completely customized metal building that meets all your needs.

One of our customization options is choosing a 12-gauge or 14-gauge steel frame. The 12-gauge frame, made with 2 ¼  x 2 ¼ inches of galvanized steel, is twenty percent stronger than the 14-gauge. The latter is made with 2 ½ x 2 ½ inches of galvanized steel.

We allow you to fully customize the size of your steel carport as well. We often hear from our customers living in urban areas and cities that they are not only short on storage space, but they are also short of garage space, and also short of land on which to build a garage.

With our metal carports and steel buildings, you can design a unit as small as 10 feet by 10 feet, with leg heights as short as 5 feet. So, if you have limited space, we have options for you.

Virginia isn’t all cities and suburbs – if you’re located in the countryside, or even in the Blue Ridge Mountains, chances are you’re working with quite a bit more space.

If you’re using our online Carport and Garage Builder you can order Virginia carports as large as 30 feet by 61 feet with a leg height of 12 feet. We have the capability to supply steel buildings up to 100 feet wide and with an unlimited length. Give us a call if you require something that big.

Security is at the forefront of people’s minds when it comes to their homes and businesses. Fortunately, our metal carports are extremely secure. You may want to consider a fully-enclosed steel building if you’re storing anything of any value — especially if you live in the city.

If you live in a rural area, you may require metal buildings in VA to store large machinery. If that’s the case, you may want to consider adding custom frameouts to an enclosed shelter. This will allow you to add your own doors according to the equipment you’re looking to store inside.

If you’re looking for something more simplistic — or have a specific budget in mind, an open-sided metal carport is perfect for basic shelter needs. Whether it’s shade or shelter you’re looking for, our dynamic buildings can keep your oversized equipment dry all year round.

Construction of a garage can be an unnecessary expense, especially when seen in the comparison of carports. Virginia metal carports are as good as, if not better than, garages, where protection of your vehicles from nature’s elements is concerned.

Carports in VA Are Perfect for Residential Use

Metal buildings in VA have huge potential for adding both practicality and value to your home. Many of our customers have shared with us exactly how they use their new metal buildings, and there are just as many practical as creative uses for carports in VA.

Of course, one of the most common use for metal buildings in VA is vehicle storage. Our metal carports are ideal for keeping cars, motorcycles, jet skis, boats, ATVs and other smaller vehicles out of the elements. But carports in VA are also great for storing RVs  — this is a perfect solution, as many homeowners associations have restrictions on storing RVs in driveways.

Virginia is also home to some of the finest camping in the country. Chances are you’ve already invested in an RV to take in as much of the beautiful scenery as possible. A metal carport could be the perfect solution to keep your rig safe and away from the elements all year round.

In addition to serving as a parking place, Virginia steel carports from Carports and More can double up as storage sheds. You can then have a place to keep your gardening tools under.

Also, car ports are being put to ingenious uses these days, uses that garages cannot be put to. For instance, the top of metal carports is used to house solar panels, an easy and cheap way to produce electricity.

Virginia is also widely known for its outdoor activities. Whether you surf, jet ski, fish or do any other activity that requires a lot of equipment or vehicles, you understand the struggle of trying to find a safe and secure place to keep your gear. With a metal carport like the ones we have for sale, you’ll have all the room you’ll ever need to lock up your boats, boards or any other gear.

Anybody who has ever asked for a quote from a contractor for a garage or home extension built with traditional materials can attest to the expense of those options. Residential buyers of carports from CPM will get a metal building that is in many ways superior to any brick and mortar garage at a fraction of the price. Not only that, you’ll get it in a fraction of the time.

Irrespective of the surface: clay, sand, dirt, asphalt, concrete or just about anything else that makes up the site where you want to install a car port, the carport from Carports and More can be installed quite easily and will stand firm for years.

If you’ve decided that a Virginia portable carport or metal carport is your thing and are planning to place your order, you need to get two things cleared and ready before you pick up your phone:

  1. You need to have the dimensions: the width, height and length of the carport you wish to install ready with you.
  2. You need to find out whether the authorities in your area are fine with the construction of the car port.

Once that’s done, get in touch with us and we’ll come and deliver the Virginia carport kit at your threshold and install it for you — for free!

How Businesses Can Utilize Carports in VA

Businesses all across Virginia are already benefiting from metal buildings. Costs for steel carports in VA are far lower than structures built with traditional materials, like wood and brick, and the speed of construction means less downtime, or less waiting to get started.

Virginia’s economy is largely powered by 3 major industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Aquaculture
  • Mining

Regardless of whether you own a small business or you run a large company in one of these industries, buying a steel building can be used to improve your business.

Agriculture in Virginia is rich and varied, and whether you’re directly involved in farming, or your business is in the supply chain or warehousing sector, our steel buildings can help you streamline and expand. The major crops grown in Virginia are soy and tobacco, both of which require proper storage to prevent spoiling after harvest — our buildings are perfect for this.

Another important area of Virginia’s agriculture industry is winemaking. Wineries can absolutely benefit from metal buildings in VA, not only for grape processing and wine production, but also for hosting tastings and tours.

Aquaculture is a relatively new industry, but if you’re looking to break into this sector, a steel carport can be very useful. Indoor aquaculture, or fish farming, as it’s more commonly known, is a growing industry in the coastal areas of Virginia, and a large steel building makes a perfect space in which to house your fish pens and maintain a perfect climate year round.

Last — but not least — is the mining industry. Mining has been a constant in Virginia’s economy since 1883. The Pocahontas mine was Virginia’s first and was the start of an industry that has supported the state for decades since.

If you’re involved with mining, a steel building or carport can serve as the perfect location to store both equipment and raw materials after they have been excavated. And since we’re able to add frameouts to all the metal buildings in VA we sell, you’ll be able to install custom doors that will make it easy to back in, load up, and drive out.

Of course, there are many other industries in Virginia that can use metal buildings and steel carports to their advantage. If you’ve got questions about potential uses, give our customer services team a call, and they’ll gladly go through the specs of our buildings and help you discover just how easy it is to improve your operation with a metal building.

Things to Consider When Buying Carports in VA

Before making a decision on the design and setup of your Virginia Carport, you should bear a few things in mind. Business users, of course, have different needs than homeowners. And, of course, your geographical location within VA will also impact your design and layout.

Metal Buildings in VA Require Proper Drainage

The Atlantic Coast is beautiful, but oceanic storms can be devastating to homes and businesses. Installing metal carports in VA can help to keep your vehicles and belongings safe from inclement weather without constructing a costly wood or brick structure.

But without installing  proper drainage and runoff, the heavy rains of Atlantic storms can lead to standing water around — and even in — your carport. This can damage the foundation if you’ve installed your steel building on a concrete slab, which can be very costly to repair.

If you install proper drainage that pushes water away from the carport — and, even better, downhill — you’ll keep dangerous rainwater from causing any damage to your steel building in Virginia. And, if you’re able, we also recommend connecting your metal building drainage to either your home’s main drain system or to a municipal storm drain system.

Carports in VA Near the Coast Will Be Affected by Salt

Virginia’s beaches are undoubtedly some of the most beautiful on the East Coast; it’s clear to see why anyone would want to live there. However, the one downside is the salty air.

Vehicles begin to show signs of rust, such as bubbling paint, if there’s any damage to the coating, so it’s definitely important to keep your cars, trucks and boats covered.

And when it comes to the carport itself, unprotected steel, especially within about 3000 feet of the ocean in an area known as the prime corrosion zone, can be particularly susceptible to rust.

Fortunately, the steel frames on all our metal carports is galvanized, which means it has a protective zinc coating that provides incredible resistance to oxidation and rust.

And while our carports are for the most part maintenance free, we recommend regularly washing it with fresh water if you live near the ocean.

Steel Buildings in VA May Require Climate Control

Virginians know just how humid their home state can be. While it’s Mid-Atlantic location ensures pleasant weather. But it gets extremely hot during the summer, and if you’re in the mountains, extremely cold in the winter. Anyone using their metal building for manufacturing will likely have extended worker occupancy, and when temperatures soar outside, they soar even higher inside.

Fortunately, our fully-enclosed steel carports can easily be fitted with insulation — a vital first step in controlling the temperature in your building. Insulation keeps warm air inside when you’re heating, and cool air inside when you’re cooling. Not only that, but proper insulation will go a long way to reducing your overall energy costs. Once your building is insulated, you can go ahead and install a full HVAC system to regulate the temperature year round.

Keeping temperatures regulated is also incredibly important for those storing crops inside their building; excess or insufficient temperatures can quickly spoil a harvest, leading to big losses.

Steel Buildings in VA are the perfect location to store your crops. They’re durable, low maintenance, and as we’ve already mentioned, very easy to modify for climate control.

Pricing for Carports in VA

Here at Carports and More, we have worked hard to solidify our reputation as one of the premier suppliers of metal buildings in VA and across the country.

Permitting and Land Usage of Metal Buildings in Virginia

While ordering a steel building in VA for your home or business can be excited, we recommend you thoroughly research Virginia’s building codes and regulations before making a purchase.

Before erecting any structure, such as a metal building, you should already have applied for and received permission from your county’s or city’s planning department.

Once you have applied for your permit and have the documentation in hand, feel free to purchase your steel carport and set a date for delivery and installation.

In order to get you started on the right track, check out the Virginia state building codes page.

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