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First Class Metal Carports In West Virginia

Metal Carports WV for West Virginia Residents

Thousands of West Virginians have been reaping the benefits of metal buildings and carports in WV for decades now. If you haven’t discovered how much of a positive impact that metal buildings like the ones from Carports and More can have on your home or business, then this post should be of great interest to you. Our steel buildings and metal carports are a cost effective answer for anybody seeking additional garage space, a place to run a business from, or simply to keep vehicles out of the elements. Regardless of the significantly lower cost, a metal building can outperform a wooden or brick equivalent across almost every measure.

Metal carports from Carports and More are amongst the best you’ll find anywhere in the country. As well as having products of superior quality, we also offer some of the best prices in the nation, too. We offer an enormous variety of styles, colors, and designs, as well as an almost infinite number of dimensional combinations, too.

The first car port appeared around 1909, but the term “carport” is credited to architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1936 when he used it in a house he built in 1936. This early type of carport canopy was attached, part of the house, and it did not offer the type of flexibility we have today.

Why choose Carports and More in West Virginia?

Do you own a car, cars, truck or may be a fleet of them? If so and if you are considering constructing a garage, you might want to reconsider that option. West Virginia metal carports introduced by Carports and More can serve you as well as garages and possess several other benefits over and above their traditional storage and parking function.

With an “A” rating with the BBB under our belt, and as the largest independent dealers of car ports in the nation, we deal in quality and you can rest assured that whenever you buy carport kits from us, you are dealing with the best.

West Virginia isn’t called ‘The Mountain State’ for nothing. Located within the stunning Appalachian Mountain range, this wild and wonderful place is almost entirely mountainous, meaning that WV Carport customers have some pretty specific needs. Whether your passion is hunting, off roading, rafting, kayaking, fishing, or anything else, metal buildings in WV from Carports and More can provide you with a safe and secure place to keep your equipment when it’s not in use.

West Virginia is also home to some of the best camping anywhere in America, so, if like many others, you’ve invested in an recreational vehicle, or RV to take in as much of this beautiful scenery as possible, a metal carport or RV shelter in WV could be the perfect solution to keep your rig safe and away from the elements all year round.

There are many older homes in West Virginia, and while beautiful, they were built during a simpler time, and they certainly weren’t built to cope with the storage demand of modern life. The addition of an enclosed metal carport to your home is a low cost method of significantly increasing your storage. Think of it in these terms – if you’ve been paying monthly fees for a storage unit, within a year or so, that’s like paying the whole amount for one of CPMs steel buildings. Purchasing one of our products is a one time cost with no ongoing fees; it could effectively pay for itself!

If you’re worried that a metal building may require extensive, and costly ongoing maintenance, fear not. Carports and More build our carports in WV with strong, and corrosion resistant galvanized steel. This special coating provides years and years of maintenance free use; you’ll barely need to lift a finger to keep your metal building looking as fresh as the day you bought it!

If you’ve been shopping around for your metal carport, you’ve probably noticed that there are tons of options out there, but time and time again, folks come back to Carports and More for their steel building needs. We have thousands of happy customers across the state, and tens of thousands across the country. We provide everything from simple, open sided sheds, to enormous enclosed metal buildings, ready for conversion to whatever our client’s needs are.

The aim of this post is to provide our West Virginia Car Port customers with as much information as possible. We aim for a completely transparent process, and we believe that sharing this information and educating our customers is vital for a good relationship. We will share details about the entire process, and we will also lend some suggestions when it comes to potential uses for our products for both home and industrial applications.

As well as all of this information about how our customers use our products, we’re also going to share some advice about how you can design your very own, custom made carport, unique to you!

Not quite as exciting, but just as importantly, we’ll also share with you some information about the building codes and regulations for carports in West Virginia, and how you can get started with applying for any building permits for a WV carport that you will need.

We know this can be a lot to take in, and while relatively inexpensive, a car port is still a significant investment. If by the end of this post you still have questions, or just want to speak to someone about a specific detail, why not give our customer service team a call? They are standing by and waiting to help!

Benefits of Buying a West Virginia Carport From Carports and More

West Virginia is a wild and rugged mountain state. The majority of the state is spread across the Appalachian mountain range, with the panhandle being nestled within the Blue Ridge Forest – it’s easy to see why they say that WV is “almost heaven”. While the majority of the state is built up of many small towns like Vienna, Bridgeport and Dunbar, there are also some cities with larger populations, from the Capital Charleston, to other large areas like Huntington and Morgantown.

West Virginia doesn’t fall victim to many of the natural disasters that befall other states in America, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t weather events that call for protection and shelter from the elements. West Virginia frequently sees ‘Supercell’ weather events. These storms can throw dangerous hail, leaving the unprepared facing large repair bills for vehicles, with some even being totaled. In fact, the hail here can reach a diameter of 4 inches or more, that’s like it raining baseballs! A metal carport from Carports and More can provide you with protection for your vehicles, giving you real peace of mind when the weather turns.

Carports for sale in West Virginia from Carports and More are suited to every resident of that state, irrespective of his/her needs. If you are looking for sturdiness in your car port, you might want to opt for a West Virginia steel carport, though all our products are very sturdy.

West Virginia Carport designs of all kinds are available and hence if you are someone who’s spend a lot of time, effort and money in creating a beautiful home and are worried about the carport spoiling the overall décor of your house, there’s no need to fret.

Our metal car ports are of course ideal for home and residential use, but did you know that many West Virginia businesses are starting to take advantage of metal buildings to grow their operations? Steel buildings are so versatile, they can be used as:

  •       Warehouses
  •       Assembly plants
  •       Site offices
  •       Work shops

The above are just a sample of the many applications we know that customers have put our products to work for. Another area that our metal buildings excel in when it comes to commercial use is the storage of large industrial equipment, such as that used for mining.

We can make any length steel carport in WV, and we can go up to 100′ wide clear span (call us if you need it wider). Carports and More is one of the most experienced retailers of steel buildings are carports in the business – We’ve been operating in West Virginia for well over a decade now.

At CPM, we don’t build to a price, we build to a standard! Our car ports are constructed with the best materials available, and made right here in the USA. Nothing is outsourced, so you can purchase with pride knowing that American labor built your steel building in WV.

If you are one of those who are constantly on the move, West Virginia portable carports are just the thing for you. Installation and uninstallation of these car ports is very simple and you can get them packed and ready to go just like all your other belongings when you relocate

Customizable Carports for Rural and Urban Areas

Without a doubt, CPM is one of the best known names in the metal car port industry. We’ve spent 10 plus years crafting our reputation across both rural and urban areas in every corner of the United States. On our website, we’ve provided our customers with access to a unique 3D carport and garage designer tool. This fantastic feature will let you fully spec your new metal building to your own specific needs.

How many vehicles do you plan to house under the West Virginia carport? Depending on the size and numbers of vehicles you wish to park under your steel carport, the width, height and length of the carport kit you need, will vary. Know your needs and measure these three parameters. Get in touch with us and let us know your carport dimensions and we’ll have a carport, as per your specifications, delivered to your door.

While West Virginia’s cities aren’t quite as bustling as others around the country, it doesn’t mean that residents of those areas don’t face the same struggles with storage as those in larger towns. Some of these issues that are encountered include a shortage of storage space in their homes, shortage of space in attached garages, and a shortage of land in order to build a garage upon. We offer solutions for each of these problems, all in one metal package! If you’re looking for a small carport to suit any of these needs, our products can be ordered in sizes as small as 10’ x 10’ with a leg height of just 5’.

Of course, with the vast majority of the state being rural, West Virginia residents often have a lot of land to work with. Our metal carports and steel buildings can be built to almost unlimited sizes, so whether you’re looking for a 1 car solution, or somewhere to keep your fleet of vehicles, we can help. You might notice that the carport builder tool maxes out at 61’ x 30’ – if you need something larger, just give us a call and we’ll help you out with your bespoke order.

Particularly in the state’s bigger towns and cities, security can be a concern for many. If you’re looking for somewhere to keep vehicles safely locked away out of view, a fully enclosed metal building from Carports and More is the solution you’re looking for. The sturdy steel construction keeps access restricted only to those who are authorized, and as our 3D garage designer tool lets you choose from walk in and rolling doors, keeping your access convenient at all times.

Out in the West Virginia Countryside, our customers tend to have fewer security concerns, and that’s why we see more open sided carports being sold in those areas. They provide plenty of protection from the sun’s UV rays, and also allow unimpeded access – perfect if you’re always coming and going.

Even if you’re using your carport for industrial purposes, our open sided and partial sided metal carports are perfect for basic shelter needs. Whether it’s shade, or shelter you’re looking for, our dynamic buildings can keep your oversized equipment dry all year round.

Building one of our 12-gauge or 14-gauge frame carports in West Virginia is much less expensive, and far faster than building a wooden or brick equivalent. The 12-gauge frame, made with 2 ¼  x 2 ¼ inches of galvanized steel, is twenty percent stronger than the 14-gauge. The latter is made with 2 ½ x 2 ½ inches of galvanized steel.

Perfect for Residential Use

West Virginia Carports are not only practical, but the extra storage space can in many cases add real value to your home, too. Our customers often share with us exactly what they’ve used their new metal buildings for, and there are some truly smart ideas out there.

It goes without saying that the most common use for metal carports is as a garage for vehicles. This is a pretty logical fit, and subsequently, our products are perfect for keeping cars, RVs, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs and even boats away from inclement weather, in the shade, and secure.

Remember, that by storing your vehicles and powersports toys in a secure facility like a metal building, you might even save money on your insurance premium, another factor that can help to offset the cost of your steel carport over time.

If you’re not looking for somewhere to keep a vehicle, our carports also make the perfect storage solution for things like garden tools. Another common use is as a location to keep logs for wood burning stoves dry and ready for use.

We’ve already highlighted a couple of ways to offset the cost of a metal car port in WV in savings over a storage unit, and reduction of insurance costs, but another ingenious way in which CPM customers are not only saving money, but doing their part for the environment is by adding solar panels and even small wind turbines to the roof of their carport.

Carports and More not only delivers West Virginia carports at your threshold, we also install them for you for free. You can use the extra money that you end up saving to increase the comfort level of your metal carport by buying a carport canopy or related carport product.

Customers of Carports and More are always highly complementary about our delivery and installation service. Our highly skilled construction crew will erect your metal carport wherever you need it.

Wherever it is that you stay in West Virginia and whatever the terrain of the site where you want to install the car port, Carports and More has the answer. Our carports are made such that they can be installed on any ground surface: sand, gravel, clay, concrete… you name it.

If you’ve decided that you want a West Virginia portable carport or metal carport and you are planning to place your order, you need to know two things before you pick up the phone:

You need to have the dimensions: the width, height and length of the carport you wish to install ready with you.

You need to find whether the authorities in your area are fine with the construction of the car port.

Once that’s done, get in touch with us and we’ll come and deliver your West Virginia carport kit to your property and install it for you – for free!

Perfect for Commercial Use

West Virginia businesses have been incorporating metal buildings into their operations for years now, so it should come as no surprise that more and more companies are going this route when it comes to starting up or expanding operations. It makes perfect sense – costs are lower than other building types, and construction times are way shorter, getting your operation running faster than you ever thought possible.

West Virginia’s economy is diverse, and is comprised of many sectors of industry. Some of the major forces behind industry in this state are:

  •       Chemicals
  •       Mining
  •       Tourism

No matter whether you’re an independent operator, or you run a large company in one of these industries, we’d love to tell you more about how a steel building can be used to improve your business.

Chemical manufacture is the biggest industry in WV. In fact, this State is actually a global hub in the Chemical industry. With so many major players of the Chemical business operating from West Virginia, there also many small businesses relying on this global trade. Even if your business isn’t directly involved in chemical manufacture, a metal building could be used for warehousing, for a logistics hub, or even for sales and distribution.

Energy, specifically coal mining, is a staple of WV industry. Metal buildings are already widely used across this field, and to great effect. Metal buildings are perfect for storage of heavy equipment, or even for raw materials as they await transportation for processing. Our steel buildings can be ordered with frameouts, too. This is ideal if you’re planning to be able to drive trucks right into the building to load up and drive right out again in controlled conditions.

West Virginia’s exquisite natural beauty makes it a draw for tourists not just from the US, but from around the world. The State is home to world class ski resorts like Snowshoe, and various outdoor pursuits like hunting continue to attract visitors. If you’re running a business in the tourism industry in WV, our metal buildings can provide you with the ideal location for ski and snowboard rental storage, or even to set up a hunting lodge.

Of course, there are many more industries across West Virginia that can take advantage of metal buildings and car ports in WV from Carports and More. If you’ve got questions about potential use, give our customer services team a call, and they’ll gladly go through the specs of our buildings and help you discover just how easy it is to improve your operation with a metal building.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Carport in Virginia

Before making a decision on the design and setup of your Virginia Carport, you should bear a few things in mind. Business users of course, have differing needs to residential carport owners, and of course your geographical location within VA will also impact your design and layout.

Temperature Regulation Inside Your Metal Building

Temperatures in West Virginia are typical of a mid latitude 4 season state. Spring and fall tend to be mild, while summers get hot and humid, and winters are cold. Especially when you’re using your metal building for commercial applications, you’re most likely going to have people working inside for extended periods of time. In order to ensure that your employees stay comfortable, and that you stay on the right side of any occupational health and safety rules regarding building climate, you need to consider a climate control system.

When you purchase a fully enclosed steel building from Carports and More, you’re buying a product that is ideally suited to industrial applications. With some minor modification, you can install a full heating, ventilation and air conditioning system designed to keep your business going, no matter the weather.

First and foremost, your building will need proper insulation. This will prevent waste of your cold or warm air being pumped in. Often this is done with fiberglass sheets, or with spray foam. This will also help to make your HVAC system more efficient, saving you money on energy bills.

Metal Carport Roofs Made for Heavy Snow Loads

This mountainous state receives a significant snow load each winter. Snowshoe alone gets an average annual 159 inches of the white stuff. Knowing that there’s so much snow falling each year, before you build any permanent or portable carport, you should always consider the impact of dangerous snow buildup on the roof and how to mitigate it.

At Carports and More, we supply our steel car ports and buildings to customers all across the USA, giving us the confidence to help homeowners and business operators, no matter what weather conditions they face. We offer our carports and metal buildings with a range of roof styles, including standard horizontal, A-frame horizontal and A-frame vertical. In areas that see a lot of snow, we always recommend the A Frame vertical roof type.

The A Frame vertical comes with flush ends, trim on all four eaves and a ridge cap. The ridges on this roof type run side to side, allowing snow to slide off under its own weight. This helps to passively reduce the snow build up and also reduces the amount of time you need to spend in precarious situations on the roof clearing it manually.

Drainage is a Key Factor in Keeping your Building in top Condition

West Virginia’s rugged, mountainous landscape can present its own challenges when it comes to construction. Especially in heavily forested areas, failure to ensure proper drainage can result in damage to your foundations, and ultimately to the structure of the carport or metal building itself.

As well as the immediate risks to your building’s structure, standing water can become a real hazard – from slips, trips and falls, to mold and damp – all far from ideal.

To ensure proper drainage, the location of your carport installation is critical. Ideally, you want to have at least one downward slope to naturally lead water down and away from your structure. From a more active drainage management standpoint, you’ll need to install guttering, and if possible, have it run off to a storm drain or municipal sewer system.

WV Carports Pricing

Carports and More are truly proud of their reputation as the nation’s premier supplier of metal buildings and steel carports. This is in part down to our stellar customer service, as well as our top quality products. We don’t nickel and dime, the price you see is the price you pay, and unlike many of our competitors, this also includes shipping, handling, and even installation. We do give our customers the option of building their own carport, but as we’ll do it inclusive of the price, you might as well take a break and leave it to us!

From Florida to California, to Washington to Maine. You still get the same top quality service, no matter where you want your carport kits delivered or installed.

We always advise our customers to start with the 3D garage and carport designer tool on our website. From there you can get an accurate quote, directly relating to the pricing in your state. So, log on, choose your required size and sidewalls, select your color, doors, windows, frameouts and roof style, and our tool will show you exactly how your building will look.

When you’ve chosen your design and you’re ready to check out, all you’ll need to pay up front is a small 10% deposit. After this is paid, we’ll get in touch with you to set up a delivery and installation date. The final balance will be due upon delivery, but once that’s taken care of, all that’s left to do is show the team where you’d like it installed!

Permitting and Land Usage of Metal Buildings in Virginia

Metal carports in WV have become incredibly popular for both residential and business use, and it’s easy to see why. These versatile structures allow you to do so much more with the space you have. Constructing a traditional brick garage or wooden carport is an expensive and time consuming process, so the fast construction and low cost of a metal building lends instant appeal.

Not only is the construction process easier, but the ordering process is, too. It’s almost as simple as any other online retail purchase. Just because our design and buying process is simple, though, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t other steps to factor in. Before buying any carport, make sure that you research, and apply for where necessary, any building permits that are required to construct a carport in your area.

Once you’ve been successful in your permit application, and any paperwork has been filed and received, you’re then OK to go ahead and make your purchase.

To get you going, we’ll give you a head start on your research — head to the West Virginia Land Use Planning page to learn more.

Find our Metal Covers for sale shipped and installed here

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