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20′ x 38′ x 12′ – Standard Horizontal – Utah

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Total Cost: 7,245.00

Due at Installation: 6,158.25

Deposit due Today: 1,086.75


State: Utah

Roof Type: Standard Horizontal

Gauge: 12

Width: 20

Length: 38

Height: 12

Sides: One Side – Horizontal Siding

Gables: Back – Horizontal

Ends: none selected

Roof Color: Beige

Trim Color: Beige

Sides, Gables, Ends Color: Beige

Front Doors and Windows: none selected

Back Doors and Windows: none selected

Left Side Doors and Windows: none selected

Right Side Doors and Windows: none selected

Extra Panels: none selected

Augers: none selected

Surface: Dirt / Gravel / Grass

Total Project Cost: 7,245.00

Due Upon Installation: 6,158.25

Deposit Due Now: 1,086.75


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