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Galvanized Purlins For Sale

Galvanized Purlins For Sale

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Galvanized purlins

Galvanized steel purlins are manufactured by adding a coating of zinc to the steel. This is done to offer protection to the steel from rotting or rusting.

Several processes are involved during the galvanization of the steel, with the most common method being hot-drip galvanizing.

hot-drip galvanizing Process

Red oxide steel makes it a very popular material because it has extended durability offered by the zinc coating, corrosion protection, and has the strength and formability.

Red oxide steel

Galvanized purlins are building resources that are installed horizontally on the roof and wall of a building to offer support to the roof and wall sheets also.

Galvanized purlins

Red oxide steel purlins are manufactured from galvanized steel. 

Galvanized Purlins for Sale

Galvanized purlins are building resources that are used in support the weight of the roof and the wall sheets. They are strong, giving your building efficient, sturdy makeup.

Galvanized purlins

The purlins are cold rolled from steel that has high strength and is zinc-coated thus, the term galvanized.

Red oxide purlins are also ideal for the manufacture of shelves and frames.

red oxide purlins

The red oxide metal purlins are manufactured into two different designs. The Cee purlins and the zee purlins.

Galvanized steel purlins are in two types. They are;

  • C purlin also referred to as C section purlins or Cee purlins.
  • Z purlins also known as Zee purlins or Z section purlins.

The two different types of purlins derive their names from the shapes of letter “C” and letter “Z” making C purlin and Z purlins respectively.

C Purlins

C-section purlins are a type of purlins manufactured in the shape of the letter “C”.

They have flanges whose dimensions are equal and are mainly used in the support of wall joists and roofs.

galvanized c purlin

The C-section purlins are used in single spans.

Due to their makeup, C-section purlins are used in construction as unlapped continuous spans, especially in multi-bay buildings.

Storage and delivery of C-section purlins are easy. C-section purlins can be used in small and medium-sized buildings due to their ability to hold structural structures.

C-section purlins

Sizes of C section purlins

Steel and Stud has a significant stock for different gauges for C-section purlins.

The purlins are manufactured to the precise request of our customers, going up a distance of 8m also 26.25 feet.

These lengths give our materials an adaptation technique, thus used in different-sized buildings.

Steel and Stud offer both drilled and undrilled purlins. We offer the two varieties depending on the request of the customer.

The holes are pre-drilled with diameters of 18 mm. Smaller holes can be drilled upon request from our customers. 

The thickness of the purlins comes in varying ranges. They include;

Thickness ranges of C purlins

  • 1.2mm
  • 1.3mm
  • 1.4mm
  • 1.5mm
  • 1.6mm
  • 1.8mm
  • 2.0mm
  • 2.5mm

The thicknesses can be achieved with the following heights

  C Section varying heights

Millimeters Inches
140 mm
177 mm
200 mm
235 mm
265 mm

Purpose and use of Cee Purlins

C purlin is remarkably used for a number of functions. The C purlin protects the roof from caving in.

They also hold together the rafters, reinforcing and stabilizing the rigid framing.

C Purlin also provides additional support between the spans of the individual framing bays.

Cee purlins for metal roofing

Cee purlins for metal roofing

Purlins take in the roof’s sloping shape, increasing the roof system’s resistance to excessive rainfall and snow. 

Cee purlins also support the metal roofing from caving in.

Advantages of C purlins

  • C-shaped purlins are easy for installation and drilling of holes. 
  • They come in different dimensions, giving the owner a variety of options to choose from
  • C purlin has a thin wall, is lightweight, impact resistant, and has excellent cross-section performance. 
  • They are used for simple span construction

Z Purlins

Zee purlins, also referred to as Zee Purlins, are named from the letter Z. They are Z shaped and have a significant difference from C purlins.

They are stronger compared to C-section purlins. Unlike the C-section purlins, the flanges are not the same.

One flange is broad, while the other is narrow. This difference allows the purlins to overlap. 

Z Purlins

In terms of usage, Zee purlins are ideal for large buildings and also smaller or light buildings and projects such as carports and garages.

Size and Lengths of Zee Purlins

Steel and Stud manufacture Z purlins with dimensions of 1.6mm and 2mm. The size can be customized to achieve the following;

With our state-of-the-art machines, Steel and Stud can produce Zee purlins of lengths up to 10 meters. Customizable heights are achieved as follows;

Z Section varying heights

Our expertise in manufacturing Zee purlins can achieve a size with depths of 140mm, 175mm, and 200mm.

Purpose and Use for Z purlins

Z purlins are stronger and sturdier than C-section purlins. They are lightweight and highly versatile.

Due to this property, Zee are ideal for use in industrial, agricultural, stadiums, and large buildings.

The overlapping nature of the Z purlins gives them a more robust connection, thus ideal for large loads and heavy-duty projects. They can also be used for smaller buildings.

Zee Purlins for metal buildings

Steel and Stud’s Z purlins consist of a compatible range of Z section profiles that are commonly made from cold rolled steel.

They offer support to metal buildings. They are commonly chosen for large buildings and smaller ones.

Since the purlins can overlap, they are stronger and offer a more rigid roof by acting a secondary steel framing members.

The Zed purlins are made from pre-hot-dipped galvanized steel. The coating offers a minimum yield strength of 450N/mm².

Zee Purlins for metal buildings

Advantages of Z purlins

  • 40% saving in steel and 30% saving in construction cost and price
  • Easy handling and fast to erect 
  • No cutting or side drilling is required
  • Assured straightness and dimensions
  • Ability to span length
  • High durability versatility and uniform quality
  • Low transportation cost due to decreased weight
  • Saving on 40% weight and 20% construction cost compared to hot rolled purlins

Get your Quote from Steel and Stud

Installation of steel purlins is technical, but all that is made easy by choosing Steel and Stud as your construction partner.

We supply both Zee purlins and C section purlins that come in a wide range of thicknesses and lengths.

The purlins can be manufactured with the exact dimensions that you need. With the help of our quality machines lengths of up to 10 meters are achieved.

We also offer quality galvanized steel purlins, thus assuring you of durability. 

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