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Metal Barn Siding & Roof

Metal Barn Siding & Roofing: Types, Installation, Cost

As protective components, the metal barn siding and roofing provide great comfort for farmers and barn and shed owners. However, internally framed walls with steel I-beams or wood must always be sided for better performance and aesthetic value.

Several agricultural buildings (agricultural structures) are constructed using metal, including:

  • Big storage areas
  • Garages
  • Pole barns
  • Pounds or shelter for livestock
  • Horse stables
  • Riding Arenas
  • Sheds

At Steel And Studs, you can buy siding panels to give extra support and durability alongwith a trending look to your agricultural metal roofing and walls. You can save extra bucks by buying factory direct siding panels and roofing for your agricultural building projects.

Metal Barn siding & roof

We know that your barn requires durable, cost-effective, easy-to-install wall panels. Sidings are protective layers attached to the exterior walls of metal buildings.

Keep reading more about the metal sidings for barns’ aesthetic, structural, and logistical requirements.

Table of Contents

Why Should I Choose Metal Barn Siding?

Metal Barn Siding

A metal barn’s primary purpose is to house livestock and horses. Due to steel strength and durability, prefabricated steel buildings are easy to maintain, last for a lifetime, and resist pests and fires. A barn usually has corrugated panels on the wall; fancy metal siding can enhance the look with extra coverage to the wall.

Metal Siding is Durable in Nature

  • The life expectancy of these siding is longer than that of vinyl and shingles siding.
  • Enhanced wind resistance.
  • Storms resistance.
  • Heat and hail resistance in contrast with traditional siding.

Metal Siding is Energy-efficient

  • Heat is reflected from metal by solar radiation. You can easily insulate the interiors using Solar panels on metal sidings.

Low Maintenance

  • Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your metal barn siding required less to no maintenance? Well, that’s exactly what these metal sidings do. Unlike the wooden sidings, the metal sidings do not need painting or sealing and do not chip. You only need to give it a simple cleaning using mild and water detergent. Voila! It’s all new and good to go.

Fire Resistance

Metal barn sidings are very resistant to fire. Since metal does not burn, you wouldn’t have to worry about your barn catching fire. This can be your advantage when you have flammable materials in your barn. It’s like an extra coating of protection.

Weather Resistance

Unlike other materials, metal can easily withstand harsh weather conditions- heavy snow or high-speed winds. Now, you must be concerned about moisture infiltration, right? Don’t be worried. Metal barn sidings are watertight, with no moisture infiltration risk. Now, you wouldn’t have to worry about rotting or molding.

Design Flexibility

You can get many design options for metal barn sidings from “Steel and Stud”. We provide numerous textures and colors so you can choose your preferred aesthetic. We have everything you need to customize the metal barn sidings of your dream.

Cost Effectiveness

If you’re looking for an affordable, long-term option, the metal barn sidings can be the perfect option. The initial cost of installation may be slightly high, but it can help you save costs over time. How? Unlike the other materials, metal barn sidings aren’t prone to frequent replacements or repairs. The greatest plus point is that these are also energy efficient and reduce the additional cost of heating and cooling.

Metal is Environmentally-Friendly Material

  • Recycling metal is 100% possible.

The agricultural industry is booming in the country, and we understand Barns are farm’s assets as it features storage and protection of agriculture equipment and livestock from natural elements like high winds, rain, and snow. Double-checked quality is even more important for commercially used metal barns for agricultural customers. We can help you with the right steel siding and roofing on your post-frame building. 

Types of Metal Barn Siding

When installing metal barn sidings in your house, you need one that ticks all your checkboxes. Here are some of the major options you can choose from:

Corrugated Metal Siding

The corrugated metal sidings feature repeated ridges or folds, making a very functional and aesthetic pattern. The corrugated metal sidings are strong and durable. These can easily withstand harsh weather conditions and also sheds water. You can easily use the corrugated metal sidings across industrial and agricultural settings.

Ribbed Metal Siding

The ribbed metal siding shares its functionality with corrugated metal sidings, but the waves are slightly less prominent. The ribbed ones are aesthetic and functional, unlike the other metal sidings. With a modernized appeal, you can easily include ribbed metal sidings across your commercial and residential space. 

Vertical Metal Siding

The vertical metal siding will be easily installed vertically across the walls. The vertical placement of the sidings will help to enhance the elegant appearance. One major benefit of vertical metal siding is that it can make the structures appear tall. 

Horizontal Metal Siding

The horizontal metal siding shares similarities with vertical ones. The horizontal arrangement of the sidings will help in creating a timeless appearance. These metal sidings help in adding a rustic appearance to your property.

Standing Seam Metal Siding

The vertical panels are interlocked with the seams to form a standing seam metal siding. These feature a raised surface that helps in offering an extensive linear appearance. What’s great is the fact that the standing seam metal siding can easily withstand durability and strength. The clean lines across the standing seam metal sidings help to provide a sleek look.

Insulated Metal Siding

You will need insulated metal siding if you want to add insulation across your property. At Steel and Stud, we have the best-insulated metal barn siding for regulating the temperature across your property. So, if you live in harsh weather conditions, you can always fall back on insulated ones. 

Cost of Metal Barn Siding

Cost of Metal Barn Siding

Metal roofing and siding panels with fasteners (exposed) cost about the same amount for your barn. Regardless of your profile, the siding panels’ cost difference won’t exceed your barn price above 10%-15%.

If you want a standing seam metal roof system, be prepared to pay double the cost. Also, if you opt for a thicker gauge of the material or PVDF paint finish, it may significantly impact the price of the metal siding.

Every metal barn siding project is different, as are the installation prices, which depend on the type of metal panels used and the amount of work involved in installing it.

But an average cost for metal siding at Steel And Stud is $5 to $12 per square foot.

Metal Siding Colours for Barns

  • Your barn’s metal siding color should be as per the use of the space. For sheltering livestock, choose dark shades so it’s easy to clean the metal barn. If you want to convert the barn into a room, or carport, try lighter shades.
  • A directly painted metal roof’s color will fade faster than a metal siding panel’s color.
  • We recommend PVDF-painted colors if you want bright, vibrant colors for your metal siding. 
  • As opposed to an SMP paint system, PVDF paint fades more slowly. 
  • With PVDF paint, your color will stay brighter and more vibrant for longer than with standard SMP paint.
  • An SMP-painted panel is the best choice if you have a light shade for metal siding.

Installation of Metal Barn Siding

While installing the metal barn sidings, you need the help of professionals. At Steel and Stud, we’re available around the clock to provide the best support to you. Below are some protocols you need to take care of during the installation process.

Site Preparation

We strictly believe in preparing the area before installing your metal barn sidings. This is compulsory because the siding may not attach if there is dirt and debris, the siding may not attach. Therefore, we suggest removing the rotten sections and ensuring a smooth, flat surface to lay down the foundation.

Tools and Materials Required

It’s the tool and materials that make a difference in the entire installation process. We bring all the necessary tools at Steel and Stud to assist you with the installation process. You will need safety equipment, tin snips, drills, and more. We also care for fasteners, trim pieces, siding panels, and vapor barriers to streamline the installation process.

Installation Techniques

At Steel and Stud, the installation technique we follow completely depends on the type of siding you choose. We measure your wall, cut the metal strips, and eventually install them in your chosen style.

Safety Precautions

You cannot compromise on safety while installing the metal barn siding or installing any other metal building. Well, we don’t either. Thus, we have all the necessary personal protective equipment like safety goggles, gloves, and work boots. We have safety ladders if we have to get to a height to install the edges. Our professionals are trained and can walk through the entire step. At this time, we also take care of the laws as we follow the building codes and regulations.

Tips On How to Install Metal Siding to Your Barn

  • Metal siding should always be smaller than the walls they cover. The space allows the siding material to expand and contract with temperature changes and moisture.
  • There are many ways to join the pieces, But board and batten give your barn a more modern and sophisticated look.
  • Use only good-quality nails for joints between the panel.
  • Sliding boards should be laid horizontally across a wall, starting at the bottom and working up, the board below being overlaid by the one above.
  • It’s quite common to make mistakes. But, since the installation of metal barn siding is a very sensitive thing, here are some mistakes to avoid:
    • Wrong measurement
    • Not fastening the edges
    • Letting the edges overlap
    • Not sealing or waterproofing
    • Neglecting manufacturer guidelines

Is Corrugated Metal Siding Better for Pole Barn?

Corrugated Metal Siding

Whenever someone thinks of rustic siding designs, corrugated metal panels are the first thing that comes to mind. These panels are easy to install, give a traditional rustic look, and are great for siding. The classy look of Corrugated Metal has been used for decades as barn steel, and even today, it’s a popular choice for siding.

Corrugated metal siding is easy to install and looks great in any setting, from traditional to ultra-modern. As opposed to Corrugated metal sidings, snap batten panels can be more complicated to install, but they can provide a customized appearance. Panels made of snap battens can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

Corrugated is often used in utility buildings galvanized steel sheet siding and cladding are often made with a colored vinyl coating. Corrugated Aluminium Cladding is popular for areas where a durable finish is needed. It is lightweight and easy to install, making it a popular choice in metal siding.

From Galvanized metal, which looks like raw steel, to colorful accents, Corrugated metal is a robust and durable choice for siding.

Designed to shed water efficiently, corrugated metal ribs provide a quintessential layer of protection for your barn.

One of the most distinguished options regarding dramatic accents or stunning wainscoting is the 7/8″ Corrugated metal panel.

Wood texture and metal brick style are not made of wood but look pleasant and easy on upkeep.

  • Corrugated metal sidings
  • Snap batten panel metal sidings
  • Wood texture Siding
  • Brick Style siding

Why are Fastener Metal Roofing Panels the best Options for Barns?

Fastener Metal Roofing Panels

When it comes to barns, it is imperative to choose a material that is inexpensive, efficient, and easy to use. 

Fastener panels are the right metal panel that fulfills all these criteria, which is why they are highly recommended for barn installations.

There is no doubt that fastener panels are the most cost-effective type of metal panel. These fasteners (exposed) metal panels are about half the price of concealed fastener metal panels (used primarily for residential roofing or siding panels).

The fastener (exposed) panel attaches directly to the frame supports, making them more accessible and quicker to install. If you install them yourself, you will save money on labor costs.

However, even if a professional installs them, the costs of exposed fastener panels will still be significantly lower than concealed fastener metal panels.

Find the Best Options for Metal Barn Siding and roofing from Steel and Studs

Are you in search of a metal siding and roofing supplier? Steel and Studs is the superior metal roofing and siding supplier in the United States. We offer the best quality metal siding & roofing at the lowest prices.

With the help of our experts, you will not only have an easy buying experience, but you will also be able to choose the right metal siding and roofing option.

We deliver all across the USA. You can also order various metal panels with size specifications for your metal barn siding.

We also provide custom-designed metal buildings. So what are you waiting for? Buckle up! Our team of metal-building experts are waiting to assist you with all your queries.

Frequently Asked Question

How to install metal siding on pole barn?

Here are the complete steps to install metal siding on a pole barn

  • Install the J-channel along with the trim.
  • Then install the panels.
  • After installing panels, install the second course.
  • Finish it by installing a base strip at the panels’ bottom.
What is the best paint for metal barn siding?

The ideal choice for painting metal siding is a standard 100% acrylic exterior paint of high quality.

Choosing a satin shine will ensure your floor lasts longer and sheds water better.

What Factors to Consider When Choosing Metal Barn Siding?

You need to be mindful of the material, size, and area where you will install the metal barn siding while choosing one. 

How long does metal barn siding last?

If you’re taking proper care of metal barn siding, it can last up to 40-70 years. 

How to cut metal barn siding?

The best way to cut metal barn siding is with a saw fitted with titanium carbide blades.

How to hang a barn quilt on metal siding?

You can hang it by screwing it with deck screws, siding hooks, suction cups, wire hooks, and french cleats.

What is the best metal siding for pole barn?

Galvanized steel is undoubtedly a great choice as metal siding for pole barns. 

Does metal siding need a vapor barrier?

A vapor barrier is an essential component in a metal barn.