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Standing Seam Metal Roof Cost

Standing Seam Metal Roof Cost

Metal standing seam roofs are more durable and easier to maintain when compared to traditional asphalt shingles. Standing seam roofing systems are also known as vertical and raised seams. They have pleated metal panels with widths ranging from 12 to 19 inches fitted to a standing seam. Shop the high-quality standing seam metal roofs for the robust and aesthetically pleasing roofing system at the best cost.

Standing Seam Metal roof cost

What should be the ideal cost of a standing seam metal roof?

Before discussing the cost of installing a standing seam metal roof, let’s share the benefits of a standing seam roof structure.

  • Last for more than 50 years
  • A cool and energy-efficient roof that lowers your energy bill
  • Withstand different weather elements like snow, rain, and wind
  • Mould-resistant and fire-resistant
  • No need to repair frequently
  • Higher resale value
  • Easy to install solar panels due to the raised metal seams

Table of Contents

Creating A Budget For A Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

budget for a standing seam metal roof installation

The average standing seam metal roof costs $10 to $12 per square foot. The standard size of a residential roof is between 2000 and 3000 square feet.

Thus, the minimum cost of roof replacement starts from $18000. To get an accurate estimate for metal roofs, you can consult our metal roofing contractors.

Most importantly, the average cost of standing seam panels can vary according to your location in the USA. It is to be noted that although there is a high upfront cost, you will get a long-term value from the standing seam of your metal roof.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Cost - What Factors Can Cause A Significant Difference?

Standing Seam Metal Roof Cost

The charge of every roofing system is different. But, there are some more reasons causing variations in the overall cost of your metal roofing project.

The Roof Size And Roofing Materials

The more extensive standing seam metal roofs of a commercial house can cost high. The average cost of 1 sq. ft. of your roof also varies with chosen roofing material. Naturally, the use of premium materials will raise the metal roofing cost.

Metal roofing estimation based on materials

Steel is a popular material used for a standing seam metal roof. Galvalume is also a steel, which is corrosion-resistant for a coating of zing-aluminium alloy. 

Galvalume steel is one of the strongest roofing materials for your house. But, other roofing materials that have become popular among metal roof owners are aluminium, zinc, and copper.

The most affordable one is the corrosion-resistant painted aluminium roof. An aluminium standing seam is available in a range of colours.

Galvanised steel is also used for metal roofing structures. It is strong steel and prevents corrosion to your standing seam metal roofing system.

The cost of galvanised steel roof is around $325 per square, while for aluminium, it is $895 per square. The cost of a per square zinc roof is $700, whereas the cost of a copper roof per square is $600. Note that each square equals 100 sq. ft of your metal roof.

Thus, the cost of your residential standing seam roofs will vary with the roofing materials.

Analysing the roof size and the cost of your metal roofing material

While creating a budget for installing a standing seam metal roofing panel, your roof size is the major factor. The roofer will decide the number of metal panels based on the roof size. Moreover, a larger roof also makes the installation a time-consuming project.

1.5 times the square foot of your house indicates the overall roof size. But, a professional roofing contractor can give you an accurate measurement.

A roofing company engages several roofers for a roof installation project. Thus, you must not overlook the labour cost of your project. The average cost of your standing seam metal roof can be around $1100 per square foot.

So, let your roofers take the measurement of your roof and send the cost estimate. A roofing project needs several other raw materials. Therefore, you cannot calculate the cost of standing seam roofs.

Pitch And Structure of Your Roof

Other significant roofing costs are valleys, pitch, skylights, planes, and dormers. Pitch indicates the slope of your roof. For the flat walkable standing seam metal roofs; thus, you do not need to pay a high amount for the project.

On the contrary, installing metal panels on steeper roofing structures takes longer. Roofers use special equipment for this purpose.

Removal of Your Damaged Roof

You may have called roofing professionals to replace your damaged metal panels. They will remove those roofing materials before installing a new metal roof. Thus, the total estimate will include the replacement and installation charges. But, in some cases, roofers install the new roof along with the old roof.

Removing your existing roof costs around $100 per square of roofing panels removed. The professional steps of replacing the roof involve some steps-

  • Remove the panels
  • Inspect the deck- Make some repairs
  • Place an underlayment
  • Install a trim
  • Position the metal panel and attach them
  • Install flashings
  • Remove old materials
  • Permits

You need a permit to install a standing seam panel. It is essential, especially for a new standing seam roof. After accomplishing the installation project, a professional inspector would check every detail. The cost of this permit can be up to $1000 (for a 2000 sq ft roof).

Colour of your roof- One of the main cost factors

Metal roofing systems are highly advantageous, as you can easily paint the surface with any colour. But, the custom-coloured metal panels can cost higher when compared to standard colours. The major reason behind the higher cost is that several homeowners prefer them for better aesthetics.

Standing seam metal panels with quality coating have no chalking and colour-fading risks. Chalks are residues accumulated on metal roofing surfaces. Some roofs are available with warranted coatings, and you need a higher budget to install them.

Light roof colors do not absorb a high amount of heat. Thus, your rooms will be cooler in the hot summer months. You can decide on the color combination of the roof of a raised seam metal roofing system based on your preference.

Mechanical lock and snap lock roofing panels- Find the difference in cost

The way how panels are connected can make mechanical lock roofing panels different from snap panels. There are fasteners in snap panels for proper attachment. The fastener and the panel together create a single piece. A roof with a sloped surface needs snap-lock metal panels.

A snap lock can cost higher than the mechanically locked standing seam panel.

Known as field-locked roofing panels, mechanical ones need more skills for installation. Professionals use special tools to seal the panels’ edges. Mechanical lock panels are available in both single and double-locked models. However, both are reliable for your metal roofing structures.

What is The Longevity of A Standing Seam Metal Roof?

What is the longevity of a standing seam metal roof?

A properly installed metal roof last for years. Moreover, the attic should be ventilated. Most homeowners claim that this roof can last for 30 to 50 years. Some painted metal panels have a warranty of 30 years.  The cleaning of the roof can be a tedious task. Follow this simple guideline on cleaning the roof in no time.

But, the colour will not disappear after 30 years. Those looking for highly resilient roof types can choose this metal roof.

Are The Metal Roofs Installable With Your DIY Method?

Are the metal roofs installable with your DIY method?

You must not try to install any metal roofing component without special skills. A roof installation is a complicated process, and there are safety hazards. Professional roofing contractors use special tools to manage the metal panel installation process, which makes installation sustainable and functional.

What is The Cost of Your Corrugated Metal Panels?

A corrugated metal roofing system is more affordable than metal shingles. It can cost around $15000. This metal panel is best suited for a longer roofing structure. Steel and Stud provide affordable roofing materials to these service area:

Steel And Stud service area
  • Pennsylvania Metal Buildings
  • South Carolina Metal Buildings
  • Maryland Metal Buildings
  • Nebraska Metal Buildings
  • Massachusetts Metal Buildings
  • Arizona Metal Buildings
  • Arkansas Metal Buildings


This comprehensive metal roofing cost guide will give you a clear idea of the different factors affecting your roof installation costs. Providing an accurate roofing system price without a professional roofer’s guidance is impossible. A consultation with roofers is important for making a budget for your roofing project.