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PBR vs. r panel

PBR vs. r panel

Metal is, no doubt, the best material in today’s era used for construction projects. Metal panels for your roof and walls ensure incomparable strength, longevity, and resistance to corrosion and heat. Professional builders, homeowners, and commercial building owners buy metal building kits and components from Steel and Stud for constructing high-rise buildings.

pbr vs r panel

Plate panels, perforated sheets, and other types of metal panels add beauty to the metal structure. However, we have several categories of metal panels; the most popular ones are PBR and R-panels. How do PBR panels differ from R panels?

Our experts briefly discuss each panel and help you understand why PBR and R panels are used in metal buildings.

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PBR panels - Vast Overlap Section

PBR represents purlin bearing R panel. So, there is an extensive overlap section, which provides coverage for the subsequent panel. It creates a connection between metals. Your metal roofing panels will have a stronger and longer-lasting connection.

A purlin-bearing leg overlaps between your metal roof panels to prevent the effects of wind and moisture. Roofing professionals install the panels on an open framing (like wooden beams and metal purlins).

The finished coverage of PBR panels is 36’, while the length varies between 3’ and 50’. Again the rib height is around 1.25″.

Why should you choose PBR panels?

PBR panels are highly versatile metal roofing for siding metal projects for your residential and commercial buildings. The significant benefits of these panels are-

Get a comprehensive purlin bearing overlap

Why should you choose PBR panels?

Nothing can be better than PBR panels for homeowners needing a better overlap. Panels overbending on the lap leg develop a weather-tight and more robust connection between metal components. Your roofing contractors may add an anti-siphon groove to the buildings in high-precipitation zones.

Provide an open framing solution

PBR panels can span up to 6 feet of your open-frame roof. On the contrary, other common R-panels are not safe for your open framing needs.

Available in multiple gauges

PBR panels are found in different gauges (thickness level of the metal). The most popular choice is the 26-gauge metal as it has high durability. But you may also choose a 24-gauge metal roofing panel for your project.

Easily installable

DIY installation becomes easy due to the PBR panel’s exposed fastener. Still, you can rely on professional roofers to avoid mistakes.

A highly affordable choice

The overall cost of your residential and commercial roofing constructions will get lowered due to the use of PBR. As there is no hassle in installing PBR, roofers will not charge a high amount.

R-panels-Exposed fasteners

An R-panel involves an exposed fastener as corrugated panels. So, you can use R panels for roof and metal wall panels. Originally, R-panel had applications in pre-fabricated metal buildings. But, these panels have several other applications today, including Shouses, Shows, and Barndominiums.

When R-panels include purlin-bearing return, they become PBR. In fact, a PBR is an extension of an R-panel’s edge placed on your roof deck. R-panel PBR is best for roofing projects because roofers need better support for installing the panels. For your wall applications, you can use non-PBR panels.

Advantages of using R-panels

Although there are U-panels and other metal panels for residential and commercial roof applications, R-panels are more advantageous in different ways.

A myriad of color choices

Like the high-quality standing seam metal panels, we also offer several color options in R-panels. While attaching a new roofing system to other roofs, you will easily find the perfect match with walls.

High durability

Regardless of the type and design of your residential roof, the R-panels have more endurance to adverse circumstances due to their sturdy design. Thus, bad weather will not affect the integrity of the R-panels on minimum slope roofing structures. You are saving extra bucks else spent on frequent repairs of your metal roof panel.

Easily Available

When you need an urgent replacement of your commercial or industrial roof, R-panels are readily available options with easy installation.

The cost of an R Panel or PBR generally costs around $2.00-$4.50 per square foot for steel.

PBR Panel Installation

PBR panel installation

To install a PBR panel on your metal roof, your professional roofing contractors undergo some complicated steps. Especially painted steel needs proper care and handling to prevent the risk of scratches on your roof panels. The PBR panels are carried safely by grasping the panel’s edge. The most important thing is that the metal roofing panel needs to be vertical to your ground.

Roofers focus on underlayment to install the PBR panel. This underlayment is to be used on the wood substrates to protect the structure adequately. A water shield and rubberized ice can ensure additional protection to your metal roof. When the panel is installed directly on your old metal roof, your installer has to provide solid decking.

Another important thing about the panel installation is ventilation- to prevent condensation issues. When there is contact between the surface temperature and moisture-laden air, it results in condensation. Several residential and commercial metal buildings have this problem. The underside of your metal roof also needs protection by using insulating materials.

So, these are major considerations for the roofing application of your PBR metal panel. You can invest in an originally designed metal panel for commercial and residential applications. With Steel and Stud, you only buy the best quality PBR panel for clean lines and lasting value.

R-panel installation for your roofing and siding project

You can use R-panels over different substrates, including wood decking, spaced sheathing, steel decking, and open purlins. As there are exposed fasteners, they can penetrate your roofing panel very quickly. However, roofing contractors focus on the potential points of leakage. Screw heads will remain visible during the post-installation period.

Exposed fasteners are advantageous in installation as they make the process faster. They are better for installation than systems with concealed fasters, as the cost of installing the R-panel is more affordable. The minimum roof slope requirement for installing the R-panel is 1:12 on different structures.

You can choose the R-panel for almost any type of roof. In the case of the low-pitched roof, you have to install a standing seam panel.

PBR Vs. R panel sealant accessories

You can add gutters or diverters to divert or harvest rainwater. Any leakage on the roof is quickly fixed using the sealant. A good roofer prefers sealants only from the best brands. There is almost no difference in sealant accessories used for these panels. The most commonly used accessories for sealant are:

  • Hip Sealant Tape
  • Tube sealant
  • Butyl sealant tape
  • Closure strips (inside, outside, and universal)

Available colors of the R-panel and PBR panel

R-panel is the right choice for those concerned about the color and aesthetics of their metal roofing systems. Both R-panel and PBR metal panels can be galvalume or in paint finishes. There are more than 100 specialty paint prints for R-panel metal roof owners. Some 24-gauge metal roofs have PVDF paint which may increase the overall cost.

The color options are limited for a PBR roof panel available with us. The standard colors include regal blue, royal blue, regal red, classic green, ash gray, champagne, and almond.

It is noted that metal roofs with lighter colors make the structure look taller. You can choose lighter shades for a roof with a low pitch. However, darker ones are best for a roof with a high slope.

Why Steel and Stud Is Best For PBR and R panels?

  • Metal roof and wall panels from Steel and Stud will add a level of beauty to your house, as they are available in various attractive colors and gauges. They are also adjustable to different profiles and shapes based on your preferences.
  • The installation cost of an R panel is low, as it is lightweight and simple. Moreover, R panels have a clear span because of their structure; hence are on low maintenance as compared to asphalt shingles, vinyl, brick, and other similar wall and roofing systems.
  • Our high-quality metal wall panel can fight against rain, fire, and daily wear and tear. You can create a weather-resistant barrier with sealant, end wall flashing, and trims.
  • Galvanized steel metal is a sustainable material suitable for residential and commercial applications. You can easily install heavy hoopers to your brand, shed or agricultural building, or chimneys to your living quarter or metal houses.


Some homeowners prefer the R-panel, as it is a more cost-saving option that needs low maintenance. On the contrary, a PBR panel is an energy-efficient choice. To make a better comparison, you can talk to your roofing contractor. You can also ask your roofers to estimate your roofing project. The cost of commercial roofs may be slightly higher when compared to residential ones.