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Metal Building Trims

Metal Building Trims

A house needs protection and aesthetics. By using metal building trims, we will easily be separated from ordinary-looking houses. These are also great for living in a fully steel-built abode and 40% more rigid than wooden houses. 

They are decorative and offer protection from the weather too. These are available in different types, each one to match our building structure. We can also choose trims for any customization, depending on our expertise.  

In this post, we’ll look at several elements and sorts of metal trims, as well as how Steel and Stud can provide the ideal metal trimmings for your next big project.

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Metal Building Trims

metal building trims

The trims are metal sheets in parts that are folded. They work to keep the roof waterproof.  

The large lengths maintain consistency. Their application is very simple for makeovers of the home or shed.

Generally, water damages different parts of the metal roofing during rain. But metal trims will seal the joints and keep off moisture. They will allow roof panels to connect from edge to edge in the roof and give a polished look.

Standard Features & Items Of Metal Building Trims

It comes with a steel coil of around 4m long and 0.6mm thick, with overlaps of 50-100mm thickness. It also includes steel sheets of 20 inches-26-gauge material.

Some of the items include but are not limited to:

  • A box and sculpted gutter
  • Box rake and sculptured trim
  • Peak and corner boxes
  • Different downspouts
  • Different eave trims
  • Corner trims in different panels

Other trims include a jamb, head, sill, cap, drip, starter, and transition, and also a ridge drip cap, soffit, and valley flashing.

You’ll also find either galvanized or colored metal trims.

Types of Metal Building Trims

Metal trims come in various types:

Roof ridge cap

roof ridge cap
Roof ridge cap placed

This one offers an intersection between two roofs at the ridge. So, the roof is free from leakage and rain.

Eave trim

Eave trim

This custom trim stays at the roof’s end and also at the top of the panel. It offers an aesthetic look. It also prevents moisture to enter the wall and panels. 

Gable trim

Gable trim

Gable trim offers a panel that remains water-resistant. It is placed between the panels of the wall. For this, it can block steel plates and prevent water from coming inside. 



We can place this on the edge to lead the rainwater to a downspout. So, instead of collecting on the steel roofing, the water will flow towards the ground. 

Wall Corner trim

Wall Corner trim

As the name says, this trim remains at the wall’s outside corners. So, mostly it works for the decorative part but also removes water so that it doesn’t enter the building

Base Trim

base trim

The intersection of the panel and wall is made of a base. This trim will cover this base and prevent any water from entering the building. It even covers the windows and the doors.

Rake Trim 

This is an angled trim to fit the roof pitch. So, the trim can cover the seam of the roof. Both the roof panels and end wall panels are covered with no overhanging roof line. 

Effects Of Metal Building Trims 

We will have two effects on the roof. One is the prevention of water leakage, and the other is a decorative finish. 

Whether trims offer an intersection or remain at the edge, corner, or angle, their purpose is to cover the opening. This will either block the rainwater or make them flow to a different route. 

Besides, the color options, shape, and finish of each trim offer a beautiful structure.

Why is Opening Trim for Metal Buildings so Important?

Opening trim will allow us to give a polished look to the metal building. We can change the color and texture. Besides, they are used to cover the wall panels and roof edges from all sides. This will ensure that the trims can seal the areas properly. 

Then the roof can remain waterproof by making the rain flow downwards outside the building. 

How Much Does Trim Cost? 

The cost depends on the type of trim we use and our roof system. Generally, the cost can range from $8 to $20 per linear foot. Individually, the Eave and gable trim cost around $2 to $3 per lineal ft and ridge caps cost from $2.50 to $4 per linear ft.

Is Trim Easy To Install? 

Unfortunately, the installation is quite complex. You need to be patient and careful while working if you decide to install by yourself. Otherwise, slight mistakes can lead to failure which won’t prevent water leakage. 

You should also take a good amount of time to measure the number of trims and cut out the steel sheet for the roof panels. Then you can work on organizing and shelving inside. 

Why Trim Is Important To The Success Of Your Metal Roof?

You need a damage-free roof, and trims are the answer to it. A successful installation will give you a roof that will last a long. It will not only protect from moisture but also other elements that can cause damage. As a bonus, you get a perfectly structured and textured rooftop.  

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