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Metal Building Windows for Better Ventilation and Light

Metal Building Windows for Better Ventilation and Light

If you’re thinking about getting a prefabricated metal building, you may not realize that you have the option to customize it by adding windows. Adding metal building windows to elevates it both aesthetically and in physical value. There are specially designed windows for steel buildings which we can supply along with your metal building kits from the best manufacturer brands around.

Windows provide multiple benefits to prefab metal buildings. They both improve the exterior beauty of the building and help illuminate and ventilate the interior sections of the buildings. Natural light and ventilation can improve the internal atmosphere in your metal building. At the same time, the right number and placement of windows can also enhance the exterior look of your prefab steel structure. Windows can help to regulate internal building temperature in warm and cold weather.

However, there are major limitations to these types of windows. They are often not as sturdy as regular windows because steel building windows do not have a sub-frame. Instead, they are attached directly to the external steel panel. The windows are screwed on directly to the metal sheathing, providing a weak connection that cannot withstand high winds without reinforcements. 

All factors considered, adding one or more windows to your steel building can be highly valuable. This article discusses further the buying and installation information of metal windows:

Table of Contents

Metal Building Windows Basics

At Steel and Stud, we believe that our customers should have the option to choose their preferred metal building windows by themselves, as it provides several advantages over cheaply made metal building windows. These advantages include a wider range of window styles and sizes and no chance of breakage during shipping.

If you are unsure how to get started with adding windows to your metal building, don’t worry, we’ve got everything you need to know right here!

Components Of A Framed Opening

It is important to verify the external window size to ensure the cutout is properly sized when ordering windows. The cutout should be ¼ inch larger than the window on all sides. For example, a 4-foot wide by the 3-foot-high window will require a 4′ 1/4″ x 3’1/4″ opening. 

It is also important to note that window and door framing locations are commonly prone to air leaks and energy loss. Air leak testing is a current code requirement that building departments nationwide are slowly being implemented. Make sure you spend extra time ensuring gaps around windows and doors are foam-filled and sealed. This will improve the energy efficiency of your metal building.

Window Placement

When it comes to metal building construction, windows are typical “field located.” This means that the builder will choose where to install the opening at the job site. 

The placement of steel exterior panels often dictates the location of windows, making it difficult to achieve the desired window placement. This is particularly important in commercial and industrial structures where the exact location of a window may be crucial to the overall design.

When choosing a window location, it is important to consider how it will affect the flow of air or light in your metal building. Our team of specialists helps locate the window by helping you determine the best placement and number of windows to get the ventilation or illumination you need. Additionally, if you ever encounter any problems with the workmanship or materials used in your building, our 20-year warranty on all kits have you covered.


As you look to install and begin using your new metal building, it is important to think about safety features like ventilation. Cars and other equipment with engines that burn fuel produce carbon monoxide, which can be dangerous in a closed space. The addition of Windows will provide the necessary ventilation to let harmful gases like carbon monoxide escape and allow fresh air to come in, making it easier to breathe. In an emergency, windows can also be used to exit from the building if the door is blocked.


When constructing a metal building, it is important to consider bracing placement. Bracing is necessary to control horizontal deflection of the superstructure frame and prevent door, window, and interior finish cracking or deformations. If you plan to place a window in a section of the building where there is X bracing, you either must remove the bracing or install a portal frame. Before fabrication, these changes need to be done in the metal building design stage.


Our metal building kits are very affordable at less than $150 extra for each window. The size and steel gauge of the window may also place a factor in the price determination.

What Types of Windows Can You Use in Metal Buildings?

Suppose you’re thinking about installing windows in your steel building. In that case, there are a few things you’ll need to take into consideration, including how much illumination and ventilation you need in the building. There are various window types and styles to choose from. So, you need to decide which window suits your needs. Here are the most popular window types for your metal buildings are:


Slimline windows are a popular choice for metal buildings because of their minimalistic design. These windows have a slight frame and let in plenty of natural light, making them a great option for those looking to brighten up their space. These windows add a sleek and contemporary appearance to your building with minimal illumination entrance into the building.

Single Hung Windows

Also known as a two-sash window, single hung windows are window types that have two panels or “sashes.” The top sash is fixed in place permanently, while the bottom sash can be opened and closed. Single-hung windows are great aesthetic features that provide ample natural light and ventilation. However, they require a more significant vertical cutout installed in a metal building.

Horizontal Slide

A horizontal slide window features a sash that slides across the frame (rather than up and down). This is a great option when looking for an alternative to the traditional single-hung window. Note that a larger horizontal cutout is required for this window type.

If you are choosing a window for your home or business, it is important to think about the style of frame you want. There are several options, including vinyl, aluminum, self-framing, and self-flashing. You should research the different options in-depth and speak to your contractor about what would be best for your building.

Where Are The Windows Going?

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to windows in metal buildings. First, you’ll need to avoid placing them where there are already support columns or x-bracing in place.

Secondly, it’s best to go for a higher number of smaller windows instead of a few large ones. This is because the window frames will be installed into the metal wall of your building, and while windows are great for a lot of things, supporting weight is not one of them!

Finally, go for a south-facing window if you want to add light. If you want ventilation, add a window on the opposite side of the door.

How To Install A Window In A Metal Building?

Once you’ve decided on the type of windows you want, you’ll need to gather tools and supplies such as hand drills, measuring tapes, and hammers. These can be sourced from your local tool stores or building centers. With these, you can proceed to install your metal building in the following steps:

  • To install a window, you will need to measure the size of the window and locate an area on the metal building wall where you want to place the window. The open space should be between two steel frames, and the height should be balanced.
  • Measure the distance from the floor to the top of the window opening and subtract the window height from that measurement. This will mark where the top of the window’s bottom framing piece will lie.
  • You’ll need to add fins to both sides of the window frame to accommodate the 1/4″ allowance added to the metal panel cutout.
  • You might need some support if you are installing the window by yourself. Otherwise, our professional installers ensure two individuals install the windows, one standing outside and the other on the inside. 
  • Add Jamb Trims on both sides of the window frame, allowing you to add insulation properties to the metal building window.
  • Add the frame out following standard installation procedures. The frame out is a secondary attachment for the window that provides a net barrier when the main window is open.

Once the windows are installed, you’ll need to caulk and seal them to ensure they’re weatherproof. This step is important to protect your investment and keep your building in top condition.

Framing Windows in Metal Building Tips

Steel buildings suffer from leaks caused by both external and internal sources. The damaging effects of leaks make it essential to seek ways to address them. One of such ways is to use excellent frame quality for the metal building.

External leak sources include storms, which can penetrate the building’s exterior – usually the roof – and cause damage. Internal leak sources include condensation, which can form inside a steel building when the humidity and heat inside the building meet the external surface of the structure during cold weather.

Here are some the tips to follow in framing windows in a metal building:

  1. Buy High-Quality Metal Building Kits: When choosing a metal building kit, quality should be your top priority. Steel and Stud metal building kits are from the best brands across America. We supply commercial-grade purlin bearing rib (PBR) steel panels and rust-resistant screws that guarantee extra sealing protection.

  2. Install Screws and Fasteners Properly: All screws should not miss the target steel framing, such as a purlin or girt. For best results, self-drilling screws attached to the roof and wall panels should be drilled at 900, not crooked. Screws should always be drilled to just their expected height, not more, not less. With proper installation, our supply kits do not leak.
  3. Reduce Humidity To The Lowest Possible Level: Humidity can build up in a structure if the concrete is not allowed to dry up completely before it completely cures. Keep livestock in the structure to the lowest number possible, and if it is meant to be for livestock, you must increase the number of windows in the structure.
  4. Install Metal Building Insulation: Effective insulation can help prevent leakages in a metal building by improving the energy efficiency within the building. It minimizes the overall energy loss from within the building.
  5. Use a vapor retardant: Vapor retardants are an extra membrane that clients can have installed along with their insulation packages. This further improves the energy efficiency within the building.

Where to Find Metal Building Windows for Sale

Steel and Stud has a great selection of windows in different sizes and styles, including insulated and slimline options. Each package comes with aluminum frames, glass, and flashing fins. You can contact us for the detailed descriptions and specifications to find the right window for your needs.

Steel and Stud pre-engineered and prefabricated metal building window kits are made by the best manufacturers and supplied across the United States in 48 states, including Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.


Installation of windows in metal buildings can be a valuable addition to the structure via illumination and ventilation. However, it can be a source of concern for your metal building when it compromises the structure’s energy efficiency via leaks. The best way to ensure that your metal building remains in pristine condition is to start by buying high-quality metal building kits. Steel and Stud remain committed to supplying the best kits to all our customers regardless of their location across the United States.



We partner with the most trusted American metal building kit manufacturers and vendors to supply our kits across 48 American states, including Alabama, Arkansas, and Indianapolis.

If you are a serious DIY enthusiast, you can install a metal building by yourself depending on the amount of time and effort investment you are ready to make on the building project. You will also be required to study the installation manual to achieve such a feat.

We contact all our customers within a month of placing an order with their expected delivery date to make further clarification.

You will need to check with your local Home Owners Association (HOA) to know if you need a permit for your metal building.

Depending on its size, it takes between 4 hours to multiple days to assemble a carport. A carport for single-car use can take less than 4 hours for assembly.

Metal buildings are prone to sweating which causes rusting and erosion. However, these can be controlled using some proven insulation, ventilation, and sealing methods.

There are possibilities of leaks in a poorly constructed metal structure. Vapor retardants and proper insulation are sufficient to control measures for leaks.

Yes. It makes for a well-ventilated and highly habitable interior atmosphere.

Anywhere around your existing building is fine. However, ensure that the location has a level ground surface for your metal building to be installed on.

We offer a standard insulation option for all our clients at affordable prices. If you would love to have extra insulation, you should contact us at Steel and Studs now!

The client must carry out site preparation before we get to the site. It requires them to have a level concrete or gravel ground fixed with anchors before the delivery date of the metal building kits for installation.

We offer 20-year warranties on all our metal building kits.