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House Metal Roof Colors

House Metal Roof Colors

After installing the metal roof, changing the color will be an uphill battle. That is why you must be mindful while choosing the color for your new roof.

Steel and Stud offers different color options- from standard to bold colors for your metal roof system. But, if you have to match roofs with walls or doors, you can ask for custom colors for your metal panel.

Longevity, safety, durability, eco-friendliness, and energy efficiency are some biggest reasons for choosing a metal roofing system.

Steel and Stud, the biggest manufacturer and supplier of metal buildings, ensures your roof’s functional value and pleasing aesthetics.

Order the PVDF and SMP finish standing seam roofs or corrugated ones for your home’s exterior.

2023 Trending Colors For Metal Roofs

2023 Trending Colors For Metal Roofs
  • Copper metallic colors
  • Regal white
  • Mansard brown
  • Medium Bronze
  • Charcoal gray
  • Light gray
  • Dove Gray
  • Sierra Tan
  • Matte black
  • Dark bronze

Tips On Choosing The Best Metal Roofing Colors

Tips For Choosing The Best Metal Roofing Colors

Every color has its own set of pros and cons. Roofs with darker shades are long-lasting, easily maintained, and cheaper. Light colors metal roofs are soothing and energy efficient but need proper cleaning. At the same time, metallic colors like Gold and Silver are bold choices and go best as trim colors or to paint flashing. Here are some more tips on roof colors for different building styles and shapes.

Choose Dark Shade for fastener Panels

PBR and ⅞” corrugated panels have exposed fasteners. On the contrary, a standing seam metal roof panel has a concealed fastener. PBR panels need more amount of color as compared to standing seam.

However, installing metal roofing panels is easy without much effort. So, the installation cost and the panel cost will be highly affordable.

Moreover, in the case of a PBR roofing panel, moist weather can affect the fasteners. Penetration of exposed fasteners can cause leakage issues; hence proper color coating can help to mitigate the risk.

You can choose streaked blue copper-colored corrugated panels. Similarly, dark bronze PBR panels have become popular for residential and commercial houses.

Choose Between PVDF And SMP Paint Finishes For Metal Roof Colors

PVDF And SMP Paint Finishes For Metal Roof Colors

PVDF contains 30% acrylic and 70% polyvinylidene thermoplastic fluoropolymer. PVDF resin is highly protective and resists UV rays, humidity, sun’s heat, and pollutants in the air. It is the most commonly chosen paint system for a metal roof with a standing seam.

SMP, also known as silicone-modified polyester, is another paint system for coating metal coil products and metal sheets. It also combines silicon (to retain gloss) and polyester (to ensure weather resistance).

Advantages of choosing PVDF-

The PVDF paint system has a high color retention capacity, which is better than other common coatings.

This coating will last for several years without showing degradation signs.

The special resins also safeguard pigments that are responsible for developing the color chip.

Good warranty coverage and fade resistance are other reasons for investing in the PVDF paint system.

Moreover, the whitish residue, known as chalking, becomes visible on the metal surface due to pollution, water, and chemicals. But PVDF doesn’t show fading and chalking so you can save cost on repair or paint.

Furthermore, PVDF has a high film adhesion integrity. In fact, it is the right choice for those who install metal roofs of bright colors like terra cotta and regal blue.

Some PVDF systems are chosen for metal roofs that have solar reflective pigments. You will enjoy cool metal roofing throughout the year.

Advantages of choosing SMP-

The SMP paint system is advantageous because of its scratch resistance. A metal roof system treated with SMP withstands improper handling during installation. Moreover, film adhesion is a part of the paint warranty. Other things covered in the warranty are peeling, flaking, and cracking.

Another reason for choosing SMP coating is that it is available at a highly reasonable rate. Due to this low cost, it is highly useful for agricultural and structural metal roofing projects.

Today, SMP coating formulas have become more advanced. Thus, you will find more applications for this paint system. SMP is the right choice for those who desire textured finishes for their metal roof surfaces.

These unique finishes will provide your flat panels with a visual depth. You may not find it in solid shades.

Choose Primary Hues for Architectural style house design-

You can decide on metal roofing colors according to your building style. Solid colors are best for contemporary architecture. The most common shades include weathered gray, gray zinc, musket gray, midnight black, and matte black.

Similarly, Spanish architectural styles reflect a rustic appearance. Thus, the metal roof colors for Spanish homes are real rusted shades, colonial red, terra cotta, and other earth tones.

Again, farmhouses and barns with metal roofs look attractive with shades of red and white. Talk to your roofer to identify the color that matches your own building style.

Complementary Colors with energy efficiency

As you like to make your metal roofing system highly energy efficient, you should find the right color palette. In fact, roof color is very important for those who reside in a warm climatic region. A cool metal roofing structure will reduce your utility bill.

Metal roofs painted with lighter colors can reflect the sun’s rays. So, they are a better option than a darker shade roof. You can protect the roofing surface from the scorching heat. The lighter shades will keep your rooms cool; thus, you will not need to turn on your AC throughout the day.

Houses with black metal roofs have hotter rooms. So, black should be avoided for those living in hot climatic regions. Black and darker shades absorb heat and retain the heat in your house. They can make rooms comfortable during the cold winter seasons.

Overall, it can be said that the roof color plays a role in maintaining the right temperature of your house.

Light Color Roof Make Your Building Look Taller

light color metal roof

Lighter colors for your steel roof make your building appear taller. That is why lighter shades are perfect for roofs with a shallow pitch. But, darker colors create a contrasting effect. Roofs with a high slope appear less profound.

Choose Roof Colour During Daytime

Interestingly, your metal roof color will seem to be different based on the time of the day when you look at it. It happens because of the varying lighting conditions. For instance, you may notice an intense glare in the afternoon but may find them dull and gloomy in the evening.

Ensure you Adhere to HOA’s rules and restrictions before choosing the color

Is your house associated with HOA? Is it located in a historic district? You should know about roof color restrictions in your locality.

HOAs permit metal roof installation. Thus, you must talk to the municipal authority before installing and painting your metal roofing system. HOAs deny metal roofing and particular colors because

  • Metal creates an industrial look.
  • A different metal roof can cause inconsistencies and affect the neighborhood’s synchronization.
  • High-glare roof paint finishes are not acceptable to some municipal authorities.

Color Choices As Per The Location of Your House

The color of your metal roof should be chosen according to the location. You can now find guidance in picking the roof color based on the location-

Tropical regions

Building owners in tropical locations like California, Hawaii, Phoenix, Arizona, and Florida  … tend to choose bright-colored metal roofing systems. the tropical locations include metallic shades, slate blue, and patina green on their living home roofs.

Forests and mountains

Houses located in Alaska, Arizona, North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Minnesota can choose metal roof panels with gray finishes, bronze tones, and evergreen colors.

Southern regions

Those who reside in the southern parts of the USA should pick warmer shades. But, any standard roof colors like colonial red can match their houses. Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia counties prefer bold happy colors for their roof.


Houses on the plains should have metal panels with softer tones like mansard brown and beige.

Hues of White and Black Have Minimal Fading Risks

Grays, whites, and tans fade more slowly when compared to highly saturated colors. Applying a special coating that protects the roof from moisture, mildew, and sun heat are better. This protective coating also reduces the chance of fading. Your roof will appear new and fresh for years.

Low-quality coatings will have chipping and peeling issues. Ultimately, you may find an uneven appearance on your roofing surface.

Elevate the beauty of your house with the right metal roof color

What is the current color palette used for the overall house? It lets you decide on choosing the best metal roof colors. Color combinations for metal siding and metal roofs are highly significant.

Moreover, contrasting metal wall colors and metal roof colors create an eye-catching look. You can add a classic touch to your house by choosing complementary metal roof colors.

Lighter metal roof colors indeed make your house look taller. But, these light shades can become dirty within a short period. On the contrary, darker color options can hide grime and dirt on your metal roof surface.

To identify perfect color choices for a metal roofing surface, you have to focus on the adjacent exterior elements, including

  • Metal wall panels
  • Siding
  • Doorframe
  • Gutters
  • Fascia board
  • Landscaping features
  • Nearby barns and sheds

Photo galleries of your roof manufacturers can also be a source of inspiration. Moreover, color charts, metal color chips, and a color visualizer will give a realistic representation of different metal roofing color options.


You have now understood how different colors affect your metal roofing system’s beauty and energy efficiency. But, it is challenging to pick the perfect color for a metal roof. You can take your design inspiration from professional roofing contractors.

Climatic conditions, geographic locations, neighborhood trends, and several other factors can influence color choices. However, your personal preference should be your priority.

It is also essential to maintain the color integrity of the overall house. There are some popular metal roof colors, and you can easily choose.