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Metal building colors

Metal Building Colors

When choosing metal building color schemes, it’s essential to choose lighter ones to reflect the sun’s rays better, keeping the interior cooler and saving you money on air conditioning. Darker colors absorb 90 percent of the sun’s energy and transfer heat from the sun through the metal building. These colors are often used for buildings with a lot of glass. If you’re unsure what color scheme to choose for your metal building, read this article.

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Choose Your Favorite Metal Building Colors From Our Color Visualizer 

Metal Building Colors From Our Color Visualizer 

Color is the most crucial part of the aesthetics of a building. Colors can influence your mood, and they can also describe a lot about your structure. Choosing the right metal building color schemes is important while ordering your steel building with us. We ensure the color is infused in a way that does not get dull with time. Choosing a steel building color you like would save you a lot of money repainting the structure.

Choosing metal building color combinations according to your surrounding climate is an intelligent move.

Dark shades of steel buildings soak more of the sun’s heat than others, transferring more heat from the sun to the structure’s interior and keeping your structure warm. Therefore, keeping your electricity bills lower in colder regions. Light shades of metal buildings keep the inside of the building cooler, saving you a lot on your electricity bills in warm regions. But this does not mean you cannot experiment with colors. Steel and Stud share the latest trendy colors for your metal buildings. Our professionals can guide you through choosing a practical and beautiful color for your building.

Steel Building Color Options as Per Your Location

The color combinations of a steel building will set its whole look and aura. There are plenty of color options available for you; it is essential to consider where you live or where your steel building is situated when selecting a color. Here are some color options depending on the geographic location of the building.


Homeowners and builders in tropical regions like Miami, Florida, Keywest, and even California often have brighter and more vibrant metal roof shades than non-tropical ones. The most popular colors in the tropical areas are patina green, metallic colors, aged copper, slate blue, burnished slate, Hawaiian blue, and custom colors.

Blue shades are popular in topical countries

Mountains and Forests 

Most buildings in mountainous or forested areas like the states of Montana, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico use earth tones that complement the surroundings. The most liked shades in these areas are evergreen, Hartford green, all of the gray finishes like charcoal gray, burnished slate, and dark or medium bronze.

Steel Building Color Options for mountain area


In the Plainslands of North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma, the exterior of the metal buildings should be painted in earthy shades like dove gray, mansard brown, burnished slate, surrey beige, light stone, and ash gray, similar to those in mountainous areas.

Steel Building Color Options for Plain area


There is a substantial Latin influence on architecture in Alabama, Arkansas, Columbia, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. That is why they tend to use a warmer color scheme for buildings, and Spanish tile is particularly prevalent in roofing. Colonial red and terra cotta are standard colors for properties seeking the look of Spanish tile and the protection and durability of metal roofing. People also go for rustic red.

Steel Building Color Options for south region

Structure Style Also Effect The Color Scheme

The other factor that affects the color choice of your metal structure in the US is the architectural type of your structure. Hundreds of architectural styles exist, and some structures might fall into more than one category, but here are a few examples of color options according to architectural styles:

Modern Style: Color charts: regal white, matte black, charcoal gray, polar white

Ranch Style: Color charts: dark bronze, charcoal gray, solar white, polar white, light stone

Craftsman Style: Color options: sierra tan, ash gray, slate blue

Spanish Style: Color options: colonial red, terra cotta

Cape Cod Style: Color options: slate gray, sandstone, medium bronzes, burnished slate

Victorian Style: Color choices: dove gray, charcoal gray, hemlock green, ash gray, light stone

Farmhouse and Barns: Color choices: colonial red, regal red, polar white, rustic red, crimson red

Agricultural Building: Color options: light stone, crimson red, burnished slate, gallery blue, original silicone polyester, rustic red

Choose Colour As Per The Climate

The other factor you should consider while deciding on the color of your metal structure is based on the climate of that place. 

For Cold Regions

Go for bright colors as they absorb the heat and transfer to the interior of the building, keeping the metal building warmer and reducing your bills. Like black metal buildings are hotter than other light-colored buildings. 

Steel Building Color Options for cold region

For Hot Regions

Go for a light color palette that reflects the heat and keeps the structure’s interior cool, helping you save a lot on energy bills. Polar white is a good option for hot regions.

Steel Building Color Options for hot region

Some More Easy Tips To Choose Metal Building Color

The following tips could help you when choosing metal building color schemes. 

metal building color tips

Check your previous construction color and choose accordingly. 

If you like the color of any specific building or your old metal building and give your building a curb appeal, then you are good to go with that same color. If you want to get rid of or hate the color, then analyze what’s missing and what other color could have gone well and is practical for the building.

Consider surrounding buildings and trends for your building color.

Keeping in mind the neighboring building’s appearance, the neighborhood’s appearance, and the rules enacted by the local code enforcement office is crucial. Business owners might be tempted to install bright pink roofing to excite their inner child and catch the attention of new customers. Still, it could be an expensive mistake if it violates neighborhood regulations. 

Consult your Contractor or building supplier for professional advice

An easy way to choose a color scheme is to contact your contractor for advice. They can suggest a color that would comply with local code and give your structure a curb appeal. You should also choose the final building colors by viewing color chips because you can’t see actual colors on the screen. If your contractor is Steel and Stud, you are in good hands. Our team talks to our customers before work starts to ensure that their work won’t conflict with local code enforcement.


If you also want to erect a metal structure but need some guidance in doing so, then contact Steel and Stud. 

SteelandStud is the leading metal building kit manufacturer in the USA. We offer the best quality metal building kit at the most affordable prices. We also offer free installation at your job site. We will deliver to your job site no matter where you live in the USA. We also help provide a color selector tool to select the final building colors and assist you in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lighter colors like whites, tans, and ash grays fade the least.

The coolest roof color is white.

The most trending colors for house exterior are black, ash gray, shades of green, rustic red, Hawaiian blue, and polar white.