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metal building Ideas

Metal Building Ideas & Work Plans Putting the Metal to Greater Use

Metal Building Ideas

The construction industry uses most of the steel produced, which has not happened suddenly. People in the US have been using steel for construction purposes since the 1800s. Train stations were the first sector to use steel majorly for construction purposes. Private buildings, churches, and other buildings began using steel building systems after it proved to be more durable and affordable.

We started using steel for skyscrapers in the late 1800s. Early in the 20th century, steel buildings became popular and became extensive during WWII, when they served as oil storage facilities and military shelters. Steel was easily available after the world war, making it a universal material for construction ideas. Some famous structures, such as the Empire State Building, is built with steel as the primary construction element.

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Discover The Metal Buildings Ideas For Your Home

Metal Buildings Ideas For Your Home

Many people believe that steel buildings are only used for storage and commercial purposes, but it is so untrue. You can live in metal-building homes. In fact, many people are already living in metal-building homes, and real estate agents are doing more projects with a metal house.

metal house.

Some of the Types of Steel Buildings For Residents Are:

Steel Homes

Using a steel home kit, you can achieve elegant and efficient steel home designs seamlessly. A steel home gives you all the elements that a stylish traditional home should have, like huge ceilings, massive windows, and enormous living spaces. You can readily build your dream home, and the designs can be easily converted in the future and are cost-effective.

Metal Carport & Garage

You can build a garage blanketed with barn roofs with a metal building kit. Steel buildings provide extra room for cars, vehicles, motorcycles, and power tools. The height of the buildings is so high that you can even load a truck inside. Building a garage individually or adding one to an existing conventional style home is easy with a metal building. You can also easily add a garage to already existing steel homes.

Steel Barns

You can stock anything inside a steel barn, be it livestock, machinery, or a vehicle. It precludes your items from being ruined by environmental factors.

Commercial & Public Places Metal Building Ideas

Commercial & Public Places Metal Building Ideas

Metal buildings have many uses in commercial and public sectors. Some of the metal building ideas are:

Car Wash Or Car Showroom Construction

Water systems for car washes in auto shops require a large amount of space and a solid concrete floor. A metal building is perfect for this objective as it provides you with a massive space within days.


You can easily install two-story buildings with tons of rooms, massive grounds, and numerous windows. Hence, metal building kits are the most economical method of constructing schools.

Churches And Community Centers

The metal building systems provide you with the comfort of an enormous prayer auditorium with a high-rise ceiling that feels cool in summers and balmy in winters. Installing an HVAC system and insulation on your metal building allows you to build a perfect worship place or church.

Building Warehouse

Erecting warehouses with metal building systems is ideal because steel buildings are more resistant to the impacts of extreme climates. Moreover, it is also a cost-effective option for a warehouse project.

Build Retail Building 

The steel buildings can be used to build an infinite retail store or personalized mall to give your customers a memorable shopping experience. Besides, it can get erected in significantly less time and remodeled easily.

Building Sports Halls and Auditorium

Metal buildings are the optimal solution for sports halls and auditoriums as they require high ceilings, maintained temperature, and large spaces, proper ventilation.

Popular Vs. Custom Size of Metal Buildings

Metal building usage has developed from being primarily used for industrial purposes to becoming the favored option for pole barns. Now, people utilize steel building kits for personal and business projects. You can use a metal building for anything from workshops and garages to barns, auto shops, houses, stables, and outbuildings. You can choose from a popular size structure already available at Steel and Studs, or you can get a fully customizable building as per your intent.

The metal buildings of popular size are more reasonable than custom-sized buildings. If you think that a standard size metal structure will do for now for your project, but you would need a custom-sized metal structure in the future, then you could go popular-sized building and expand it when you need. Our popular metal building sizes can be easily changed and customized according to your use. Some of the most popular building sizes are:

Barns: 20X30, 30X50, 40X60, 50X100.

Garages: 20X24, 20X30, 30X50, 40X60.

Workshops: 20X24, 20X30, 30X50, 40X60.

Horse Stables: 50X100, 60X120, 30X50, 40X60.

Warehouses: 100X100, 100X200, 80X160, 50X100.

Auto shops: 30X50, 40X60, 50X100, 60X120

What Makes Metal Building Idea a Great Choice 

Custom Size of Metal Buildings

With time people also started using steel for housing construction. A metal building home is a more cost-efficient solution than traditional homes of wood. Moreover, it is sturdy and requires less maintenance, making it a perfect construction material for every building. There are many more benefits of steel building that have resulted in its universal popularity.

Reduction in Construction Time

Pre-engineered metal building kits can be ordered according to the design and exact specifications, which you can reassemble easily. The plus point is that you can prep the site and get the foundation laid while the manufacturer fabricates your building. The kit is then delivered to the job location along with all the essential hardware so you can get it assembled quickly. Even without skilled labor, the project duration is much lesser than traditional construction. Labor costs are lower, and returns on investment are achieved earlier when construction times are short.


Constructing a steel building could be a very cost-effective solution as labor costs and other construction costs are reduced by 60%. It also reduces the waste of raw materials as the manufacturing process is automated. It can also economize you a lot of money on laying the foundation per square foot. You can construct a steel building on less expensive foundations since they are light in weight than other materials. Lastly, the easy reassembly needs minimum labor, time costs, and a low level of expertise to complete the project.

Flexibility of Expansion

Steel buildings are very flexible and easy to expand. You can rework the spatial design by relocating interior walls, changing floor and wall coverings, or altering openings. You can expand the building by adding a loft if you require more space. A steel frame can easily handle the added weight of multiple stories. You can expand an existing building’s footprint by appending more units at the ground level.

Quality Control

Steel’s predictable properties let fabricators and designers achieve accuracy and precision in the project. Eliminating manual processes eliminates variations in punching, cutting, and rolling. Architects and engineers can accurately determine their designs’ feasibility using steel members with known dimensions and strength. Programs for quality control are in place within steel structure manufacturers to ensure that high-quality product is delivered.

Low Maintenance

A conventional wooden structure needs recurring maintenance like damp proofing, paint, leakage repairs, etc. In contrast to this, steel buildings are appropriately treated and infused with paint that doesn’t blanch and keeps the building’s aesthetic intact for decades to come. Metal building is cost-efficient, requiring minimum maintenance since it can withstand destructive elements like stick sheds.

Architectural Versatility

Steel is highly versatile in terms of design, giving architects many options. Manufacturing nearly every building component using standard or custom shapes is possible. Architects can play with their imagination while keeping the building robust and durable. The best thing about steel frames is their capability to stretch incredible distances with steel roof joists, making it feasible for architects to expand their options and build larger areas utilizing steel products.

Energy-Efficient Roofing and Wall Systems

Energy-efficient roofing and wall systems are quite beneficial as they minimize heat transfer between the outside and inside of the steel building in summer. In low-temperature areas where you can’t survive without heating structures, insulation performs best to hold warmth inside the building. In both commercial and industrial buildings, well-insulated roofs reduce energy consumption and improve comfort, efficiency, and performance. Between two metal sheets, insulation serves as an infill. It also aids in reducing heat transmission and outer noises such as rain, thunder, hail, etc., from coming to the building via the roof.

Systems Availability and Compatibility

The significant benefit of the pre-designed building is that all metal building accessories and components are guaranteed to be compatible since mutual suppliers supply the PEB. 


There are many ideas for building a metal building, which is very versatile and could be used for any purpose. So if you also want to buy a steel building and need guidance on which metal building to buy, Steel and Stud is the perfect option. We are well-versed in building codes and can guide you through them. Steel and Stud provide the best quality steel building kits at the most reasonable prices and assemble the steel building at your job site for free. We deliver all across the USA, so no matter where you live, you can get a superior quality steel building kit at your site. Apart from standard sizes and designs, we also offer customization options in steel buildings according to your specifications. We have all the project resources needed for all building types, metal homes, auto shops, garages, etc. What are you waiting for? Contact Steel And Stud now with your requirements and get a durable and elegant steel building.


Yes, metal houses are cheaper to build than conventional houses.

There is no doubt that pole barns are cheaper to construct, but steel frame barns cost 60% less than conventional construction. Although a pole barn may cost less initially, you may have to pay more in maintenance costs and construction time, and it is also much more expensive to expand a pole barn. For detailed information, you can check out our complete guide on metal building vs pole barn.

Depending on location and building specifications, the cost of a 30×40 metal building kit can range from $13,200 to $18,200.

Steel is the longest-lasting building material. It is resistant to pests, earthquakes, and other environmental impacts.

Most steel beams last from 50 to 100 years.

the cost of a 20×30 metal building kit can range from $6,000 to $15,000.