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A 30×40 Metal Building: The Perfect Answer for Spatial Needs in Various Locations

Elevate your space with Steel And Stud’s 30×40 galvanized and red iron steel buildings—a compelling choice for your workshop, garage, or storage needs. We offer highly durable, cost-effective, and maintenance-free structures that withstand the elements and provide customizable commercial and residential spaces covering 1,200 square feet.

What sets us apart? It’s not just about buildings; it’s about creating your dream space. With various customization options, from finishes to roof types, metal building colours, house metal roof colours, and metal roof house colour combinations, the possibilities are as vast as your imagination. Our 30×40 metal building is more than a structure; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, engineered to endure 200 mph winds and 57-pound snow loads (for winter carport).

Say goodbye to hassle—choose Steel And Stud. We manufacture in-house, meticulously inspecting every kit. Ready to turn your vision into reality? Contact Steel And Stud today and enter a world where your dream space becomes a persuasive reality.

What Can a 30x40 Metal Building be Used For?

A 30×40 metal building can be incredibly versatile, serving various purposes:

Houses of Worship

  • Affordable and versatile, the 30×40 metal building provides a flexible space for religious congregations, meetings, or events.
  • Its size allows for easy customization of worship areas or meeting spaces, making it an ideal choice for houses of worship.
House Of Worship with green accents and a covered entrance.

Aviation Buildings

  • Ideal for aircraft hangars, the 30×40 structure caters to aviation needs.
  • Its cost-effective design and ample space accommodate various aircraft sizes, making it a practical choice for enthusiasts and professionals.
50x60 Aviation Buildings

Shelter for Dogs

  • The 30×40 metal building creates a secure and comfortable environment for dogs.
  • With ample space for multiple kennels, it serves as an ideal shelter, ensuring the well-being and safety of furry companions.
50x60 Metal Shelter for Dog

Equestrian Arena

  • Tailored for horse enthusiasts, the 30×40 structure offers a sheltered space for year-round training and events.
  • Its size geographical location allows enough room for comfortable accommodation of horses and riders, making it an ideal choice for equestrian activities.
Blue-roofed 50x60 equestrian arena with white fencing

Government & Institutional Use

  • Cost-effective and versatile, the 30×40 metal building meets governmental and institutional needs.
  • It provides efficient storage, office space, or multipurpose facilities, offering flexibility and adaptability to diverse requirements.
50x60 government metal building


  • The 30×40 metal building serves as a versatile and spacious gym.
  • Whether for personal or community fitness, its size accommodates a variety of exercise equipment, providing an ideal environment for diverse workouts and fitness activities.
  • Check out how to make a carport gym to know more. 
50x60 metal building gym

Metal Garages

  • Perfect for shielding vehicles and equipment, the 30×40 metal garage ensures longevity and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Its spacious design allows for easy manoeuvring and lifting equipment, making it an ideal and practical choice for vehicle storage.
50x60 Metal Garage

Metal Building Factories And Warehouses:

  • Tailored for industrial operations, the 30×40 structure optimizes workflow and organization.
  • Its size accommodates manufacturing processes and provides ample storage, offering a cost-effective solution for factories and warehouses.
50×60 Metal Building for Factories & Warehouse

Utility Buildings

  • The 30×40 metal building, with its expansive space, is an ideal solution for utility buildings.
  • It efficiently houses equipment and offers a secure environment for regular maintenance, ensuring longevity and minimizing operational disruptions.
50×60 Steel Utility Building

Rv Storage

  • The 30×40 metal building is an ideal choice for RV storage, preserving the value of vehicles.
  • Its size protects RVs from the elements, extending their lifespan and reducing maintenance costs, making it a practical and cost-efficient option for RV owners.
50x60 RV Storage Facilities

Recreational Centre

  • Designed to support community and recreational requirements, the 30×40 building’s spacious layout accommodates a variety of purposes.
  • It provides a versatile solution for recreational buildings and municipal use, whether for indoor sports facilities or event spaces.
50x60 recreational metal structure.

Why Choose Our 30x40 Metal Building?

When considering a 30×40 metal building, you’ll benefit from several compelling reasons:


  • Ensure longevity in the face of harsh elements.
  • Our 30×40 metal buildings are crafted to withstand severe weather conditions, promising enduring structural integrity for years.

Low Maintenance

Energy Efficiency

  • Take control of your environment.
  • Our metal buildings offer outstanding insulation options, facilitating temperature regulation and substantial reductions in energy costs for both personal and commercial spaces. Check out how to insulate an existing metal building to know more. 


  • Adapt your space to your needs effortlessly. Whether for personal or commercial use, the versatility of our 30×40 metal buildings opens up many applications, providing a tailored solution for every requirement.

Fire Resistance

  • Prioritize safety and security.
  • Our metal buildings come inherently fire-resistant, offering an added layer of protection for your property and ensuring the well-being of its occupants.


  • Get more value for your investment.
  • The initial cost of our metal buildings pays off through lower construction and maintenance expenses, making them a financially prudent and rewarding choice.

Pest Resistant

  • Our metal structures are designed to ensure a hygienic and safe environment.
  • Their construction naturally repels pests, safeguarding your investment and prolonging its lifespan without the worry of infestation.

Recyclability of Metal Materials

  • Make an eco-conscious choice. Metal buildings are eco-friendly, and the recyclability of the metal materials used in our 30×40 buildings aligns with environmental concerns, offering a sustainable option for conscientious builders.

Solar Integration Possibilities

  • Embrace renewable energy solutions effortlessly.
  • The design of the roof style our metal buildings allows for seamless integration of solar options, offering an eco-friendly way to reduce energy bills and environmental impact.

Easy Installation

  • Save time and costs. Our metal buildings boast quick and straightforward installations, getting you into your new space faster than traditional construction methods.
  • Read the metal building installation guide to know more. 

Straight Sections

  • Maximize every square foot efficiently.
  • The design of our metal buildings allows for a straightforward interior layout, optimizing space for your specific needs without any wasted areas.

Insect Resistant

  • Protect your investment from structural threats.
  • The materials used in our metal buildings are inherently insect-resistant, ensuring the long-term stability and durability of steel building and your structure.

Wind Resistant

  • Secure your property against extreme weather events.
  • Engineered to withstand high winds, our 30×40 metal buildings provide added security, ensuring your investment stands strong in adverse conditions.

30x40 Metal Building Customization

Versatile Framing Options

  • Meet your job site with unique requirements with diverse framing options.
  • Whether it be job site‘s height, load capacity, or job site with specialized lifting equipment needs, our 30×40 metal building ensures a customized solution for your project.

Custom Dimensions

  • Craft your ideal space with a 30×40 metal building.
  • Choose from standard widths and lengths, and tailor the building height up to your specific needs for a personalized structure.

Adaptable Roof and Slope

  • Personalize your new building front‘s aesthetics and functionality with metal roofing types.
  • Choose from gable and single-slope styles, specifying pitches from 1:12 to 6:12.
  • Our roofs are certified to withstand heavy snow and wind loads, ensuring durability.

Optimized Shelving

  • Maximize your storage efficiency with heavy-duty steel shelving units.
  • Customize dimensions, locations, and load capacities to create an organized interior that suits your storage needs.

Certification for Safety

  • Rest assured that our 30×40 metal building meets International Building Code requirements.
  • Custom certifications for wind, seismic, snow load, and other factors are considered during permitting process and building permit too, ensuring safety and compliance.

Tailored Cabinets

  • Enhance organization with custom cabinetry designed for your storage requirements.
  • Specify materials, sizes, layouts, and accessories to create cabinets that accommodate parts, tools, office supplies, and more.

Customizable Doors, Windows, and Panels

Efficient Hooks and Wall Storage

  • Optimize your space with heavy-duty steel hooks for tools, bikes, hoses, and equipment.
  • Choose steel mesh pegboard panels for adjustable storage, and explore overhead storage racks for larger items.

Fire Safety Precautions

  • Prioritize safety with early warning detection, fire extinguishers, emergency blankets, illuminated exit signs, and emergency lighting.
  • Our 30×40 metal building is designed for comprehensive fire safety.

Security Systems Integration

  • Ensure the safety of your space with integrated security systems. HD cameras, motion-activated spotlights, door sensors, and cloud-enabled remote monitoring provide a comprehensive security solution.

Flooring Upgrades

  • Upgrade your flooring for functionality.
  • Choose sealed concrete for drainage, interlocking rubber mats for shop areas, or commercial-grade vinyl composite tile (VCT) for offices.
  • Epoxy floors resistant to chemicals and impact are also available.

Smart Garage Technologies

  • Infuse technology into your 30×40 metal building with smart home features.
  • Enjoy touchscreen controls for lighting, temperature, and more.
  • Our buildings are pre-wired for easy integration of automation and technology.

Aesthetic Enhancements

  • Combine durability with aesthetics.
  • Choose from various metal building colour finishes and add contrasting wainscoting for visual interest.
  • Customize the interior with coloured panels, paint, or wall graphics to match your style.

Steps To Order Your 30x40 Metal Buildings With Steel And Stud

Ordering a 30×40 metal building through Steel And Stud is a streamlined process, designed to bring your dream structure to life:

  • Start by identifying the type of metal building, it’s purpose and location of your 30×40 metal garage on your property. This crucial step sets the foundation for the maximum benefits you’ll enjoy.
  • Ensure the land adheres to metal building regulations, is level, and the soil is properly graded. If excavation is necessary, it should be carried out with precision and care.
  • Based on your intended use, decide on the garage’s design, size, layout, and budget.
  • Contact your local metal building department and provide them with your preliminary metal garage plans, including interior specifications, from the roof and windows to ventilation and shelving. You’ll also receive essential information, fees, and requirements.
  • Once your plans are approved, arrange for a contractor to pour the concrete slab.
  • Choose the specific customization options for your 30×40 metal garage based on your needs and the approved plans.
  • Invest in your future by paying a 10% advance of the total construction cost. This step is like planting the seeds of your dreams and watching them grow.
  • Upon receiving your 10% payment, we will promptly ship your prefabricated 30×40 metal garage, including all necessary tools, a DIY manual guide, and materials. Delivery typically takes between 2-10 weeks.

Witness your whole metal garage building come to life as Steel And Stud’s experts handle the whole construction process, taking care of all electrical work. Plus, since all steel panels are pre-fabricated at our factory, you won’t have to worry about expensive welding costs.

So if you wish to buy from Steel and Studs, you may select the 30×40 Metal buildings tab and use the online builder to input all the details of your area. You may proceed to order and generate an invoice inclusive of tax. 

Our return policy is simple and transparent. All requirements should be resolved before ordering because if a permit is denied for reasons other than your plans, your deposit will not be refunded. We have different payment gateways for easy transactions. We accept payment through Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard.

30x40 Metal Buildings for Sale

The average cost of a 30×40 metal building is competitive in the market. The 1200 sq. ft. metal buildings will cost approximately within a range of $10,300 and $16,000.

We also offer a wide range of add-ons and accessories that can add to the total 30×40 metal building price. For example, many people want to add windows to their garage for a less industrial look, which brings the price up by $170 to $200 per window.

Our cost includes the base building kit package, but turnkey installation and construction costs will vary depending on the project.

For turnkey installation, add $5-10 per square foot for construction and $5-10/sq ft for foundation costs.

  • Several factors can affect the price of any building or structure, including.
    Roof styles, including regular horizontal, A-frame horizontal, and vertical roofs.
  • Metal buildings have concrete, asphalt, or rebar anchors.
  • Color options available: white, beige, brown, and burgundy.
  • Doors sizes
  • Rigid Frame’ or ‘Quonset Hut’ style Kit
  • 30×40 Concrete Slab Cost
  • Construction Costs
  • Area of coverage
  • Steel prices

30X40 Metal Buildings Kit-Features

30’x40’ metal buildings are built to typically accommodate 3 cars, leaving huge scope for using the remaining space for other storage facilities, making it a great choice.

All our 30’X40’ steel buildings kits are shipped with a 20-year steel frame warranty. Our Metal building kits will include materials as per the customized order:

  • Galvanized steel tubing framing for tubular 30’40’ steel buildings.
  • Galvanized purlins and grits for cold-formed steel framing.
  • Industrial grade steel coated with red oxide, I-beam or channel, purlins, and grits for red iron 30×40 steel metal buildings.
  • All steel sheeting for roof and walls in chosen colors.
  • Door frame and trim.
  • Insulated window frames.
  • Complete insulation and vapor barrier for roof and walls.
  • Fasteners, bolts, brackets, colored screws (no nails), socket for colored screws.
  • Matching sealing strips.
  • All painted steel flashings, trim, ridge caps, and channels with our 20 year-warranty colors.
  • Steel anchor bolts.
  • 2 sets of custom and wet-stamped engineered plans and calculations for your state, including foundation drawings.
  • Detailed instruction manual and detailed video instructions for smooth installation.

30 x 40 Steel Buildings Warranty Details

  • Frame Warranty—-20-Year Limited + Product Pledge
  • Sheet Metal Warranty—-20 Year Paint Finish
  • 14 Gauge Frame Warranty-30 Day Workmanship
  • 12 Gauge Frame Warranty– 30 Day Workmanship

30’x40’ Shipped Dimensions

  • Manufacturing Source –We Manufacture All DIY Frame Kits In The USA using American Sourced Materials.

30’-40’ Wide Metal Building Certification Details

  • We provide certified material as per your area code ratings when needed.
  • When you share your details with us, we ensure to use the best anchors and braces for the steel buildings holding the structure against high wind and snow.

Top Rated 30X40 Metal Buildings For 2022

Our top-rated non-load-bearing metal buildings are made of steel and red oxidized iron and are customizable. The metal building kit includes the foundation, columns, trusses, and metal building panels. Metal buildings come in various sizes from different brands like Arrow, Versa tube, or ShelterLogic.

30×40 metal buildings structures are in regular demand as they offer the most customization options, a lot of standardization possibilities, and are cost-effective.

The different steel buildings variants available with us in 30X40 Size:

  • 30 x 40-foot metal building
  • 30×40 metal buildings
  • 30x40x16 metal building
  • 30x40x20 metal building
  • 30×40 pole barn kit
  • 30×40 metal building homes plans
  • 30×40 metal building floor plans
  • 30×40 garage plans

Safety Codes for 30x40 Metal Building

All structures must be engineered to meet the load requirements and construction codes established by your local building department for jurisdiction, ensuring the structural integrity and safety of steel building and your 30×40 metal and building permit.

All Steel and Stud structures are made to order and comply with or exceed local metal building codes. We assist you in understanding these local building codes and, designing, manufacturing, and transporting buildings that adhere to the regulations in your region.

The following local building codes must be followed for a 30×40 metal building:

  • International Building Code (IBC) – Provides minimum standards for design and construction.

  • International Residential Code (IRC) – Building standards for residential structures.

  • International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) – Energy efficiency requirements.

  • International Mechanical Code (IMC) – HVAC, ventilation, and exhaust standards.

  • National Electrical Code (NEC) – Safety requirements for electrical systems.

  • International Plumbing Code (IPC) – Minimum plumbing system requirements.

Adhering to these codes ensures that the electrical wiring, ventilation, and plumbing systems in your 30×40 metal building are safe, structurally sound, and energy-efficient. We handle licenses, schedule compliance-checking inspections, and provide code documentation throughout the permitting process and construction process.

Our top priority is your safety, and we use only the best materials and experienced crews. Contact Steel and Stud to begin constructing your hassle-free, code-compliant custom metal building. Our professionals design your structure to meet your specific needs while managing all coordination for permits and inspections.

International Building Code (IBC):

The IBC is widely adopted, with additional regional variations such as local wind and loads for hurricanes in Florida and seismic loads for earthquakes in California. The IBC is regularly updated, incorporating new data following significant natural disasters.

Building Permits:

Metal buildings require permits for clearance to ensure the safety of your structure and its occupants. The local building department also evaluates your construction project based on code compliance, zoning, load, safety, aesthetics, size, and local laws.

Financing Options for 30x40 Metal Building

Budgetary constraints should not hinder your 30×40 metal building project. At Steel and Stud, we understand that the initial investment can be daunting, and we offer various flexible and affordable financing options to meet your needs.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to helping you choose the most advantageous financing option and help with the answers of how to finance a new metal building. We provide expert assistance to navigate through the various options, considering your preferred financing method, intended use, and budget. This ensures we match you with the best loan or payment plan for your 30×40 metal building.

Our commitment to transparency and affordability means you can realize your dream of a spacious and functional 30×40 metal building without breaking the bank.

Several financing options are available for metal buildings, including:

  • Personal Loans
  • Private Loans
  • Specialized Metal Building Loans
  • Credit Card Loans
  • Business Loans
  • Government-Assisted Loans

Financing your 30×40 metal building is a practical way to turn your vision into reality. By understanding your budget, credit score, and available financing options, we help you choose the best option tailored to your needs.

Tips for Maintaining The 30x40 Metal Building

  • Keep the exterior and interior of your metal building clean by removing dirt, dust, and debris. Regular cleaning not only preserves the appearance but also helps prevent corrosion.
  • If you find any, promptly address it by sanding and repainting the affected areas to prevent further deterioration.
  • Ensure that gutters and downspouts are clear of debris and functioning correctly. Proper drainage helps prevent water damage and rust, extending the life of your building.
  • Inspect the building for gaps, cracks, or loose seals in doors, windows, and other openings. 
  • Schedule routine inspections to identify potential issues early, such as loose fasteners, damaged components, or leaks. Timely maintenance can save you from costly repairs in the long run.

Check out our guide on steel building maintenance tips and essentials to know more. 

About Steel and Stud

When it comes to your metal building needs, Steel And Stud stands out as your reliable partner for a multitude of reasons. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service and products starts with faster installation, ensuring you can enjoy your metal building sooner. We take pride in our transparency, with no hidden costs, guaranteeing that you know exactly what you’re getting and what it costs. Every structure we provide is built with premium quality materials, assuring longevity and durability. Plus, our fast and efficient service ensures your project stays on track. 

We cater to various industries, including healthcare, education, office buildings, retail stores, etc. Also, our speed of construction, energy efficiency, and safety are unmatched by any other building system.

Our ability to customize metal buildings can reduce construction time and cost while providing occupants with a comfortable, attractive, and safe environment.

If you’re in the market for a 30X40 steel metal building near me, then Steel and Stud are here for you. All you need to do is give us a call.

Locations We Serve

We install in 48 states, including Alabama, Maryland, and California. Expect installation within four weeks from the order date. Deliveries of 30X40 metal building kits may experience slight delays, but we endeavor to serve you as fast as possible with the shortest possible delivery time.

At Steel and Stud, we contact our customers within 60 days of receiving their orders. Customers may experience delays when ordering metal buildings wider than 24 feet, as they need longer manufacturing time.

These are our current installation locations: Alabama, Montgomery, Birmingham Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Ozark, Eufaula, Florence Clanton, Semmes Selma Decatur, Dothan Gadsden, Andalusia Anniston-Oxford-Jacksonville Gulf Shores-Orange Beach-Fairhope, Troy-Hayneville-Fayette-Elba Heflin-Greenville-Macon-Enterprise-Daphne Fultondale-Montevallo-Gadsden Hamilton-Jefferson County-Selma Trussville-Pinson-Clayton-Hoover Vicksburg-Jackson (excluding Jackson County) Montgomery County, Jackson County, Lauderdale County, Dixie County, Butler County, Crenshaw County, Monroe County, Clarke County, Coffee County, and Wilcox County) Maryland


I used the services of Steel and Stud for a 30×40 metal building kit which was delivered and installed within the timelines given by them. The installation was smooth and professionally done.

The team understood our requirements and came up with the perfect design. High-quality galvanized steel was used for the project to ensure a long-lasting and sturdy construction. I recommend Steel and Stud for all metal building work because they are budget-friendly and have no compromise on quality.

Other Metal Building Sizes Available

Here are Steel & Stud Most Popular Customized Sizes for metal buildings. We can also get them customized as per your requirements:

Metal Building Sizes Metal Building Sizes Metal Building Sizes Metal Building Sizes
30x40 Metal Building
30x40 Metal Building

Frequently Asked Question

What roof pitches are available for 30x40 steel buildings?
  • Various roof pitches are available, including standard options like gable, hip, and gambrel, as well as custom pitches to suit your design preferences.
How many yards of concrete do you need for a 30x40 slab?
  • You’ll typically require around 4.5 to 5.5 cubic yards of concrete for a 30×40 slab, depending on thickness and site conditions.
How many square feet is a 30x40 building?
  • A 30×40 building covers 1,200 square feet, providing ample space for various applications.
What are the other costs that will affect my 30x40 metal building project price?
  • Additional costs may include customization, insulation, site preparation, permits, and any extra features or apparatus you choose to include.
Do you provide galvalume roof warranty?
  • Yes, galvalume roofs typically come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which varies depending on the specific metal structure and supplier.
How can I repurpose or adapt a pre-existing 30x40 metal building for new uses?
  • You can adapt it for different purposes by modifying interior layouts, adding partition walls, or changing doors and windows to suit the new purpose.
  • Design trends may include sustainable materials, energy-efficient features, modern aesthetics, and the incorporation of smart technologies for convenience and functionality.
How do advancements in insulation technology benefit the energy efficiency of a 30x40 metal building?
  • Modern insulation technologies enhance energy efficiency by regulating temperature, reducing energy consumption, and creating a comfortable environment.
How do economic factors impact the cost of a 30x40 metal building?
  • Economic factors significantly influence the price of metal structures.
  • Market fluctuations, changes in the supply/demand of construction materials and shifts in currency value are some of the many factors that impact cost.
What kind of after-sale support is offered for the 30x40 metal buildings?
  • Our relationship with clients doesn’t end at checkout.
  • We’re on hand to guide you through taking care of your purchase, making the most of your warranty, and customer service to address any questions or issues.
What is the lifespan of a 30x40 metal building, and how can it be maximized through maintenance?
  • The lifespan of your 30×40 metal building can extend upto several decades with proper maintenance, including rust prevention, regular inspections, and timely repairs.
Can I get a mortgage on a metal barn?
  • Some lenders may provide a mortgage on the metal barn, but they will often check what type of barn it is and its purpose.
  • However, it is important to note that not all of them will provide a mortgage even if you have credit approval.