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100 x 200 Metal Buildings

Looking to build your dreams into steel reality? Steel And Stud has been leading the steel building industry since 2002, and we’re here to make your vision come to life.

Whether you’re looking for metal garages for six cars or Metal Buildings with Living Quarters, our 100 x 200 galvanized and red iron steel metal buildings have the perfect plans for you. Highly durable and cost-effective, these 200′ metal buildings are the perfect choice for commercial spaces and residential storage, making to fit about 20,000 square feet of area.

With the ability to withstand wind speeds of up to 100 x 200 metal+ miles per hour and handle a snow load of up to 57lbs, these structures at Steel and Stud are nothing short of formidable.

But what truly sets us apart is the power of customization. We believe in giving you complete control over your project, offering endless options for finishes, metal roofing types, door styles, and colors. And with our in-house factory and rigorous quality checks, we eliminate the middleman to ensure you receive a top-quality product. Whether you need metal garages for six cars or metal buildings with living quarters, Steel And Stud has the perfect plan for you.

What Can a 100x200 Metal Building be Used For?

Houses of Worship

  • A 100×200 metal building can be transformed into a place of worship, offering a spacious and cost-effective solution for congregations to come together in a comfortable and serene environment.
House Of Worship with green accents and a covered entrance.

Aviation Buildings

  • For aviation enthusiasts or businesses, a 100×200 square foot metal building can serve as an aircraft hangar, providing ample space to store and maintain planes, helicopters, or other aviation equipment.
50x60 Aviation Buildings

Shelter for Dogs

  • Your furry companions deserve comfort and protection.
  • Set up a 100×200 metal building as a spacious and secure shelter for dogs, offering them a safe and comfortable environment.
50x60 Metal Shelter for Dog

Equestrian Arena

  • A 100×200 metal building is an ideal choice for an indoor riding arena.
  • It provides ample space for riding, training, and stabling horses while protecting both the animals and riders from the elements.
Blue-roofed 50x60 equestrian arena with white fencing


  • Institutions like schools, colleges, or healthcare centers can maximize their space utilization with a 100×200 metal building.
  • It can house classrooms, laboratories, administrative offices, and more, offering a cost-effective and durable solution.
50x60 Institutional Metal Building


  • Government facilities can benefit from a 100×200 metal in building system as it offers a vast, flexible column free interior space that can be adapted to various needs, from storage to office spaces, ensuring a functional and long-lasting structure.
50x60 government metal building


  • A 100×200 metal building provides an excellent canvas for a gymnasium.
  • Whether it’s for a community centre or a private fitness facility, this structure offers enough space for various workout zones, equipment, and group classes.
  • Checkout our guide on making a carport gym to know more. 
50x60 metal building gym

Metal Garages

  • Need a massive garage for your collection of vehicles or heavy machinery?
  • A 100×200 metal building is the perfect solution.
  • Its substantial dimensions ensure protection and accessibility for your valuable assets, under one roof.
50x60 Metal Garage

Metal Building Factories And Warehouses:

  • A 100×200 metal building is a valuable asset for US residents.
  • It serves as a spacious factory or warehouse, efficiently accommodating heavy machinery, inventory, and production lines.
  • Its vast interior space and robust construction make it an ideal choice for large-scale operations.
50×60 Metal Building for Factories & Warehouse

Utility Buildings

  • A 100×200 metal building is a versatile choice for utility buildings, offering ample space for equipment storage, workshops, and maintenance areas.
  • It provides the necessary room for various functions while maintaining durability and cost-efficiency.
50×60 Steel Utility Building

Rv Garage

  • For RV enthusiasts or businesses, a 100×200 metal building can provide secure storage, protecting valuable recreational vehicles from the elements and ensuring easy access for maintenance and use.
50x60 RV Storage Facilities

Recreational Centre

  • Recreational and municipal facilities can benefit from the space and durability of a 100×200 metal building.
  • It can house sports courts, swimming pools, or multipurpose rooms to serve the recreational needs of the community.
50x60 recreational metal structure.

Commercial Metal Building

  • For businesses requiring a substantial space for operations, a 100×200 metal building is an excellent choice.
  • Commercial Steel building can house offices, retail spaces, and storage areas, providing a durable and cost-effective solution.
50×60 Commercial Retail Shop.

Why Choose Our 100x200 Metal Building?

Our 100×200 metal building is primarily made out of heavy-duty steel. These prefabricated metal buildings are a great option for quickly building a secure and reliable structure. When you’re looking to build a new building or improve the facade, you can have us as your reliable contractor to get the job done right the first time and do it to save you money. 


The average cost of a 100×200 metal building is competitive in the market. Our cost includes the base building kit package, but turnkey installation and construction costs will vary depending on the project. 

We don’t use traditional installation methods; instead, we use new lifting equipment that helps us work in detail constructing.  For turnkey installation, add $5-10 per square foot for construction and $5-10/sq ft for foundation costs. Our prices are subject to many factors. For a ‘ballpark’ estimate, consider this.

  • Roof styles, including regular horizontal, A-frame horizontal, and vertical roofs.
  • Metal buildings have concrete, asphalt, or rebar anchors.
  • Current steel prices
  • Color options available: white, beige, brown, and burgundy.
  • Doors sizes may range from 72 to 80 inches, and types may include roll-up doors sizes of 6×6, 8×7, 9×7 to 10×10.
  • Rigid Frame’ or ‘Quonset Hut’ style Kit
  • 100×200 Concrete Slab Cost
  • Construction Costs

Unlimited Building Designs

  • A metal building can be used for just about anything, from a garage to a house to an industrial warehouse or enclosed space to store your tools.
  • Steel structures are highly durable and offer various benefits for various uses, including Metal Garages, Utility Carports, Farm Buildings, Utility RV Covers, warehouses, retail stores, office buildings, temporary facilities, etc.
  • Steel building systems are perfect for industrial or commercial applications and are available in different standard configurations.
  • With custom steel structures, you can enjoy the aesthetic benefits of your buildings and still receive the strength needed to withstand wear and tear.
  • Designing a functional and beautiful building is our ultimate goal. We design metal buildings that are functional, comfortable, and visually pleasing. 

Low Maintenance

  • Our 100×200 metal buildings are designed with your convenience in mind.
  • Their low-maintenance nature ensures that you spend more time enjoying the structure and less time on upkeep.

Wind Resistant

  • Our prefab metal buildings are engineered to withstand high winds, ensuring that your investment remains secure even in adverse weather conditions.
  • Your peace of mind is our priority.

Fire Resistance

  • Steel buildings are inherently fire-resistant, providing an extra layer of security for your property.
  • You can rest easy, knowing that your valuable assets are protected in a fire-resistant steel structure.


  • These metal buildings offer exceptional versatility, accommodating a wide range of purposes.
  • Whether you need a warehouse, garage, or equestrian arena, our 100×200 structures can adapt to your specific needs.

Pest Resistant

  • Unwanted intruders are no match for our metal buildings.
  • Their construction naturally deters pests, ensuring your space remains free from infestations and damage.


  • Our 100×200 metal buildings are built to last.
  • Their robust construction can withstand the test of time, ensuring your investment provides long-term reliability and security.

Recyclability of Metal Materials

  • Choosing our metal buildings demonstrates your commitment to sustainability.
  • The recyclability of metal building materials reduces environmental impact and supports a greener future.

Energy-Efficient Insulation Options

  • With various insulation choices, our metal buildings offer energy efficiency.
  • You can create a comfortable, climate-controlled, interior space, reducing energy costs.

Solar Integration Possibilities

  • Embrace renewable energy by integrating solar panels onto your metal building.
  • Our structures wall panels are designed to support solar installations, allowing you to reduce energy bills and carbon footprint.

Easy Installation

  • We understand the value of your time.
  • Our 100×200 square foot metal buildings are designed for easy and efficient installation, minimizing disruptions to your plans.

Straight Sections

  • Our metal buildings’ clean, straight sections provide a sleek and professional appearance.
  • Your steel structure will be aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Customizable 100x200 Metal Building

Roof And Slope

  • The different types of metal building roof design matter, especially in regions with heavy snowfall.
  • Our 100×200 metal buildings come with carport snow load certifications, guaranteeing their ability to withstand the weight of accumulated snow.
  • We’ve got you covered, ensuring your whole building system remains safe and sturdy in adverse weather conditions.

Dimension Of Building

  • Your 100×200 metal building’s dimensions are fully customizable to meet your specific needs.
  • We understand the importance of getting the right size for your project, and we offer flexibility to ensure a perfect fit.


  • Our 100 x 200 steel buildings meet the highest industry standards, and we provide certification to give you peace of mind.
  • Rest assured that your 100×200 metal building is not just customized but also built to the highest quality standards.

Doors, Windows, And Panels

  • Tailor your building with the metal building windows, doors and interior wall panels that you need. We offer a wide range of options to enhance functionality and aesthetics, making your space truly yours.

Trim, Anchors, And Gables

  • Customizing your building extends to the finer details. Choose from a variety of trims, anchors, and gables to achieve the look and functionality you desire.


  • Organization is key. Add customizable shelving to maximize storage and workspace efficiency within your 100×200 metal building.


  • Create a clutter-free environment with cabinets tailored to your storage needs.
  • Our customization options ensure a seamless and organized workspace.

Hooks and Wall Storage

  • Keep your tools and equipment organized with hooks and wall storage options, allowing you to make the most of your space.

Garage Door Locks

  • Design your building with robust garage metal building door locks for added peace of mind.

Security Systems

  • We offer integration for security systems, helping you safeguard your valuable assets and ensuring a secure environment.

Fire Safety Precautions

  • Protecting your investment is our priority.
  • Explore fire safety options to ensure a safe and secure environment within your 100×200 metal building.

Flooring Upgrades

  • Customize your flooring to meet your specific needs, whether for heavy machinery or a pristine showroom.
  • We offer a variety of flooring options to match your requirements.

Aesthetic Enhancements

Smart Garage Technologies

  • Stay connected and in control with smart garage technologies.
  • Manage your building remotely and enhance its efficiency and security.

Themed Garage

  • Make your space uniquely yours with a themed garage.
  • Personalize it to reflect your style, interests, or business branding.

Steps To Order Your 100x200 Metal Buildings With Steel And Stud

We’ve streamlined our order process at Steel and Stud to make ordering any type of metal building easy for our customers.

  • To install a 100×200 garage, ensure that you know how to level ground and soil grading. If excavation is necessary, handle it with care.
  • Next, create a layout, budget, and design for your garage. Prepare a building plan for your 100×200 garage and submit it to your local building department, clearly outlining any fees and customization requirements.
  • After receiving the approval, you can connect with our experts to learn more about customisation and metal building aesthetics.
  • To get started, make an initial 10% payment.
  • We’ll customize the kit and ship it to you within 2-10 weeks.
  • Our steel panels come prefabricated, reducing the need for costly welding during construction.
  • Your kit will include a DIY manual guide, tools, and materials.
  • Upon kit delivery, our experts will assemble the garage using the provided kit while ensuring the electrical framework is properly integrated, which also helps cut expensive welding costs.
  • We’re here to make the process as seamless as possible for you.

If you wish to buy from Steel and Studs, you may select the 100×200 Metal buildings tab and use the online builder to input all the details of your area. You may proceed to order and generate an invoice inclusive of tax. 

Our return policy is simple and transparent. All requirements should be resolved before ordering because if a permit is denied for reasons other than your plans, your deposit will not be refunded.

We have different payment gateways for easy transactions. We accept payment through Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard.

100 x 200 Metal Buildings for Sale

Steel And Stud is a leading supplier of steel building kits and materials in the US. We provide an extensive range of metal building solutions, including custom steel garage buildings, pre-engineered steel buildings, commercial warehouse buildings, and all needed steel components.

Call us now for a free quote on the most popular sizes of storage buildings.

100 x 200 Metal Buildings Kit-Features

The biggest advantage of 100×200 steel building kits is “that it is cost-effective .” These metal buildings are built to last snow loads or high winds and have a long-term warranty. Steel buildings are also much more affordable than traditional wooden structures, so they can be a good choice if you’re on a budget.

All 100’X200′ steel building kits are shipped with a 20-year steel frame warranty. Our steel building kits will include materials as per the customized order: 

  • Galvanized steel tubing framing for tubular 100’x200′ steel buildings.
  • Galvanized purlins and grits for cold-formed steel framing.
  • Industrial grade steel coated with red oxide, I-beam or channel, purlins, and grits for red iron 100×200 steel metal buildings.
  • All steel sheeting for roof and walls in chosen colours.
  • Door frame and trim
  • Insulated window frames, 
  • Complete insulation and vapour barrier for roof and walls with proper electrical wiring.
  • Fasteners, bolts, brackets, coloured screws (no nails), socket for coloured screws.
  • Matching sealing strips 
  • All painted steel flashings, trim, ridge caps, and channels with our 20 year-warranty colours.
  • Steel anchor bolts 
  • Two sets of custom and wet-stamped engineered plans and calculations for your state, including foundation drawings. 
  • Detailed instruction manual and detailed video instructions for smooth installation.
  • 100 x 200 Steel Buildings Warranty Details
    • Frame Warranty—-20-Year Limited + Product Pledge
    • Sheet Metal Warranty—-20 Year Paint Finish
    • 14 Gauge Frame Warranty-30 Day Workmanship 
    • 12 Gauge Frame Warranty– 30 Day Workmanship 
  • 100’x200′ Shipped Dimensions
  • Manufacturing Source –We Manufacture All Diy Frame Kits In The Usa Using American Sourced Materials.
  • 40′ -Wide Metal Building Certification Details

When it comes to exterior finishes for your building project, we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive services include engineered certified plans and drawings, primary and secondary framing, roof and wall sheeting designed with a siphon groove for optimal water management, a complete trim and closure package to ensure a polished look. 

Furthermore, we offer long-life fasteners for durability, mastic sealant for added protection, ridge caps for a seamless roof line, pre-marked parts for effortless assembly, and all of this with the advantage of in-house manufacturing in one of our three local US factories. With our expertise and highest quality of materials with numerous customization possibilities, you can rest assured that your exterior finishes will be of the highest standard.

We provide certified material as per your area local codes ratings when needed. . When you share your details with us, we ensure to use the best anchors and braces for the steel building kit holding the structure against high wind and snow. 

Safety Codes for 100x200 Metal Building

When constructing a 100×200 garage, adhering to safety codes is of utmost importance. At Steel and Stud, we prioritize compliance with US safety laws and regulations. The garage must meet the following building codes:

  • International Building Code
  • International Residential Code
  • International Energy Conservation Code
  • International Mechanical Code
  • National Electrical Code
  • International Plumbing Code

Each of these metal building codes addresses specific safety, energy efficiency, ventilation, plumbing, electrical, and structural integrity requirements. After the 100×200 garage is in place, we ensure full compliance with these codes and provide you with the necessary documentation.

Financing Options for 100x200 Metal Building

Investing in a 100×200 garage is a significant decision, and we offer a variety of affordable financing options to make it accessible for our customers. Our metal building financing solutions are thoughtfully tailored to suit your budget. We prioritize transparency and affordability, and some of the key financing options to turn your dream of owning a 100×200 garage into reality include:

  • Special metal building loans
  • Credit card loans
  • Personal loans
  • Private loans
  • Government-assisted loans
  • Business loans

About Steel and Stud: Your Trusted Partner in Steel Structures

At Steel and Stud, we pride ourselves on being your trusted partner for all your pre engineered metal building needs. With a commitment to excellence and a track record of delivering premium quality products, we offer faster installation and fast service, ensuring that your project proceeds without delays. What sets us apart is our transparent pricing – no hidden costs to worry about. When you choose Steel and Stud, you’re not just investing in a steel structure; you’re investing in a hassle-free experience with a company that values your time and resources. Contact us today and experience the difference. Your project deserves the best, and that’s what we deliver.


I decided to build a pole barn for my home, and Steel and Stud was the best decision I made for it. Only after I mentioned the city limits did they start designing the size and shape of the building. Their engineered drawings are easily comprehended, and you get a clear view of what you will get. They only use premium quality, are available at all the locations, and have affordable labour costs. Just decide your specific residential or commercial space; Steel And Stud will do the rest for you–Jimmy.

I ordered a pre-made 100×200 Metal building kit from Steel and Stud and got it delivered and installed in a matter of days. The pre-engineered metal building had high-quality galvanized steel frames, making them very sturdy. There are many pre-made building kits available, including barns, residential homerooms, commercial buildings, industrial warehouses, and garages. I recommend Steel and Stud for their professional and continuous support.

They have a team of professional engineers and designers ensuring sustainable design, installation, and insulation of 100×200 metal buildings in the US.

Other Metal Building Sizes Available

Here are Steel & Stud Most Popular Customized Sizes for metal buildings. We can also get them customized as per your requirements:

Metal Building Sizes Metal Building Sizes Metal Building Sizes Metal Building Sizes
100x200 Metal Building

Our Convenient Locations to Serve You

We help design and construct metal buildings or red iron buildings for more space. We install in 48 states, including Alabama, Maryland, and California. Expect installation within four weeks from the order date. Deliveries of 10X40 metal building kits may experience slight delays, but we endeavour to serve you as fast as possible with the shortest possible delivery time.

At Steel and Stud, we contact our customers within 60 days of receiving their orders. Customers may experience delays when ordering metal buildings wider than 24 feet, as they need longer manufacturing time. 

If you’re in the market for an Arrow, Versa tube, or ShelterLogic 100×200 metal building near me, then Steel and Stud long-lasting is here for you.

These are our current installation locations: Alabama, Montgomery, Birmingham Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Ozark, Eufaula, Florence Clanton, Semmes Selma Decatur, Dothan Gadsden, Andalusia Anniston-Oxford-Jacksonville Gulf Shores-Orange Beach-Fairhope, Troy-Hayneville-Fayette-Elba Heflin-Greenville-Macon-Enterprise-Daphne Fultondale-Montevallo-Gadsden Hamilton-Jefferson County-Selma Trussville-Pinson-Clayton-Hoover Vicksburg-Jackson (excluding Jackson County) Montgomery County, Jackson County, Lauderdale County, Dixie County, Butler County, Crenshaw County, Monroe County, Clarke County, Coffee County, and Wilcox County) Maryland

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I need 20-foot walls, a steel home. Can you do that?
  • Yes, you can visit this page and order the size you want.
I plan to build living quarters in a loft. I need a concrete floor with a steel frame. I need professional Having experience in Metal buildings with living quarters.

Please contact us at our phone number. We will be happy to help you.

Vents and pipes of my metal homes have been damaged by wind and snow over the years and need to be replaced. Can you share an estimate for that work?
  • We will need more specifications before sharing the price of metal buildings. Please drop us a message or contact us on the phone.
I have a house built In the Westminster area and would like to have a shop built. Do you have a Prefabricated metal shops kit or any other solution?
  • Yes, we have a metal shop kit available in various sizes. Please visit us on this page to order fully customizable prefabricated metal shop kits.
I bought a metal building with an insulation package. Now having condensation problems. Can you help me?
  • Please connect with us by phone to help us know more about your problem. 
Is this a dependable and honest company that does quality work?
  • Yes, steel and stud are your trusted partner for metal buildings, metal storage, steel garages, sheds, barns, carports, etc. 
What is the cost to erect a 100x200x20 metal building?
  • The cost to erect a 100x200x20 metal building can vary depending on factors like location, customization, and additional features, but a rough estimate would be in the range of $80,000 – $120,000.
What factors affect metal building prices?
  • A variety of factors come into play when determining the price of a metal building.
  • These include customization, location, local building codes, materials used, and the complexity of the design.
What are other 100x200 metal building cost considerations that need to be taken into account?
  • When considering the cost of a 100×200 metal building, it’s essential to account for foundation work, insulation, interior finishing, utility connections, permits, and site preparation, as these can significantly impact the overall expenditure.
Do we have the options of order tracking to track our 100x200 metal building delivery?
  • Yes, SteelAndStud offers order tracking services to keep you informed about the status of your 100×200 metal building delivery, ensuring a smooth and transparent process.
What are the prime commercial applications of a 100x200 metal building in the industrial sector?
  • In the industrial sector, 100×200 metal buildings are commonly used for purposes like manufacturing, warehousing, distribution centers, workshops, and storage facilities.
  • Their versatility makes them ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.
What is the typical lifespan and durability of a 100x200 metal building provided by SteelAndStud?
  • A 100×200 metal building from Steel And Stud is designed for durability and has a typical lifespan of 20-30 years, but with proper maintenance, it can last even longer, offering a reliable and long-lasting solution.
What types of regulatory compliances and certifications do 100x200 metal buildings from Steel And Stud adhere to?
  • Our 100×200 metal buildings adhere to various regulatory compliances and certifications, including local building codes, environmental codes, zoning regulations, safety standards, energy codes, and engineering certifications, ensuring that they meet all necessary requirements.
Is it possible to expand or modify a pre-existing 100x200 metal building structure in the future?
  • Yes, 100×200 metal buildings are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for future expansion or modifications.
  • Whether you need to increase the size, add features, or adapt to new requirements, these structures offer versatility and adaptability.
What are the different ways to Save Money on a 100x200 Metal Building?
  • Opting for a simple design, getting and comparing metal building quotes from different suppliers, and planning your purchase strategically are a few options to save unnecessary costs on metal buildings.
  • Efficiency in the design and construction of pre-engineered metal buildings can also lead to cost savings.