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Best Metal Building Garages and Kit Available for Sale

Best Metal Building Garages and Kit Available for Sale

Metal garages are economical and prefabricated metal buildings designed to resist multiple weather conditions and protect your vehicle. Our top-selling metal garages and red iron metal garage kits are available in enclosed and open structures(Carports), providing a cost-effective and beautiful option for a lean-to structure. Compared to a freestanding garage using traditional brick and mortar building materials, custom metal garage buildings is stress-free construction to protect vehicles.

Our metal garages are 100% fire-resistant and durable, producing greater strength and high rust resistance. High-quality steel materials used in constructing these metal garages make them the ultimate storage solution for vehicles, farm equipment, RVs, and other equipment that require protection from weather elements.

Metal Garage Customization Options Available

Here, you can find the best metal garages and kits available for sale from the top manufacturers and brands in the industry, including Arrow, Duramax, and more. Regardless of the scale of your needs and color specifications, we have you covered. Browse through our list of available steel garage types below to find the suitable kit for you:

  • metal garages
  • metal garage kits
  • metal building garage with doors
  • metal building garages with living quarters
  • metal garage homes
  • metal garages with apartments
  • metal garage with lofts
  • Three-car steel garages
  • Two car steel garages

Steel And Stud is a leading supplier of metal building kits and other building materials in the US. We provide an extensive range of metal building solutions, including custom steel garage buildings, pre-engineered steel buildings, commercial warehouse buildings, and all other buildings.

We offer less maintenance steel garages in different colors, sizes, and structural customization options to enhance the building’s value for an extended period. You can extend your choices with vertical roof styles, regular roof styles, A-frame styles, boxed eaves, and horizontal styles. Also, we have- a garage door and a 2- garage door steel building garage kit with steel framing readily available. We also offer 20-year warranties on each product.

Our Custom Metal Garage Kit Includes

  • Galvanized steel tubing framing for tubular steel structures,
  • Galvanized purlins and grits for cold-formed steel framing.
  • Industrial-grade steel is coated with red oxide, I-beam or channel, purlins, and grits for red iron steel metal builidings.
  • All steel sheeting for roof style and walls in chosen colors.
  • Garage Doors frame and trim
  • Insulated window frames, 
  • Complete insulation and vapor barrier for roof and walls.
  • There are fasteners, bolts, brackets, colored screws (no nails), and sockets for colored screws.
  • Matching sealing strips 
  • All painted steel flashings, trim, ridge caps, and channels with our 20 year-warranty colors.
  • Steel anchor bolts

Buying Guide For Metal Garage Building

Metal garages are more economical than traditional garages. They are made from high-quality, durable materials, including galvanized steel and red iron coated with red oxide. Metal garages last for decades with very low maintenance requirements. You are further reassured of your investment with a 20-year warranty on each product.

When buying and installing steel garages, you need to determine the perfect height for your structure. For one or two vehicles, you will have minimal space requirements. In contrast, trucks and RVs have higher standards. Here are the factors that can help you select a perfectly sized carport:

Available Vehicle Types and Height: Your carport choice is primarily dependent on your vehicle type and the required headroom and leg height for your highest vehicle height. For example, standard 6′ sizes accommodate normal vehicles but not trucks and RVs.

The Number Of Cars: If you own multiple vehicles and need larger spaces to navigate your garage, you’ll need a larger, like a 10×20ft carport size. Larger sizes will allow you to create allowances for in-between spaces.

The Intended Use For The Garage: You may need your garage for other purposes apart from car storage, such as farm equipment storage, tool storage, inventory, and oversized storage. 

Future Purchase Considerations: If you already have plans to increase your number of cars. Then you should consider it best to purchase a garage that accommodates the expansion of your fleet.

Here is a table highlighting the different vehicle types that can be accommodated under different garage widths.

S/N Width Size Car Types
Single Car, Truck or RV
Two Compact Cars
Two Midsized Cars
Two Full-Sized Cars, Trucks, or SUV
Two Full or Oversized Cars or Trucks
Three Midsized Cars or Trucks

Cost-Effective Metal Building Garages

Steel garage prices depend on the overall square footage for the project. The base package is about $4 per square foot, but installation and construction are extra. Our building specialists ensure complete installation information is shared with the client before starting the site work.

For a ‘ballpark’ estimate, consider each of these factors separately. 

  • Roof style, including regular roof style, A-frame style, boxed eave, and vertical roof style.
  • Metal buildings have concrete, asphalt, or rebar anchors.
  • Color options available: white, beige, brown, and burgundy.
  • Doors sizes may range from 72 to 80 inches, and types may include roll-up doors sizes of 6×6, 8×7, 9×7 to 10×10.
  • Rigid Frame’ or ‘Quonset Hut’ style Kit
  • Concrete Slab Cost
  • Construction Costs

We Provide Flexible Solutions

Steel and Stud offer a wide range of commercial and residential construction options. From Metal garages 40’x60′. 30×50’, 30’X 40’, we have versatile, sustainable, and cost-efficient solutions for any size project.

Moreover, we provide unlimited storage space at affordable prices. You can shop for prefab metal buildings such as metal carport, metal barns, storage sheds, utility carports, lean-to buildings

Additional features added to metal garages include windows, walk-in doors, and insulation. These customization options are available from Steel and Studs, which may be added using the 3D estimator or require you to speak with a customer representative. The metal buildings by Steel and Studs are highly affordable, and we offer multiple financing options with rent-to-own options to customers.

Our metal building garage customers come from various industries, including healthcare, education, office buildings, retail stores, etc. Also, our speed of construction, energy efficiency, and safety are unmatched by any other building system.

Our Convenient Locations to Serve You.

We carry out installations in 48 US states, including Illinois, New York, and California. You should receive your delivery order within a month of your order placement. Depending on weather conditions and locational differences, orders may experience slight delays, but we always work towards meeting our delivery times.

We contact each customer within two months of an order being placed. Note that construction times may be shorter or longer depending on structural size.

If you are looking for Arrow, Versa tube, ShelterLogic brand Complete steel garage kits near me, look no further than Steel and Stud.

How To Order

If you wish to buy from Steel and Stud, you may select the Metal buildings garage tab and use the online builder to input all the details of your area. You may proceed to order and generate an invoice inclusive of tax.

We advise that customers do the site preparation, including concrete and anchor installation, before arriving at the site. Any extra work such as concrete pouring and anchor installation may attract additional charges. If you are unclear about the details, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our return policy is simple and transparent. All requirements should be resolved before ordering because if a permit is denied for reasons other than your plans, your deposit will not be refunded.

We have different payment gateways for easy transactions. We accept payment through Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard.


You should check with your local municipality to see if your plan is under local laws and if you need a building permit before ordering.

Yes, we do sell Metal sheds.

For turnkey installation, add $5-10 per square foot for construction and $5-10/sq ft for foundation costs.

We build metal buildings of all sizes, including 40’x40′. Our 40’x60′ option is only the most popular.

The short answer is yes. You can do DIY installation of steel garage kits, but it will be easier if you use a professional steel garage kit company. We have experts with experience in the building and high ratings.