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how to clean metal carport roof

How To Clean Metal Carport Roof: The Best Ways to Keep it in Tip-Top Shape!

Metal carport roofs are known to be the strongest and most durable roofs. Yet, they are no stranger to the accumulation of dirt, dust, debris, and the resultant damage.  Over time, this can lead to the formation of rust on your metal carport roof.

The good news is that there are ways to prevent this from happening.

how to clean metal carport roof

In this blog article, we will discuss a few simple steps on how to clean a metal carport roof all by yourself. We’ll also give you some pointers on what to do and what not to do, as well as what precautions you should take before and during the cleaning procedure.

So, if you want a stain-free metal carport roof, read on!

Table of Contents

Clean Your Metal Roof

By following these simple steps, you can clean your metal carport roof and keep it in great condition all year long:

Step 1: Take Necessary Precautions

Before you do anything, certain precautions must be taken, or else you might face an accident. There are some precautions that we recommend you should take before cleaning your metal carport roof. Those precautions are:

  1. Before cleaning your metal carport roof, make sure the weather is dry and clear. Because a wet roof can cause you to fall and break something in your body.

  2. In direct sunlight, don’t clean a metal roof. Because the painted metal may reflect light, which can harm your eyes.

  3. Make sure your ladder is secured to avoid slipping suddenly.

  4. Because the roof will be damp following cleaning, make sure you wear rubber boots and gloves to increase traction and avoid slipping.

  5. Fall protection equipment is important in the case of any roof cleaning. A safety harness can save you from falling on your head! Make sure to attach the line between it and some strong part of the roof, like a water tank.

  6. Check for any exposed electrical wires on your roof. Consider a wet metal roof and an exposed copper wire! Doesn’t sound like a good combination, does it?

Step 2: Gather the Essential Tools and Materials

The second step in cleaning your metal carport roof is gathering the essential metal roof cleaning tools and materials. Now you might need different materials for different uses. Some essential materials and their uses are explained as follows:

Cleaning Brush

If you want to keep your paint job looking good and avoid any damage, use a soft bristle brush during the cleaning.


You should also have an additional cleaning tool, such as a cloth or sponge to wipe down the panel after you’ve cleaned it. Additionally, if you have extra pieces of cloth, you can use them to apply the sealant.

Cleaning Solutions

For cleaning your metal roofing, you have to use a mild detergent like a laundry detergent or a mild soap like a car washing soap or a mild dish soap. All you have to do is prepare a cleaning solution of the detergent and plain water and you’ll be ready to go. Preparing the solution is a simple process, you’ll only have to mix one-quarter of a teacup of detergent in each gallon of water.


Bleach is a great way to kill any mold or mildew that may be growing on your carport roof. A mixture of one part bleach and five parts water will do the trick, so don’t worry!


When you need to get rid of tough stains on your metal roofing, like browning or blood-red wine spots from last night’s party; there is nothing better than using a solvent such as “rubbing alcohol” mixed with water.

Note that a solvent will only ever be used for the areas that have been desperately asking for some. It can destroy your paint job if used unnecessarily.

Pressure Washer

A pressure washer can be quite useful to rinse the cleaning solution once the washing is completed.


The sealant stops water from getting through, so you don’t have any leaks. It can be used after the cleaning is done to protect your carport roof.

Step 3: Remove Leaves and Debris

Debris and leaves on the roof can obstruct progress, so it’s important to remove any large pieces of debris or leaves before starting the cleaning process. Such a workspace will make your job easier and more efficient!

Note that, you can remove the leaves and debris either by using a broom or by simply picking and throwing with your hands.

Step 4: Clean the Perimeter

The perimeter of your carport can make or break the condition that it’s in. Make sure you clean up any mess before entering with any washing material, especially, a pressure washer. Because dirt will be tracked inside and affect how well things go for future maintenance work on this important space!

Step 5: Wash the Carport Roof

Once you’ve gotten rid of all the dirt and debris outside, it’s time to give your carport roof’s surface a good clean-up. This can be done in two ways.

One way to do this is to start by washing down any surfaces that might be dirty with the cleaning solution that you have chosen. After that, let gravity do its job by pulling these waters down from above so they can flow freely across every corner. The water will wash the walls and floor, in turn. See, two birds with a single stone!

Another way to clean your metal carport is using a pressure washer. It can be an effective way of getting the dirt off quickly and efficiently. However, you should be aware that if used incorrectly or excessively this method could cause damage or harm instead!

It’s best not to use more than what is needed for any given job. Since high levels of pressure might be harmful to certain surfaces, such as roofs, overapplication should be avoided.

Step 6: Rinse the Carport Roof

After you’re done with the washing, rub your entire carport roof with the cleaning brush. Once you’re done with that as well, use a pressure washer for a short time to rinse any accumulated detergent solution away.

Finally, when there is nothing left on your carport roof except for its sturdy metal and dazzling color, just use a sponge to soak any remaining water.

Step 7: Use Sealant

Once you’ve finished all the above steps, use a fresh piece of cloth to coat your entire metal carport roof with a sealant. This can prevent dirt and water from getting into your carport roof for months to come and keep your metal roof clean. Plus, it’ll protect against all sorts of weather!

Roof Cleaning Consideration to Remember

Here are some things you might want to consider before cleaning your metal carport roof:

Test Your Cleaning Process

To be on the safe side, test any cleaning product you’re considering before applying it to your metal roof. Pick out a spot that is covered or less noticeable.

Then apply just enough of this product so as not to damage the door. In this way, you can know which cleaning product is suitable for your metal roof.

Don't Overuse Cleaning Materials

Overuse or abuse of cleaning materials could lead to damage to the metal and paint of your carport roof. Be careful when using chemicals, especially concentrated solutions that might be strong enough to damage your metal roof.

Besides, overuse of chemical components is known to speed up the corrosion of metallic surfaces.

Use Touch-Up Paint To Coat Blemishes

Here is a small tip for cleaning up any blemishes on your carport roof. If you see scratches or chips in the roof coating, you may be able to fix them with some touch-up paint.

Often these types of issues simply require an application or two (or more) coats at most so that should not take too long!

Avoid Products that Could Damage Your Metal Roof

In the case of cleaning your carport roof, there are a few materials you should avoid to prevent harming the metal on your roof. These materials may be certain chemicals, wire brushes, sandpaper, paint thinners, steel wool, etc. to name a few.

In this case, we recommend you do some research and testing on your carport roof before deliberately applying any material.

How Often Should I Clean My Metal Roof?

Cleaning your metal roof is usually necessary once a year unless the manufacturer has specified additional maintenance requirements. This frequency of cleaning can help get rid of dirt, leaves, and debris that have accumulated throughout the year.

It’s even better to deep clean your metal roof every three to five years to ensure longer life and greater maintenance. The amount of time needed to clean your roof depends on its size and design, as well as the technique used, but it should take no more than 3 hours.

Yes, it might be difficult at first. But with each try, you’ll get better at it, just like with any other sort of cleaning.

Extra Tips And Precautions

Here are a few extra tips and precautions that you might need along the way:

Additional Precautions

Earlier in this article, we discussed the necessary precautions you need to take before cleaning your metal carport roof. This tip is just an extension of that.

Here are some additional precautions that should be followed to make your work easier and safer:

  • Use a portable ladder, if possible.
  • Wear light clothing for more mobility.
  • Use protective eyewear to protect your eyes from sunlight.
  • Look for and follow instructions on cleaning product labels.
  • Be cautious while changing positions on the roof surface.

Work With A Partner

It’s much easier to clean your roof if you have a partner. To accomplish this, consider hiring or simply asking someone to assist with the following tasks:

  • In an emergency, call for assistance or protect yourself in case of an accident.
  • Carrying the necessary materials up and down with you.
  • While climbing, keep your ladder in hand.
  • Let you know about any potential dangers.

Cleaning Is Part of Metal Roof Maintenance

We know that metal roofs aren’t the most fun thing to maintain, but you’ll be pleased with how clean they stay when you are done! Cleaning can make your carport roofs look nicer and last longer.

Investing in a quality carport roof is an investment that will pay off for years to come. However, if you can’t keep your roof in good shape, everything else will be for nothing.

To keep it in good shape, you’ll need to clean it and maintain it well. Consider it an element of your roof’s maintenance that helps you get the most out of your investment.

You may do the following things for metal roof maintenance in addition to cleaning:

  • Check your roof after storms or other natural calamities for any sign of damage.
  • Branches hanging over your roof should be removed.
  • Remove the heavy snow from your roof after a snowfall Because you don’t know how much snow can hold.
  • Remove leaves and debris from the roof whenever possible. 

Final Thoughts On How To Clean A Metal Roof

A metal roof is a great investment for your carport. But, like all investments, it requires some regular upkeep. Part of that upkeep is keeping the roof clean.

In our fast-paced world, it’s not always easy to take care of things like climbing up your metal roof and giving it a good scrub. But you know what? Keeping that thing clean will make the difference between having an old rusted-out piece or one in perfect condition!

Now that you have the idea of how to clean your metal carport roof, you can apply the mentioned steps to make your roof cleaner and better than ever. Hope the information in this article was helpful to your cause. Thanks for reading!