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How to Paint A Metal Building

How to Paint a Metal Building

A metal building is strong and sturdy; however, maintaining them can become challenging due to wear and tear issues. It is ideal to hire the best professionals in town if you dont want to try out the DIY techniques while painting a metal building. A good amount of time and money is saved in acquiring supplies such as an airless sprayer, airbrush dispenser, paint roller, organic rust converters, protective coating, mild household detergent, and primer.

Painting metal buildings isn’t as simple as painting the regular structures, and it is pretty tricky. Barnardos, pole barns, Equestrian buildings, sheds, storage buildings, RV storage, carports, and garages need to be painted time and again to keep them functional for several years.

When to Repaint Metal Buildings?

It is a great idea to repaint a building; however, seeking the manufacturer’s recommendations could be highly beneficial. They would be able to guide you in choosing the perfect tools and protective coating needed to enhance the structure’s aesthetic appeal.
For example, if the metal shed or pole barns are installed recently as part of your property, repainting them isn’t needed as they would last long for several years.
However, if they have developed rust or flakiness, painting them with acrylic latex paint can be the best option. The only times when you need to paint metal buildings are:

  • When they develop a Chalky appearance
  • Fading of colour
  • If you notice peeling on the metal panels
  • Development of rust or corrosion
  • Discoloration of the sides that are constantly exposed to high sunlight.

How to Paint a Metal Building?

How to Paint A Metal Building

Painting metal buildings isn’t similar to any other concrete building. Following a step-by-step procedure coupled with the manufacturer’s recommendations and thorough preparation can help restore the aesthetic appearance largely.

Firstly, it becomes important to understand the areas of imperfections, and the systematic rust removal, corrosion, and flakiness using organic rust converters. Rusted areas can cause severe structural damage. Thus, removing them entirely is mandatory before you decide to paint.

After the initial dirt residue removal using soapy water, a wire brush, and a pressure washer,  we apply a  protective coating on the doors and windows using a taping plastic sheeting. This must be made to prevent the dripping of substances. Only after carrying out the surface preparation, the actual work at the job site begins.

As already stated, metal buildings aren’t similar to the normal concrete structures; thus, incorporating the right techniques while painting different parts of these buildings becomes mandatory.

Installed wrought iron railings require the most superior quality exterior painting to keep them functional for several years.

An airless sprayer is helpful if the painting is sprayed; else, we can use a paint roller or a brush to give an even coating without any air bubbles.

Metal doors and windows also require a lot of attention as they are an integral part of every building. The painting process is slightly different from metal buildings with glasses or metal roofs. The activity begins with removing external hardware elements and cleaning the metal from grease using soapy water and mild household detergent.

After a thorough cleaning, eliminating dirt and grease and smoothing the surface using sandpaper has to be done before applying primer as part of the preparation process.

As a final step, choose your favorite acrylic latex paint color and cover the surface evenly.

Allow the first coating of new paint to completely dry, and then proceed with applying the second coat. While painting roofs, applying thick layers of a primer using a paint roller and allowing them to dry thoroughly is extremely crucial to increase their lifespan and keep them protected.

Easy DIY Steps for Painting a Metal Building

Painting metal buildings can be done by hiring professional services or DIY techniques. Many people at the job site prefer the latter as it allows them to experience the painting activity independently.

By following a few simple steps, you would be able to restore the aesthetic appearance of the cover doors, sidewall, doors, windows, and roofs quickly and effectively.

  • Take time to inspect the areas of imperfection on the pole barn, roofs, and sidewall of the metal buildings.
  • Before starting the painting project, list down the severity of the issues, such as the development of rust, corrosion, flakiness, or chalky appearance.
  • Choose the right tools, primer, and paints to paint metal buildings.
  • Clean the surface thoroughly using a power washer, wire brush, and sandpaper.
  • Protect the other parts of the building using plastic sheeting.
  • Apply primer either using a roller brush or an airless sprayer (Application of a solvent thinned primer is needed while working with a paint sprayer).
  • Allow it to completely dry, and then start the painting process.
  • For larger buildings, a second coat using a paint sprayer would be good after the first layer is completely dry.

Some of the benefits of repainting include:

Repainting activities of metal buildings time and again would help in:

  • Increasing the lifespan and the functionality of the overall structure.
  • Contributes towards enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the metal building.
  • Reduction of heat and energy costs during summer if a new metal shed or a barn is painted with lighter colors.
  • Saves a lot of money toward maintenance.

About Steel And Stud

Steel and Studs is a trustworthy supplier and manufacturer of metal and steel buildings. We provide high-quality steel building material kits along with customized installation services. Contact us if you are looking for contractors for remodeling your metal buildings. In addition to painting old metal buildings we can also assist in choosing the frames for house or basement walls. Our services are easily accessible to all 48 states and are affordable. On top of that, we are considered the most durable option. All our metal structures are resistant to fires and other environmental adversaries while being easy to maintain.


  1. Can I use regular house paint on metal?
    No, You cannot use the regular house paint on metal as they do not adhere well.
  2. What kind of paint do you use on a metal building?
    Acrylic-latex paint is regarded to be the best to paint on metal buildings.
  3. When to use a wire brush while painting the metal building
    A wire brush is used for dusting the dirt, dust, and flaking paint.
  4. Can you paint metal with any paint?
    Metal buildings are way too different from concrete structures; thus, choosing a metal-specific paint would enhance the lifespan.
  5. What type of paint will stick to metal?
    Acrylic-latex paint is the best option else, and you might as well metal-specific versions too.
  6. Can you use exterior latex paint on metal?
    Yes, it works well and prevents the chipping of the metal.
  7. How do you permanently paint metal?
    Painting a metal permanently can be done by systematically following the step-by-step procedure.
  8. How do you paint a galvanized metal building?
    Cleaning, rinsing, polishing, application of primer, and painting are the steps involved.