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Metal shed Makeover

Metal Shed Makeover

If you have a metal shed, it has likely seen better days. Over time, metal sheds can rust and become dirty and dented. If you want to give your shed new life again, there are several things you can do.

There are many types of paints available for metal sheds. You need to choose paint designed for outdoor use that doesn’t contain any solvents or other chemicals that may damage the surface of your shed.

metal shed makover

You will also need to buy primer before painting your shed. It will help the paint stick to the metal better than if you didn’t use a primer first.

Once you have primed your metal shed, you can start painting it with whatever color you like! You should find just about any color in an exterior paint store or search online if they don’t have what you want in-store.

paint your metal shed

Sheds, like most things in life, get old. They start to lose their shine and beauty. If you have an old shed that you need to transform, here are some tips on giving it a shed makeover.

Metal Shed Makeover Plans

A metal shed can be a great addition to your property, but it’s important that you take the time to plan out your project before you begin. It is a small, prefabricated structure made from steel or aluminum.

Metal Shed Makeover Plans

It is possible to buy metal shed kits and assemble them on your own. It is a wonderful choice for storing tools or supplies but can also serve as a workshop or garage. You can customize your metal shed with various add-ons, including doors, windows, and shelving.

kit for metal shed makeover

When building a new shed, it’s essential to start with a solid foundation and move forward from there. It is especially true when you’re using a metal shed kit. Metal sheds are lighter than wooden ones, but they can still stress the foundation if it isn’t strong enough. Here is how you can plan for a metal shed makeover:

Determine the Size

The first step in any shed makeover is to determine how much room you need. You need to determine how much space you want to devote to storage and keep the rest open for other purposes. For example, if you plan on turning this area into an office, it’s best not to enclose it entirely with walls and doors. It will reduce airflow in the interior and increase the likelihood of mold growth.

first step in any shed makeover is to determine how much room you need

If you already have a shed, measure the inside size and compare it with what items you want to put inside it. You may want to keep records of what goes in the shed so you can easily see how much room remains when you need to add something new.

new shed

If you are building a new shed from scratch, take accurate measurements and draw up plans based on those measurements. If possible, try putting some sample items where your new shed will go. So, you can see how much space they take up and how many of them fit into the area available for a storage shed.

Remove Existing Doors and Windows

You can remove existing doors and windows from your metal shed by removing any hinges or screws. After removing these items, you can replace them with new ones of your choice. You may want to replace the existing doors with frosted glass ones or use sliding barn door-style doors instead. The options are endless when creating a new look for your metal shed!

Remove Existing Doors and Windows

Use a reciprocating saw with an abrasive blade to remove any existing doors and windows from the metal shed from their frames. Watch out when cutting through glass panes, so they don’t shatter into pieces inside the frame.

remove existing doors and windows from your metal shed

Build New Walls With Plywood Panels

If you have a metal shed that is already painted but it needs some new walls, then you can use plywood panels to create them. It will allow you to use whatever color scheme you want on the walls of your shed. You can cut these panels to fit into any corner or space as needed.

Build New Walls with Plywood Panels

Install plywood panels on existing walls instead of vinyl siding. Plywood panels are easier to install than siding because they have no overlapping joints. They also allow you to add insulation between the panel and the wall, which can help keep your tools warm or cool, depending on the season.

Metal Shed Makeover Ideas

Metal sheds are a great option for small spaces. They can be a perfect place to store tools, garden equipment, and more. Metal sheds are also a great way to add some extra storage space that is both durable and attractive.

Metal Shed Makeover Ideas

Consider a metal shed if you’re looking for a better way to organize your garage or yard. While they can be expensive, they are also durable and offer many benefits that wooden sheds don’t. If you have an old metal shed that needs some simple upgrades, here are some great ideas to give it a new look:

metal shed makeover

Clean Your Metal Shed

The first thing you want to do before makeovers is clean your metal shed. You can use water and soap or a commercial cleaner to clean the shed’s exterior. You should also wipe down the interior of the shed. It will help you get rid of any dirt or grime that has accumulated over time. You will have to wait for it to dry before applying a coat of paint.

Clean Your Metal Shed

Paint It!

Nothing says “new” like fresh paint! The easiest way to spruce up an old metal shed is by painting it. You can do several things with the paint depending on what look you’re going for and the type of paint job you use. Paint your metal shed any color you want! It is especially helpful if you want to match other colors on your property or in your backyard sheds.

rusty metal shed

If you have a rusty metal shed or are otherwise in bad shape, you might want to prime it before painting it with quality exterior paint. It will help seal leaks in the metal, so moisture doesn’t get in and worsen things. You can also choose a bright color like red or orange to add some fun flare! Just be sure not to use oil-based paint on your old shed since it will seep into the metal and cause more damage over time.

Paint metal shed

You can use almost any paint job, but be sure to choose something that will hold up well in the weather. If painting isn’t an option, consider stenciling or decoupage for an artsy look that fits any decor style!

Add Windows and Doors

Adding windows and doors can improve the look of your metal shed, especially if you’re using it as an office or workshop. If you have an unfinished shed with no windows or light fixtures, consider adding some. You can buy pre-made window kits at most home improvement stores or build them yourself out of wood frames and Plexiglas panels.

Add Windows and Doors on metal shed

Add lighting inside by drilling holes into the ceiling joists above where you want to install lights and running electrical cable through them (this will require an electrician).

install lights in metal shed

You should also consider adding details like lights inside your shed so you can use them at night without problems. These lights will help illuminate the inside of your shed so that it doesn’t seem dark when you are inside it during the nighttime hours.

Add Trim

Trim gives a building definition and character, so adding trim around the edges of your old shed will also give it modern character and definition! It is possible to add using wood or plastic molding or painting all four sides of the building with contrasting colors or patterns, just like in an art studio. So, each side looks like a separate entity rather than just one long box!

Add trim for metal shed makeover

Adding trim will also help to hide any dents or scratches that may have occurred over time. It also adds a decorative touch that makes your shed stand out from other homes in the neighborhood. Trimming around doors and windows is one way to make your shed look more attractive and have a modern finishing touch.

Trimming around doors and windows

You can use either wood or vinyl trim pieces to accomplish this task, depending on what type of look you’re going for. The best way to attach trim pieces is by using double-sided tape and caulking along the edges where they meet, so there are no gaps between them. Trim also helps keep water from getting underneath the siding on your shed by acting as a barrier between it and the ground outside.

wood or vinyl trim pieces for metal shed makeover

Attach Accessories!

The attached accessories are a great idea to add character to your old metal shed. The easiest way to do this is with wall art. You can find various artwork designed for the outdoors to hold up in all weather conditions. It is an excellent way to cover up any blemishes that might exist on your metal shed without having to paint it or replace it altogether.

attached accessories are a great idea to add character to your old metal shed makeover

You can add accessories such as shutters or doors, so they do not look like just a bare metal building. It will make them more attractive and give them a more finished look. You can also add solar lights or small flower pots for decoration purposes.

solar lights or small flower pots for decoration purposes of metal shed

Add a Door Mat

A door mat is perfect for adding a pop of color and can enhance your entryway to feel more welcoming. You can do this by adding a few flowers in pots or plants around the base of the door. Adding flowers will make your shed look like it is for beauty and function!

adding a doormat inside your front door

You could also add some personal touches by adding a doormat inside your front door (or wherever it makes sense). It creates an interesting focal point for visitors and adds color and texture to an otherwise plain space.

Decorate It

Painting isn’t the only way to add color during your shed makeover; you can also decorate it with stickers or decals once complete. You’ll find everything from sports logos to seasonal designs online, or try creating your custom decals using vinyl cutters.

decorate metal shed

Metal sheds come in amazing colors, but most homeowners choose gray or brown. These colors blend into the landscape easily and don’t draw too much attention away from other parts of their yard or garden.

painting your metal shed

However, if your family wants something more fun or eye-catching, consider painting your metal shed in bright colors like red or blue! It will make it look amazing against the rest of your property and give it more personality than just another boring old box!


Metal sheds are a great addition to any back yard, but they can look rusty and dreary if you don’t give them a makeover. But there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a new shed when you can remodel your existing one with just a few inspired DIY projects.

Metal sheds are useful structures that can convert into a home or an outdoor structure as a workshop, office space, or storage shed. Converting a metal shed involves a whole makeover, especially if you are converting the metal shed into something new. Other times, it involves a simple exercise of painting and renovating what has been existing for a while.

Either way, a metal shed makeover is a process that can be expensive or cheap if you do it yourself, but you can always find a carports service you can trust, such as Stee land stud. Our services are top-notch with quality customer service and the best metal shed structures you can find in town. We’ll be glad to help!