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Organized Storage Space in The Metal Building by Proper Shelving and Mounting

Organized Storage Space in The Metal Building by Proper Shelving and Mounting

One of the major purposes of a residential or commercial metal garage is storage. Perfectly organized and planned mounting or shelving will increase the functionality of your metal sheds, a great way to organize all the items in such a way that would otherwise clutter up your garage or basement’s floor space.

Also, the inappropriate drilling may leave space for rust, corrosion, dust, and other hazardous effects on metal.

We assist our customers with proper shelving or mounting to a metal building. They can easily hang shelves and other storage systems in steel frame buildings, with professionals to guide them about the best use of free space.

The Efficiency of Accurate Storage Plans is Incredible!

Many metals shed owners do not have a proper idea of how much space brace shelves take up when installed and usually end up dissatisfied with the open space left after hanging things or adding shelving for metal buildings. Therefore, drawing plans with accurate measurements on design software will help with efficient space planning and assembling, great for saving on weight, space, and extra costs with marked spots. Also, before mounting or shelving, choosing the best storage idea to meet your needs is important.

Organization and Shelving Ideas for Metal Structures:

1. Tool Hanging:

tool hanging

Metal tool hangings have a unique spot to hang baskets and tool hooks at their appropriate height for quick tool scanning and efficient storage that can save up a lot of shelving space for the hanging items. These racks are the most opted metal building storage ideas as they are easy to install. It is similar to pegboard walls but more resistant to humidity

2. Wall-Mounted vs. Freestanding Shelving:

Wall-Mounted vs. Freestanding Shelving

Metal structures provide easy options for wall-mounted shelving frames and units. But due to thin walls, these shelves may possess some weight constraints and tend to bend over time. Free-standing shelves attached to the ground will help cover maximum weight support without affecting the structure’s strength and reduce the strain from walls, fulfilling the needs for heavy-duty hold shelving.

3. Wood vs. Metal Shelves:

The wooden Shelf is designed from plywood and tends to include metal supports for a composite design. But it offers lower maximum weight limits than its metal counterparts and needs more care than metal shelves.

4. Cabinets or Counters:

For small and lightweight tools, cabinets will help you with the best space-solving techniques. These are endlessly customizable with adjustable basket systems and shelves, allowing the user to hook them at the desired height.

List of Hand Tools to Add Shelves in your Metal Shed

You may require a list of basic hand tools to install or hang shelves in the metal walls and building. These include:

  • Claw Hammer- This allows to drive and remove nails.     
  • Adjustable Wrench- Useful to loosen and tight the nuts and bolts.
  • Multi-Bit Screwdriver- Helps tighten the fixture.
  • Pliers- Useful for bending, gripping, or cutting shorted or hard-to-reach noses.            
  • Flashlight    
  • Tape Measure          
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Washers
  • Shelves
  • Tape measure
  •  Silicone caulk
  • Saw (optional)

How to hang things in a metal building? The Best Way to do it

1. Attaching Shelves directly to the Frame:

Attaching Shelves directly to the Frame

Adding shelves directly to the frame with toggle bolts, winglike attachment, and bolt flanges can handle a good weight and are a better storage option to eliminate the need for drilling holes into the metal wall. Though it forms a much more secure bond but is a more labor-intensive installation.

2. Fastening Wooden Beams in the Walls of the Shed

Fastening Wooden Beams in the Walls of the Shed

An easy DIY To hang shelves from fastening wooden beams, you first need to drill a hole in the outer wall through the beam to the other side of the wall.

The next step would be to fasten the wooden boards to the wall inside using washers, screws, and tape.

Seal the screwed drill holes with silicone caulk to prevent water corrosion or leakage. Lastly, add shelving brackets to the attached board through shorter wood screws for storage solutions. Make sure to check on wear and tear signs around the shelving holes

3. Freestanding or floating Shelving Units

Freestanding or floating Shelving Units

If you have a larger metal structure or work shed, free-standing or floating, storage options will help store much weight without putting any stress on the walls. It does not require any drilling and allows an adjustable storage system in your space. An ideal moveable storage option to store heavy-weight tools and accessories. It can be expensive for small storage.


From storing your floor-space covering tools to small accessories and other items, metal and wooden shelving storage options from Steel and Stud can make your life easier. Contact us today at Steel and Stud USA, or follow us on Facebook and Google+ to learn more about hanging cabinets on corrugated metals or wood framing inside a metal shed.