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Vertical roof carport

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Vertical Roof Carport

Only 40% of Americans own the luxury of a garage, and the rest of the car owners need to park their cars outdoors, exposing them to harsh weather conditions and other damaging elements. Moreover, this can adversely affect the car’s cosmetic appeal, depreciating its overall resale value. That is why more than 80% of car owners who do not have an attached garage invest in metal garages.

Vertical Roof Carport

Carports are an affordable investment that offers premium protection and versatility with convenience. Steel carports are ideal for protecting your cars, RVs, trucks, and ATVs. They also provide ample storage space for farm equipment and tools.

Vertical roof-style carports are the top-selling and most affordable steel structures by Steel and Stud. Perfect metal building is highly recommendable for buyers residing in areas with harsh weather conditions and experiencing heavy rain, snowfall, and winds. The vertically-sided roofs do not allow to rest of the fallen leaves, debris, or snow load builds up on the structure, sliding it off smoothly through the downward declined panels.

But, placing the vertical metal carport is hard to choose unless you fully understand its orientation and the reasoning behind the price difference. So, explore the pointers in this blog to know the detailed features of vertical roof metal carports and understand how this roof style will help you with the best solutions.

Why Vertical Carports?

Vertical style carports feature the vertical roofs of metal building installation, providing an aesthetically pleasing architectural design that easily blends with other commercial and residential structures. On top of that, a vertical roof-style metal garage is one of the most robust roof styles available.

Metal sheets running vertically from the top of the roof to the eave or edge and a ridge cap at the roof peak combine the vertical carport structure. It directs water, debris, and snow load off the top of the carport and gives the best durability in wintery weather. The stainless-steel installation also features lining under the edges and panels that provide maximum strength and support, allowing it to handle extra weight effortlessly and efficiently.


Possible Applications for Vertical Roof Metal Carports:

Whenever people think of investing in a Vertical carport, they only imagine a roof-only structure that majorly solves the purpose of sheltering your vehicle from damaging elements. Well, there are thousands of other possible uses and applications that steel carports can still fulfill.

Vertical metal carports are a perfect solution for virtually anything that could benefit from an affordable roof structure. The vertical structure can serve a variety of different purposes. Some limitless carport uses to ease your day-to-day workings are:

Outdoor Events: 

 The open, enclosed, or semi-closed vertical roof structure can be used to entertain your guest. For example, you can easily set up an outdoor theatre with wireless technology and enjoy warm evenings or nights under the stars. You can also permanently transform your metal carport as an entertaining space, or a simple temporary transition into an outdoor party space may also help consume its worth.

Poolside Cabana:

 Dreaming of a poolside cabana with a restricted budget can easily be achieved with a carport. It might sometimes be small enough to overwhelm the backyard. But the additional covered space is large enough to decorate some deck chairs underneath it. In addition, a poolside carport will provide a nice shady spot to take a break and relax with some snacks and drinks, extending an option to add barbeque without any extra investment.


 Turning your enclosed vertical metal buildings into a greenhouse is one of the most versatile and affordable uses. It takes minimal time and effort and does not require any tool. In addition, the partially enclosed galvanized steel kit will protect your plants from damaging weather elements while allowing natural light to help them grow.

Patio Cover Installation: 

 Patio canopies usually have a short life and need frequent maintenance or replacement. Providing an affordable alternative to this expensive affair, a vertical roof carport as a patio canopy with a low-maintenance factor will help save you a lot of money.

Storage Buildings for Lawn Equipment: 

 You may have some heavy equipment that needs to be stored out of the weather but does not require a designed space. A vertical roof carport with garage doors will be a great option to store all your equipment as the downward-sloping roof slides off all the damaging weather elements, sealing off their entry into the carport.

Available Sizes and Prices of Vertical Roof Metal Carport:

Available Sizes and Prices of Vertical Roof Metal Carport


Pricing for vertical Roof 3 Car Carport starts from $4827.50. This triple-wide carport design and size dimensions can further be customized according to your needs.


This carport is known for its extra length that helps accommodate huge trucks and RVs. Pricing for this vertical roof metal carport starts from $3265.


Twenty-four feet width will help accommodate two vehicles side by side, and the 30 feet length will help fit 2-3 vehicles, depending on their size and type. Therefore, ideal for 4-6 vehicles, the affordable prices for this carport starts only from $3365.


This extended metal carport will fit 2-3 vehicles and cost only $4565, a worthy investment to protect your prized possessions.


Ideal for storing RVs, trucks, and multiple cars, pricing for this metal carport begins only at $2965.


A solid metal carport 9 feet tall is ideal for protecting your huge mini trucks. Get this size installed at your property for only $3545.


The carport price starts at only $2545 and can easily accommodate 2-4 vehicles.


It is the most opted size for a vertical roof carport, and the affordable prices start only from $2500.

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Features of Vertical Metal Carports

If you want to purchase vertical roof metal carports, you will find many options, and the features for all of them are almost the same. Some of the main distinguishing features offered by Steel and Stud in their vertical roof options are:

Features of Vertical Metal Carports

Gable Ends

Gable Ends

Gable ends are an additional feature for vertical roof metal carports that help provide more security to the metal structure. In addition, it will provide an elegant finish to the building by filling up the triangular space at the peak, strengthening, and providing more support.


Most vertical roof carports have large customization options, offering multiple sizes for different preferences. To finalize the best option, you need to figure out your needs and link them with the available space for an appropriate size selection. For example, you can easily fit 1,2 or 3 cars in the newly built vertical roof carports.

Galvanized Steel Frame

Steel and Stud provide the option for galvanized steel carport structures. It will add minimal additional cost to the final quote but will be a worthy investment in the long run. The coating provides sacrificial protection to steel buildings when exposed to external damaging factors, reducing the overall maintenance cost as well.

A-Frame Style

A-Frame Style

Steel and Studs provide the option for a frame vertical carport, an ungraded design, offering easy maintenance and an elevated look. The ridges for this roof style will start from the top and end at the bottom of the peak, down to the eaves. Regions that experience more rainfall and snow load can drive maximum benefits as it slides off the build-up easily.

Additional Steel Carport Channel for extra roof Support

Vertical roof panel Options are designed with extra raw materials that increase their overall strength and provide maximum support. In addition, it makes it compatible to withstand harsh weather conditions and is a beneficial option offering a permanent and perfect solution.

Ridge Cap

Vertical Roof Carports have ridge caps running vertically along the roof that help clear off the debris, snow load, rainwater, and other obstructing elements extending extra durability to the carports.

12- and 14-Gauge Steel Carport Framing

12- and 14-Gauge Steel Carport Framing

Customers who wish to enhance their residential or commercial structures with vertical roof carports can choose from the type of gauge framing. The gauge selection depends on budget, location, and the area where the structure needs to be installed. Steel and Studs offer greater strength in both 14 and 12 gauge, offering maximum stability in the long run.

Cement Foundations and Ground Installation

A major factor distinguishing Steel and Stud from competitors is the professional assistance in the free delivery and installation process. Regardless of whether you are installing in the ground or cement foundations, the professional crew will clear off and level surface the area for the best installation.

Benefits of Vertical Roof Metal Carports

Strong Construction

Vertical Roof Carports are designed and installed with extra ridges, full deep step trim, A-frame style, and additional steel channels. All these elements further extend extra support and strength to the structure, increasing the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Weather Resistant

The downward slope of the vertical style carports with ridge caps prevents the build-up from damaging elements, including excess water, snow load, leaves, and debris. It also eliminates the chances of leakage in the structure, keeping the carport strong for longer.

Easy to Install

Vertical Roof carports are easy to install within a short span of time. In addition, the cost-effective design does not require extra skilled labor, increasing the utility and aesthetics of your existing structure at an affordable price.

Easy to Expand

When compared to other roofing options, vertical roofs are easy to expand and upgrade.

The benefits associated with vertical roof carports are ample to choose as the preferred option for application or use. However, if you are still struggling with the solutions for your place, contact Steel and Stud. From vertical roof carports to single roof carports and horizontal roofs, the versatility of the metal building type will leave you spellbound.

Why Vertical Roof Is Better Than Horizontal Roof: Difference

Both horizontal and vertical roof carports serve the same purpose, but the major difference lies in the sustainability during extreme weather conditions and structure installation. Each style has its own set of advantages and disadvantages and it is upto the customers to decide between the two.

If you live in a climate that experiences more high winds, opting for a roof style that can withstand intense storms and high winds will help. If you reside in an area more likely to experience rain and snowfall, opting for sloped roofs will help solve your problems. Furthermore, it is always advised to opt for durability and strength over design for more functionality.

Horizontal Roof Metal Garage

Horizontal Roof Metal Garage

It is also known as the regular roof style and is the most common form of steel carport design. The structure has no eaves, caps, ridges, and purlins and is ideal for areas area that experiences less rain.

Pros of Horizontal Roof Metal carports: 

  • Affordable due to less raw material used,
  • Easy to assemble,
  • Less bracing is required for the metal buildings.

Cons of Horizontal Roof Metal carports: 

  • It cannot withstand effectively high winds and heavy snow load.
  • Horizontal roof orientation does not permit fast drainage.
  • Needs more maintenance.

Vertical Roof Carports

Vertical Roof Carports

Vertical roof styles are designed with a frame roof and galvanized steel vertical panels and have small L-trim on the ends for an effective purpose-filling design.

Pros of Vertical Roof Style Garage: 

  • Full and Deep eve side trim,
  • Available with side entry design options,
  • Easily blends with existing structures,
  • Designed with extra supporting panels to provide more strength,
  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions,
  • Supports smooth draining.
  • Control temperatures, promote fresh air flow, and create privacy.

Cons of Horizontal Roof Metal carports: 

  • Slightly expensive
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Needs specific legal building permit

Why Should You Buy Our Metal Carports?

Why Should You Buy Our Metal Carports

Whether you are looking for a garage or new building for your motor home, car, tractor, or truck, our wide range of customizable Vertical Roof Garage Options are an economical way to safeguard your investment. We offer a variety of styles for all your needs and preferences, customizing the sizes and features according to your locality and requirements.

 From standard single and double garage options to triple-wide vertical carport and other fully customized variants, we pride ourselves on accomplishing your needs at every step with high-quality products.

All you need to do is figure out your requirements or get a rough idea of the available space and reach out to our professionals to discuss the information gathered with them. Then, the team will shortlist some ideal options according to your preferences and budget, sharing the final images for the already installed products for better clarity.

Addressing the specific features for vertical roof steel carports provided by Steel and Studs, we offer high-quality material for all our products, preventing rust, and wear and tear damages for a longer time. Moreover, the vertical roof designed by our experts will slide off snow, water, and other blocking elements from the roof to maintain the structural strength of the garage.

 Other remarkable features offered by our company are:

  • 20 Year Warranty
  • Certified Structures   
  • Competitive Pricing   
  • Customization Options
  • 90-Day Workmanship Warranty       
  • Free Delivery & Installation Included in the final prices
  • On Time-Delivery

If you have your floor plan in hand, share the measurements with us or let out in-house building specialists team take the desired measurements for further approvals. After getting the measurements, our designers will share the sketch or 3-d model with you for the final approvals with customization options. This entire process will eliminate any confusion and problems down the road, ensuring that you receive exactly what you envision.

Payment Plans for Our Vertical Roof Carports

We value our customers and understand how disappointing it can be not getting something you have desired due to the money. Steel and Studs eliminate this factor and provide customers with two different payment options for ease to complete their orders for high-quality products. The motive behind providing different programs is to ensure that all the customers get their dream carport at the best prices.

Rent to Own (RTO) Program: 

 If you are struggling with large payments or credit check hassles, then our rent-to-own option is the easiest and fastest way to install your dream carport. You first need to submit your applications and wait for the approval. Approval time for the same is only 5-10 minutes. Once approved, you must make a down payment and agree on the monthly EMI. 

 With this easy payment method, you can instantly own your dream carport metal structure and wave off the payment within months.


 We also provide financing options to our customers besides the RTO method. In this, you will get the finds for your steel structures from a third party. In addition, we have a huge network financers network that provides financing options, each with its benefits and requirements. 

 Depending on the final price of your carport and credit score, you can get your loan approved for upto $55,000 for a building.


A metal carport is a great solution for safeguarding your car from the sun and damaging weather conditions. You will not just get access to high-quality buildings when choosing from our range of vertical carport options. Instead, you also choose to buy from the metal building industry that puts your safety and needs first. 

 Our building specialists team will find the best steel structure to suit your needs and customize them according to the area preferences and the final results you want. Connect with our local manufacturers today to discuss your needs and get an affordable price for your dream structure and best metal buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Gauge of Frame Will You Need to Use?
12-gauge steel is considered heavy-duty and ideal for carports. 14-gauge is also an option but is considered with the standard.

2. Where Will You Have Your Carport Installed?
Despite worrying about vandalism or threat, the space beside your house is the best place to install a carport.

3. Will You Need to Certify Your Structure?
Certifies carports meets all the local building specifications and regulations. Therefore, purchasing a certified carport will be a safe decision.

4. Do I need to prepare the site where my carport will be installed?
The ground where the carport needs to be installed must be evenly settled for effective construction. Professionals at Steel and Stud will prepare the ground for the installation, eliminating the hassle from the customer’s end.

5. What is a Certified Metal Carport?
To install or construct metal buildings, the owner must have permission from the local authority for the same. Certified metal carports help meet all these local requirements and codes, which may change according to the area.

6. What are vertical style carports?
Carports installed with vertically oriented paneling, cross braces, hat channels, j trim and ridge caps are known as vertical roof carports. These are the most affordable, durable, and best-selling options in the metal industry.

7. What is a vertical style roof?
A roof with its edges and metal roof sheeting sloped towards the floor is a vertical-style roof. These eliminate the build-up on the structure, clearing off the drainage pipes for more strength and durability.

8. What is the difference between a boxed eave and a vertical roof?
A boxed-eave roof is designed with horizontal ridges and overhang edges, whereas a vertical roof has vertically run ridges to the eaves.

9. What does a boxed-eave look like?
A boxed-eave roof has overhung panels running through the roof and walls.

10. What is the minimum slope for a carport roof?
The vertical roof panels built to protect your car is designed with two degrees slope, as constructively implemented.

11. What angle should a carport roof be?
Angles ranging from 15 to 25 degrees are the optimum roof pitch for carports.

12. Can metal roofing be installed horizontally?
Most of the metal sliding panels and side walls are installed horizontally or vertically.

13. What is the overhang of a roof called?
Boxed Eave Roofs are designed with overhung edges of roofs.

14. What is the difference between an eave and a soffit?
A soffit is a part of an eave, and an eave is further a part of the roof system.

15. How do you enclose roof eaves?
You can enclose the roof eaves by installing the soffit panels.

16. Can you overlap metal roofing lengthwise?
Overlapping of metal roofs will prevent leakage in the metal structure.

17. Can you run metal siding horizontally?
Metal siding can be installed horizontally. Furthermore, the horizontal placement of panels brings out some unique and stunning looks.