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How To Build A Metal building

How To Build A Metal building

Constructing a metal building for storage and shelter that can withstand harsh weather conditions is the solution to the space problems for residents residing in all the major cities of the USA. The primary uses of residential steel buildings extend to garages and workshops. Metal building is built with metal frames that are easier to set up and last for a long time. The building process for a metal building is more accessible and affordable than wooden structures or traditional brick and mortar buildings. The popularity of installing a metal building in the backyard, front yard, or unused space is rising because of its advantages and functionality.

How to build a metal building

Steel buildings give you a sturdy and secure structure that needs minimal maintenance, saving extra bucks for you. Because they are built with the pursued metals, they are energy-efficient and eco-friendly to construct. With detailed customization, you can make a perfect match with the surroundings.

Table of Contents

Steps To Build A Metal Building

Building a metal building is not so challenging when you buy prefab metal building kits from Steel and Stud. We help to choose the suitable material, set up the foundation, and insulation to construct a sturdy structure that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

If you are a DIY enthusiast and have the necessary workmanship skills, you can follow the easy step-by-step guide in the manual available in steel building kits. You can save labor costs while enjoying the process of construction. Before we start, we assume that you have leveled up the ground and concrete has been set for the construction process. Also, you have checked all the dimensions and have created a design plan or erection drawings to know where you will install the door or windows.

Step 1- Install the legs, Rafters, Purlins, and Framed openings

You must first install the legs or pillars, creating a center frame since the whole building would rely on them. The legs have to bear the weight of wall panels and roof sheets during the construction of the metal building.

You should start laying the four columns on level from the middle bay to create the main framework. To add more power to the frame, it’s better to add the rafter frames, eave struts, purlins, and remaining wall girts.

As per the manual, you can now fasten the frame and header edge to the framed openings with pop rivets.

You should not remove temporary bracing until you’ve completed sheeting the walls for a stable structure.

It is installed firmly using anchor bolts, made of superior quality. The leg structure determines how well and comfortably the structure sits and would carry the other components.

Install the legs, Rafters, Purlins, and Framed openings

Install The Grits

The grits, also known as sheeting rails or wall frames, are horizontal structures that offer the high stability you need to hold the frame in place without getting collapsed. It also keeps the metal building stay strong and withstands any calamity.

You can screw the wall panels into the main frame using a longer fastener with smaller threads. Once the wall frames are set, you can connect panels in the same sequence using a fastener called stitch screws(shorter fastener with large threads).

However, before installing, it is good to check the building width. These will support the structure and protect it against extreme weather conditions. The grits get enough support from rods, angles, and braces.

Arrange The Girders

The rafters are huge beams designed to carry the structure’s weight. It gives support to legs and grits, which are erected. The girders come in a myriad of shapes and sizes. However, the size and shape depend on your building height. It is good to arrange the beams initially on the ground to determine clearly which one must be fixed. It makes the task of workers simple.

Install Purlins

Purlins are another set of materials installed carefully, which are roof frames. It gives enough strength, space, and stability to the roof of your building structure. Purlins also put the rafters together. It ensures that you easily construct a more expansive building with sturdy roof sheeting. It offers enough support to the roof and makes it highly resistant to heavy winds and different weather conditions. When you install purlins, you are assured that the building is strong, highly durable, and sturdy. It also makes the buildings well-insulated. It keeps the interior of your building cool during hot summers and warm during biting cold seasons.

Step 2-Install Walls

When you are done setting up purlins, you can see the building taking a beautiful shape. It makes you feel like the home is almost ready. However, the most important phase is constructing walls. It also creates a moisture barrier.

However, if you have a steel building kit, you get the wall panels to set up. You can go ahead and set up the walls. It is your choice to pick the wall colors. The walls make a significant impact on the aesthetics of your buildings.

Install walls

Step 3-Fit the open areas and fix the roof to the home

The roof on the head is important. The last step is to fix the open areas and install the roof sheet to the building structure to complete the home or workshop. The openings can be spaces for doors and windows. The total number of doors and windows you would like to install depends on the structure you are constructing and how ventilated you want the building to be. You can then attach the roof to offer coverage to the building. The metal roofs are structurally sturdy, providing enough protection to the exterior and interior from various weather elements. The protective paper strip or double can be used to improve the look.

Ways To Save Money On Metal Building Projects

For Metal building projects, the best way to save is by ordering a pre-engineered metal building kit. But even it can get expensive if you fail to understand its technicality. If you don’t have the skill, you should contact us for free installation services available in your area. The kit’s handy manual ensures proper assembly if you think you can handle the metal building construction process.

Many of our DIY clients have wasted money by not considering the following points. You can check them and learn from their mistake.

Do Your Research

You need to know how much space you exactly need—buying material for more space than what you need results in an increase in building expenses.

You should have a well-designed plan. This saves you time and money. If you make changes in design once you order material, it can also lead to wastage. Changing the order increases the project time and results in huge expenses.

Choose Affordable Options Available For Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Smartly

There are many options available to customize the prefabricated metal building. The upgrades can be related to the gutter, downspout systems, mezzanine systems, overhangs, pipe fishing boots, roof and wall vents, skylights, wall lights, standing seam, and cool-coated roofing panels, and wainscoting. Choose rationally to keep control of the budget.

Plan For The Extension In The Future

The pre-fabricated buildings can be easily expanded in the future if you want to increase the home space. Constructing the building on a loft is good, so there is enough room for later expansion. You can reduce the building price by ordering a tall structure. The high ceiling also lets you add a mezzanine floor system.

If you are among first-time builders, you can always share your plans for constructing another storey. Our foundation engineer can suggest an order that supports an additional floor plan.

Keep The Communication Lines Clear

The excavator, architect, and foundation contractor coordinate to complete the construction process. You must ensure that all the building codes, plans, and scheduling are done appropriately. Ensure that your steel building meets the local code requirements.

Check The Bill For Lading Thoroughly

You need to ensure that you have the inventory of materials that you need for starting the construction work, especially the building kit. You have to check the list against the bill of lading. Ensure that all the frames have arrived and are not damaged to erect the building firmly so it can resist seismic conditions.

Have The Right Set of Tools And Equipment

You need specific tools and equipment to construct a prefab metal building with roof panels. Ensure you have the right equipment in place. It is good to rent equipment like clamp pliers and use them until the end of your steel building project.

It would be best if you had mastic sealer tape or double-sided tape and nail pins in the tools and equipment you get.


Metal building construction is simple when you have the right metal building accessories in place. The construction time of the new steel building is also minimum. The time it takes to construct and fix the parts is also less than constructing everything from scratch. It is cost-effective when compared to traditional building construction. It is also easy to calculate the total construction cost of a pre-engineered steel building per square foot.

You can also make the interior of your own steel building cozy and comfortable. If you plan to construct a metal building, get in touch with us right away. We are known manufacturers of sturdy metal buildings according to the client’s requirements and preferences.