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How Much Weight Can A Metal Carport Hold?

How Much Weight Can A Metal Carport Hold?

A metal carport is a structure designed to protect valuables like cars from harsh weather conditions like heavy rain, high mountain snowfall and direct sun. It also protects your car from falling debris. There are different types of carports made in different designs and using different materials.

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Metal carports are considered to be stronger and more durable as compared to carports made from other materials. They are considered to be safer options for barn storage buildings and protecting valuables. They are strongly anchored, thus, giving better protection against strong winds. Their sheet metal buildings are safer in case of fire.

Metal is quite a fire resistant as compared to wood, or plastic and are also rodent resistant thus making them more efficient than wood. Generally, galvanized steel is the material that is mostly used in making metal carports, thus, having a relatively lighter weight and maintaining an overall strength that is greater than wood.

Carports made of different materials

How Much Weight Can Metal Carports Hold?

In determining the strength of a carport; roof loads, snow loads and wind loads are very important to consider. There are Winter Carports that can withstand heavier snow load, stronger snow load winds or other roof loads are considered to be stronger, and thus, more efficient. The loads are calculated by taking into consideration the column dimensions, the size of the beams and joists. Other additional factors that can be used in determining the weight of the carports are live-load capacities and dead-load capacities.

Protection of your car during snowy seasons must be guaranteed by a sturdy metal carport, which will not cave in to the amount of weight exerted on its roof by the snow. Fortunately, for most metal carports, they can withhold up to 20 pounds per square foot (PSF) of snow. The metal carports are metal buildings made in such a way that they are sturdier than regular roofs of wooden carports. Other metal carports have the capability to withstand up to 18kgs or 40 pounds PSF of snow.

Moderate snow might seemingly look light and therefore; one can conclude that it cannot cause havoc to a carport. However, the weight of each snowflake, when added to another upon another, and thus dealing with an accumulation of over an inch of snow, the weight could be recorded up to 20lbs per cubic foot. This results into a force of 1.25lbs exerted per inch of depth over a square foot.

Therefore, if your metal carport is more than 200sq feet, and there are two inches of snow accumulated, then there would be 500lbs of snow in the roof. This weight could vary depending with the shape of the snowflakes.

A carport covered by snow

With such amounts of weight accumulating on the roof, there is a likelihood of the roof collapsing. Partial collapse can happen to some of the carports leaving a part of the carport broken, crumbled or bent. If not taken care of, the carport may completely crumble and destroy the items underneath. There have been cases where carports have fallen destroying completely cars and other valuables stored in the carports.

It is not advisable to assume that carport suppliers and insurance companies can automatically pay for the damages. In most cases, home owners have been left to pay for the damage themselves, after having found out that the companies cannot be liable since they are the ones who chose the type of carport design.

A good number of the carports that are sold in areas where snow is a possibility include the snow load capacity in their metal structures’ features. People living in areas that experience snowy weather conditions should estimate the heaviest ground snow load that has happened in the area and then look for a carport that exceeds that amount by 10% or more.

This is important as it assures safety even from snowstorms that are unpredictable. Besides, the carport should have a stronger framing, and a thicker metal roofing for it to manage to hold up snow weight.

Properly installed flat roof carports have the capability to withhold more than 30lbs PSF. This means that the difference in the roofing style of a carport determines the efficiency in which a carport can withhold weight. Different roofing styles ensure that loads are handled differently.

Some loads can be swept off easily from roof tops by using a snow rake, while others are withheld on these rooftops making them hold more weight in the long run. Other roofing styles have been made in ways that they reinforce their strength making them sturdier and able to withhold inclement weather conditions.

What are Some Roofing Styles of Metal Carports?

Regular Roof Carport

A regular-roofed carport

Regular roof carports have edges that are rounded. They are efficient for mild rain, mild wind and sun thus holding up well to ensure the items inside are safe. Rain water washes across the roof panels making sure that the items underneath are dry.

However, during harsh weather conditions like heavy rainfall, significant snow, or intense winds, regular roof carports are not ideal for the job. This will call for more sturdier roofing options.

A Frame Roof

An A-frame roofed carport

A-frame roof is also referred to as boxed-eave roof. Such roofs operate more like the regular roofs. Notably, if the carport is more than 31feet in length, the A frame might not be an ideal type of roofing to use. The carport A-frame roof is also very efficient for use in areas that receive mild weather conditions. Strong winds might be destructive to the roof angles and thus, damage the carport and the items underneath.

Vertical Roof Carport

Vertical Roof

Vertical roof carport is the strongest option to consider. It is capable of withstanding more severe weather conditions and do it for quite a number of years. Of the three mentioned roofing styles, the vertical roof style is the strongest of them all.

The strength of the vertical-roofed carport is derived from the vertical panels that begin at the peak of the carport and run over to the eaves. When dealing with strong winds, pilling snow fall and very heavy rainfall, this roofing style is the most ideal for the carport. Besides, it is less likely to rust compared to the regular and A-frame carport roofing styles. If the carport extends in length to more than 31 feet, the vertical roof is very much ideal. The roofing style ensures that there is less likelihood of leaking around the seams.

How Much Does a Metal Carport Weigh?

how much does a carport weigh steelandstud

The weight of carports varies depending on the material they are made of. Carports can reach the weight of 2,000lbs. However, most of them weigh between 700lbs and 1000lbs. Metal carports, are lighter than wood carports whose weight is attributed to their solid nature.  

The examples below provide an illustration of a rough estimate of how much metal carports could weigh.

Consider a metal carport of dimensions 18ft W x 20ft L x 7ft H: This steel carport as a whole package weighs about 861lbs which is a very common weight. These steel carports have the capabilities to hold up to 22lbs of snow. It can also hold wind velocities reaching 90mph.


Another metal carport of dimensions 20ft W x 20ft L x 7ft H can weigh up to 918lbs and thus withstand weights of snow up to 22lbson its roof. The carport can also withstand high winds of velocity 90mph. The use of versa tube technology – a technology that focuses on prefabricated structures – ensures that the structures are light weight but also very strong.

The technology is also lauded for ensuring that the carports fit particular and specific dimensions during their pre-fabrication stage, thus ensuring that wastage of material is reduced and ultimately raising the cost reductions to about 60%.

Why Does the Weight of the Carport Matter?

The weight of the carport matters a lot and should be considered. In determining the durability of a carport during extreme weathers, weight-to-strength ratio of the carport should be considered. This means that the carport’s weight should be distributed in such a way that it is not too heavy that it causes trouble while being moved and also that it is not too light that it can be swept off by strong winds or collapses to heavy snowfall.

why the weight of the carport matter

The weight of your carport matters to you since it affects the mobility of the carport. Someday when the need to move the carport arises, and the carport is heavy, it will be tiresome to break it down and re-assemble back the structure at the installation site. Besides, transportation of the structure after it has been broken down might require you to use heavy machinery that could make the whole process costly.

Wind Load Certification

Wind can manifest itself in various forms depending on its strength and speed. Hurricanes for instance, are classified from 1 all the way through 5. Hurricanes recorded to reach category three and above are considered to be major hurricanes; due to the risk they impose on property damage and death. Category three can have speeds of wind varying between 111-129 mph, category 4 at 130-156mph and category 5 at 157 and above.

Certified metal carports have the ability to last these extreme levels of wind and hurricanes. A homeowner is advised to check the highest ratings of wind tolerance by finding out the wind load calculations of their area.

Tornados are very strong and it is very difficult for a carport to withstand the sweeping strength of the tornados, especially if there are debris carried by the tornado, that would hit hard the carport.

Cars parked under a carport structure

Despite the strength of the wind experienced in a particular area, it is paramount to check keenly the wind ratings of the carport that you want to buy or install. To ensure you purchase or install the metal carport that will serve your desires and match the weather challenges in your area, ensure you ask the metal carport dealer to show, explain and make available the engineer drawings which are stamped by the engineer, and licensed within the state in which the carport is being built in.

Reputable dealers such as Steel and Stud will undoubtedly provide such documents. If one does not, then it is advisable not to buy from that dealer. Installation of a carport without having checked the wind load certification could frustrate you in the long run.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Metal Carports Safe to Use?

Carport or metal building are stronger and sturdier. They are safer to use as compared to carports made from wood.

How Much Weight Can a Carport Hold?

Different carports hold different amounts of weight. It is important to look at the snow load specification, wind load certification and other weight features detailed by the engineer of a particular carport.

Can Carports Secure Other Valuables Other Than Cars?

Carports are not limited to storage and securing cars only. You can store and keep safe other valuables like machinery. Besides, you can use your carport space as an outdoor workshop, or use it for any other purpose.

Can Carports Be Blown Off By Wind?

There is a possibility to have your carport blown off by the wind. However, having qualified personnel installing your carport will ensure that the carport has a stable anchorage on the ground and thus, cannot be blown off easily. It is also important to purchase a carport that matches the wind loads of your area. Consult engineers for such advice.

Are Carports Fire Resistant?

Fire resistance is determined by the type of material used in the construction of a carport. Wood-made carports are not resistant to fire and can easily be consumed by fire. However, steel carports, just like any other metal building, are fire resistant. Metal carports can hold fires and protect your valuables underneath. Besides, metal carports protect your valuables against animals like rodents since metal cannot be consumed by rodents.