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types of carport

Types of Carports

According to a survey by, Americans hold strong feelings toward their cars, treating them as an extension of themselves. But despite their immense love and pride, more than 40% of car owners have to expose their cars to outdoor parking due to space constraints.

types of carport

Owning a car is undoubtedly advantageous for its convenience and utility; however, it’s essential to acknowledge that cars inherently depreciate over time, making them less of an investment asset. To counteract this depreciation, meticulous attention to maintenance becomes crucial. Protecting your vehicle from environmental factors like strong winds, harsh sunlight, heavy rain, airborne debris, and even bird droppings is imperative. Doing so can prolong your car’s lifespan, maintain its value, and ensure it continues to serve you effectively, even as it naturally loses value over time.

Steel carports or buildings are an cost-effective and eco friendly metal buildings that shelters your vehicle. The customizable steel structures will optimize outdoor space’s monetary value while providing necessary vehicle protection. So, whether you’re looking for a 2-car metal garage, searching for 3-car garage dimensions, or RV metal carport kits, Steel and Stud’s wide variety of options cater to all your needs. 

Furthermore, for all the existing or prospective car owners still deciding whether they should buy metal building kits, Steel and Stud will help you with clarity. Steel and Stud have many types of carports, each differentiated on available space, types of metal roofs, steel roof colours, structures, frames, and designs.

Keep reading this blog to determine which roof style or design you should select for your carport or metal buildings for increased use and functionality.

What is Carport?

Carports are semi-covered, versatile steel structures supported by metal beams and covered with steel or fabric roofs. The portable steel carports have a roof covering, and the sides are usually open.

These aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance, and open-style structures can be attached to a house, garage, or any outdoor space. For example, it can be anchored in a driveway to protect your RV trucks, cars, SUVs, or light trucks from external damaging elements. Moreover, these open-sided steel coverings can also fulfil the need for a patio and extra storage space, a perfect addition to any residential or commercial property.

Carports can be used year-round. These strong structures can resist natural erosion and extreme weather conditions that damage your vehicles. It is a wonderful option if you desire something affordable, cost-effective, and easy to install that will fulfil all its promises without any extra frills.

Difference Between Carport and Garage

Difference Between Carport and Garage

A garage and carport fulfill the same purpose, protecting your vehicles from damaging elements. But a small yet significant difference highlights and justifies the increasing preference for carports.

A garage is a part of your existing structure or building. However, carports are external installations with only two walls and a roof. Steel carports are portable and temporary structures that can either be attached to a wall or unattached.

Suppose you already have a garage and want to increase the parking space.

You can install carport alongside your existing garage if the local authority permits installation or construction. You can also turn your carport into a garage to get extra space in the structure. 

And for those wondering whether do i need a permit to build a metal carport, the Steel and Stud guide has got you covered.

Best of all, carports are a pocket-friendly, super convenient, and low-maintenance option and can also serve the purpose of other outdoor functionality spaces.

Best Types of Carports Designs to Fulfil Your Needs

There are many different types of carports available in the United States market. Depending on your unique situation, each one can offer a great solution. First, look at the most common carport types and determine which option will be perfect for you.

Single Carport

Single Carport
  • A single carport, or 12×20 metal building, is designed to shelter one vehicle and is a cost-effective choice for individuals with limited space with a carport for metal buildings.
  • It offers basic protection from the elements and can be easily attached to a house or stand-alone, making it versatile for various settings.
  • These carports can come in with a Dutch gable infill for better aesthetics..
  • Besides providing basic protection from the elements this carport can be easily attached to house or stand alone, making it versatile for various settings.

Double Carport

  • A double carport provides shelter for two vehicles side by side.
  • It offers more coverage than a single carport and is ideal for households with multiple cars.
  • Double carports are available in different sizes, varying from 16×24 garages, 20×24 garages, or 24×24 garages.
  • The design allows for flexibility in placement and is a practical choice for families or car enthusiasts.

Metal Carports

metal carport

Fabric Carports

fabric carport
  • Fabric carports cover all the benefits and features a shed must offer, providing a good deal of protection from damaging elements.
  • Although the fabric roofing and walls may not be as robust as metal, the fabric carport design increases the aesthetical values of your home, providing flexible storage options for increased accommodations.

Attached Carports

Attached Carports
  • Residents expect the exact look and feel of a garage from the carport.
  • The attached metal structure will help you with the details.
  • This permanent carport type will not only protect your car from cosmetic and outer damages and also from criminals and burglars.

Open-Sided Carport

Open-Sided Carport
  • An open-sided carport can be customized in both metal and fabric finishes.
  • These do not have walls on either side and are supported by posts and beams attached to the roof. It will prevent your car from harsh weather conditions like rain and snow.
  • Open-sided carports are easy to build in limited space, easy to maintain, and affordable.
  • You can easily park two cars in this metal structure based on size.

Enclosed Carports

Enclosed Carports
  • Unlike open-sided carports, enclosed carports are designed with a wall that provides more protection and can be an ideal option for increasing storage space.
  • The only major downside of an enclosed carport is that these are more labor-intensive than other options.

Gable Roof Carport

Gable Roof Carport
  • Gable roofs are a unique blend of modern neatness and traditional style.
  • These carport designs are constructed in a triangular shape, with both corners bent towards the flooring.
  • Areas that experience heavy snowfall or rainfall must opt for a gable roof carport as it slides off everything smoothly.
  • Moreover, the triangular roof gives a finishing touch to outdoor spaces, complementing the aesthetical pleasure of your overall home structure.

Tandem Carport

Tandem Carport
  • A tandem carport is designed for two vehicles to be parked in a single line, making it suitable for locations with limited space.
  • It offers protection for both cars and is a space-efficient choice, although one vehicle may need to be moved to access the other.

Cantilever Carport

Cantilever Carport
  • The cantilever carport features a sleek design with extended steel roof support on one side.
  • This design provides unobstructed access to the carport area, making it an excellent choice for tight spaces.
  • It offers protection from the elements and a modern aesthetic.
  • It can be one of the best attached carports to your property.

Hip Roof Carport

Hip Roof Carport
  • Hip roof carports, also known as shed roof carports, are characterized by a sturdy and durable four-slope roof design, suitable for windy areas.
  • While they provide exceptional durability, they can be costly to build due to the complex roof structure.
  • This type of roof sheet also is best for areas with strong winds, but it demands expensive materials and construction expertise.

Freestanding Carport

  • Freestanding carports are not attached to a building, offering flexibility in placement and functionality.
  • They can accommodate single or multiple cars and are ideal for open spaces or where attachment to a house is not feasible.
  • This type provides versatile shelter solutions.

Flat Roof Carport

Flat Roof Carport
  • A flat roof carport is affordable and easy to invest in.
  • A flat roof will protect your vehicle from bird droppings, sun damage, and weather elements.
  • However, it is not advisable for the area with heavy rainfall or snow due to its flat structure.

Skillion Carport

Skillion Carport
  • A skillion carport features a slightly angled, single-slope roof.
  • While it’s not as sturdy as a hip roof, it is easy to construct and cost-effective.
  • Skillion carports can be attached to a house or stand alone, making them a practical choice for locations with mild weather conditions and budget considerations.

Flemish Gable Carport

flemish roof carport

Flemish gable, also known as a Dutch gable roof, is like a sloping pediment. These carport designs will enhance your overall building or structure with a modern look. The Dutch gable roof also makes the extra space ideal for get-togethers and parties. Hip Roof Carport designs are more adaptable to strong wind and cyclones.

Timber Carport Frame

Timber Carport Frame
  • For all those who want the functionality of a carport but are not willing to spend much, a timber carport frame or carport from wood structures is a solution for you.
  • It is available in both flat roofs, gable roofs, and different materials. These will easily blend with your property’s landscape. But the only drawback is that wood is more prone to damage than metals.
  • Therefore, you must maintain the structure to prevent it from getting infected regularly.

Portable Carports

Portable Carport
  • Portable carports are ranked as the best flexible option for metal structures.
  • Ideal for both residential and commercial uses, this portable metal or stainless-steel unit can easily be assembled and disassembled when needed and will help save money on garage construction.
  • Flat roof carports are the most opted metal structure in portable carports.

Specialty Garage

Speciality Garage
  • Specialty garages are specially designed for heavy or semi-trucks and other vehicles.
  • These are more expensive, and the specificness may not add much functional value to your outdoor space instead of fulfilling its prime function.
  • You can choose from the durable flat, gable, or dutch roof in speciality garages.

How Do You Choose the Best Types of Carports for your Vehicle?

Best Types of Carports for your Vehicle?

Most of us make some common, avoidable mistakes while investing in carports. Quick research on the available type of carports and their compatibility with your needs will help you make the best final decisions.

You must address your current and future needs to find the best available carport for your outdoor space. The following list of questions will help you assess all your needs and what kind of steel building may serve the best solutions-

  • What is the main purpose that you want your metal carport to fulfil?
  • How much outdoor space are you willing to cover?
  • Do you need an enclosed structure or an open-sided metal carport?
  • Do you have the permit for installation or metal construction?
  • How much are you willing to spend on your carport?

Answering all these questions will help narrow your search for steel carports, presenting some carport ideas according to your needs. Keep adding more questions to the list to make the best final decisions.

Few Things That Separate a Carport Kit by Steel And Stud

Metal building garages and kit designs can vary based on several factors, including materials, structure, and features. Here are some key elements that can distinguish carport kit designs:

Roof Style

  • Flat-roofed carports have a simple and modern design is one of the types of metal roofing.
  • They are cost-effective and easy to install but may not be suitable for areas with heavy snow loads, as snow can accumulate on a flat surface.
  • Another one is that gabled roof carport have a pitched roof with two sloping sides.
  • This design is effective at shedding snow and rain, and it can complement the style of many homes for managing the snow load.
  • Furthermore, you can also opt for a dutch gable roof carport.
  • You can use the metal carport cost calculator as well.
  • This would significantly vary depending on the shaded patio.

Cost and Budget

  • Carport kit prices can vary significantly based on materials, size, features, and customization.
  • Consider your budget when selecting a design, as more elaborate designs and materials can increase the overall cost.
  • You can use the metal carport cost calculator as well.
  • This would significantly vary depending on the shaded patio.

Fully Flashed

  • You should look for proper ridge and barge cappings to which the house will be fitted.
  • This helps to avoid unnecessary demands.
  • You can consider these for freestanding carports.

Experts In The Field

  • We take pride in offering the best at Steel and Stud.
  • Therefore, you can always rely on us for the best carport kits.
  • We have been supplying these products for quite a long time now.


  • The carport you choose should comply with the weather conditions of the place.
  • Pre-engineered metal buildings can help to get maximum appeal and also save money.


  • Usually, the carport kit comes with a wide range of components like frame, flashing, gutter fasteners and more.

Choice Of Colours

Choice Of Size

  • You can opt for a wide range of carport sizes, and you wouldn’t have to be limited by height, width, or length for the normal roof pitch or the designed one.


Steel and Studs offers a wide range of metal garages, attractive carports, and metal building options. Moreover, the steel building solution provider will assist you with professional experts to help address all your needs and ensure that you invest in the best metal carport that will provide solutions to your present and future needs.

Connect with Steel and Studs experts now to know more about the available options.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Permits, zoning regulations, and legal considerations vary by location.
  • It’s crucial to check with your local authorities to ensure compliance with building codes and obtain the necessary permits before constructing a carport.
What are the additional features that can be included in my carport?
  • Epoxy floor coating, high ceilings, warm lighting, solar panels, string lights for the sides, gutters, along hip roofs with mix material designs are some of the many features which you can include in your carport.
How close to a property line can I build a carport?
  • When building the carport, at least 10 feet (no closer than this) of spacing must be maintained from the primary residence.
  • Also, for your convenience, the carport may approach as close as 6 feet to the rear boundary.
What are the tips for choosing the right type of carport?
  • Consider factors like climate, budget, intended use, and aesthetic preferences when selecting a carport vertical decking type.
  • Evaluate roofing materials, design, and size carefully.
What are the benefits of a standalone carport?
  • Standalone carports offer versatility and can be placed away from the house, providing additional covered space for outdoor activities or storage.
Do carports add value to your home?
  • Being more than a sumptuous vehicle cover, it’s a multifaceted enhancement to your home.
  • It augments the aesthetic, storage space, and energy efficiency elements of your property, which positively impact your property’s overall valuation.
What is a good size carport for 2 cars?
  • A typical carport size for two cars is around 20 feet by 20 feet, providing ample space for two vehicles side by side.
  • Adjust size based on the specific cars’ dimensions.
What specific materials should we use to build our carport?
  • Common materials for carport construction include steel, aluminum, and wood.
  • The choice depends on budget, climate, and aesthetic preferences.
What are the costs of carports based on their designs and materials?
  • Carport costs vary widely based on design and materials.
  • Basic metal carports can start at a few hundred dollars, while more elaborate designs with additional features fewer materials can cost several thousand dollars.
What are the pros and cons of carports?
  • Pros of carports include cost-effectiveness and protection from the elements.
  • However, it’s not quite the safe, locked-up treasure chest that a garage can be, nor does it always blend seamlessly into the look of your cozy home
Is a carport a good alternative to a garage?
  • Carports are a suitable alternative to a garage when cost and simplicity are priorities.
What are the most common types of metal carport roofing? Pros and Cons?
  • Common metal carport roofing types include corrugated metal and standing seam.
  • While they offer lasting strength and require minimal upkeep, they can be noisy in the rain and might absorb heat.